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Profit From PLR

Forget the hype, follow a step by step program anyone can follow

Former Factory Worker Reveals The Formula
That Has Enabled Him To Earn Over Half a Million Dollars On Autopilot
From Outdated PLR Products
That You Will Probably Find On Your Hard Drive

FROM: John Thornhill & Zahid Yakoob


If youre sick of the hype and bull you are constantly being fed in
this so called world of _ Internet Marketing_ then youre going to want
to read every single word on this page. You see, its time to face
facts and its time for business. For too long youve struggled to get
to grips with the online circus which is why today Im going to give
you a ...

Complete Step By Step Formula For Online Success

But first Id like to ask you a question if I may.


_"I have tried many different types of business but have yet to
succeed. I need a low cost very easy (broken way down, step by baby
step) way to see some success so that I feel I can accomplish what
others have done. A lot of Internet Marketers assume too much and skip
over some of the very basic steps to succeed online."_


_"Its great to tell people how to succeed. There is no shortage of
that type of product out there. However, showing someone how to
succeed is much more important... I personally consider myself to be a
bright person, but much of this info - marketing info products - is
overwhelming. I need a step by step guide to the entire process."_


_"Im tired of everyone PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I
want to work at this and make it happen. Im an honest person and dont
want to lie or cheat in order to make money. I know theres got to be
SOME honest people left in this world."_


_"John, I feel so brain dead and up against a wall with this stuff.
You would be my hero of all time if you could somehow cause me to see
through all this maze of stuff and make serious sense of it all to
where I can just take off and do it with confidence." _

If any of the above statements ring true with you dont worry because
youre not alone. I have also been in your shoes, I know what it feels
like to be bombarded with product launch after product launch only to
find nothing you ever try works.

I mean, just think about this for a second. Everywhere you look youll
see wannabe rich kids selling the next big thing but why does it never
seem to work?

It didnt work for me, and Im sure that it didnt work for you either.

And heres why. All the books and the courses and the videos all might
teach you how to try and build a business to earn millions of dollars.
Sounds good, right?

But let me ask you this. If you put your hand on your heart do you
think its really THAT easy to flick a switch and enjoy the feeling of
having millions of dollars slam into your bank account?

Of course its not and if youre honest with yourself youll agree.

Sure, you might get lucky and land the big one. But realistically!
Youve got more chance of being hit on the head by some space shuttle
debris than you have of being the one in a million who is actually
able to make that stuff work.

I know because I was in the exact same position just a few short
years ago and I can still remember the pain. And now? Well, lets just
say that the online con artists are more afraid of me than I am of

You see, Im a full time marketer and I literally make a fortune
online each and every day.

However, thats not important right now. Whats really important is
that Im not just going to kick back and enjoy my success. Hey, I mean
why should I?

I suffered online for a long time too which is why Im going to...

Personally Take You Down The Path Success

Not everyone has the potential, smarts, or marketing savvy to make
millions, but most of us have what it takes to make thousands of

But first you need a proven system that works.

And think about this. Every day thousands of people across the world
pay thousands of dollars for so called million dollar systems. And for
what? Nothing but more broken dreams and empty promises.

People fail to make millions of dollars online because the systems
theyre given simply no longer work. Sure, they might work for the one
guy in a million, but for you? Well, youll probably be waiting for a
long time to come.

It took me a long time to realize this but people fail online
because theyre given bad advice by people who just dont know any

Heck, I dont know about you but Im getting double tired of listening
to this nonsense every time I read a sales page.

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I Came Close to Quitting

When I was starting out, I was working harder than anyone else I
knew. I had a full time job working in a car plant. I had a wife and
two little kids (I actually still have those, thank God), I had a
mortgage and a dozen different bills that always seemed to need
paying. So like Im sure you did as well, I sat down in front of my
computer for hours every night and tried to earn some extra money.

I read sales page after sales page and bought product after product.

I did my research and tried to follow the directions I was given to
the T. The results? Laughable and it was all because of the tired old
advice that no longer cut it.

But still, I kept at it. I kept tearing my brain apart with project
after project, but I couldnt sell a thing. I was literally burning the
midnight oil, but despite every ounce of work I put in, I couldnt make
a sale and I couldnt make a profit. Heck, I could barely even get
anyone to visit my website.

I was at my wits end. I was reaching the bottom of my barrel. I was
close to quitting.

I went for broke and decided to ignore all the expert advice Id been
given and just do my own thing.

I closed my eyes and wiped from my memory every piece of bad advice
that Id ever come across. And then I went to work. And then something
spectacularly unexpected happened ...


Sure, it was small fry at first compared to some of the big guns, but
I was buzzing. I was like one of those cartoon characters rubbing my
eyes to make sure I was seeing the screen right. But I was. My online
account had more money in it than the day before.

And the next day. The same thing happened. More sales.. I finally
found something that worked and boy did it feel good. So I branched
out and built on what I had learned. And the money kept pouring in,
this was way back in 2004 and since then I have never stopped.
However, even though I had a formula for success I never stopped
working at it. I kept building on what I had discovered.


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