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Here’s why you are currently not keeping the money you work so
hard to create

* You are not planning for maximum advantage
* You are using “outdated” business tools
* And here’s the biggie
* You’re using ordinary and obvious business structuring

I’m about to share one of my most closely guarded trade secrets…
I will only have it online for a short time (and for good reason as
you are about to see) so watch it while you can. You see in today’s
weird economic climate small businesses are struggling to survive and
not making the kind of money they would like. Many sales gurus say you
just have to make more sales, but right now most small businesses are
working hard just to keep their existing customers coming back. To
put it another way, your current approach

* Is why you’re nervous when you think about covering your
business expenses
* Is why you send way to much money to the government each year
* Is why you’re not profiting consistently and you are still
looking for solutions to increasing your cash flow


What will the Small Business Stimulus System do for you? You’ll
learn how to

* Laugh while you save thousand in taxes every year
* Save costs and headaches of tedious and complicated record keeping
* Create HUGE almost limitless deductions
* Avoid the Big Costs of setting up the wrong business structure
* Move to "State Tax-Free" domiciles without moving
* Avoid entities that cause you to overpay taxes and can actually
increased your chances of audit by the IRS

The manual will also show you two special options for moving forward
quickly, including a very exclusive and very complete "Done for You"
program! And that’s not all. If you order now, you will receive a
special bonus book titled “The Insiders Guide to More Protection,
More Profits and More Privacy. A value of $39.95 This book will give
you some great insight into how to use business structures to protect
yourself and your business as well as how your structure can help you
save more. And I’m not finished yet. Some folks ask about the
reasoning behind the basic steps in the Small Business Stimulus
System, so instead of making you ask, I have recorded 5 videos that
explain the purpose and reasoning for using all of the steps. You
won’t need to travel to a two day seminar to learn the strategies
you can watch the videos right on your computer and be armed with the
knowledge to make it all work for you. Here’s What Happened A
client in California was sending the state $29,685.00 in business
income tax.
After applying just _ONE_ of the strategies in the Small Business
Stimulus System.
His Business Income Tax was reduced to $5,128.00! A savings of
$24,557.00! His payroll, basic expenses, and gross sales remained the
same. All he changed was his bottom line
Now you may not save $24,000, and you might save even more! But what
could you do if you only saved an extra $5,000 or $10,000?
Maybe make an investment, hire another part time employee, or maybe
invest in education Say No To Higher Taxes: The Small Business
Stimulus System(tm) Is Guaranteed! No matter what business you're in,
no matter where you live I have fully guaranteed the system so all the
risk is on me. If after 60 days you cannot see how to profit at least
100 times the cost of this system this year, you can return it for a
no hassle refund. You'll have plenty of time to see if these
strategies will work for you and if for any reason you don't believe
it will, I will not keep one dime of your money. In fact if you
don’t think the information is worth much more than your investment,
I insist that you call for a complete and prompt return of your $27.
Stop fooling yourself. The definition of insanity is doing the same
things and expecting different results How will tomorrow be any
different than today if you don’t change something you’re doing
today? If you want the savings this year, you _MUST_ act now. I have
a friend who was building a new house in the country. It was a
beautiful log home with nearly 5000 square feet of custom living space
and hundreds of square feet of decking around the house. He kept
saying he would buy insurance as soon as it was completed. It was
nearing completion and the deck was being stained and varnished. They
believe one of the painters may have left a rag in one of the buckets
of varnish. In the afternoon heat either the rag or the varnish caught
fire and we were all about a half-mile away when we saw the smoke
rising through the trees. He had waited too long and now all he could
say was "You can’t buy fire insurance after the house starts
burning." And the reality is if you want to protect yourself and start
increasing your bottom line this year, you need to do it now. Don’t
wait until it’s too late to protect your assets and increase your
profit potential. Get these secrets NOW!

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* If you have anyquestions that have been unanswered, please and let
me know how I can help.



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