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Welcome Fellow Internet Marketer,

My Name is Dr. Benjamin Adkins and I just want to welcome you to my “pride and joy”. I’m not sure how you stumbled onto this website, but I want to let you in on what you’ve found.

IMSecrets.org is the Home of the “Warchest”. The Warchest is a constantly updating arsenal of quality internet marketing tools, products and education that you can use to build your Internet Marketing Business. This site is a homegrown quality control site that I built so I could provide my IM friends with the best content and software available to our community.

I’m not going to bore you with a huge, wordy sales letter though… Let’s get to (a small part of) what you get with Membership to the “IMSecrets: Warchest”.

-Extremely Useful  Software

Titles Include:


-Content You Can Resale


-Private Education


-Exclusive Deals


The IMSecrets Warchest is a private membership that gives you the best software, resalable content, and knowledge that  can lead to your personal fortune in the quickest possible time. The ideas and resources you will get from this single, concentrated website will be worth more than many $1000 marketing courses. Access to this private club is a $54 per month payment. You will be able to access the site as soon as your payment has cleared and you’re added to the “Allowed To Enter” list. (This site is highly controversial and is definitely not for everyone. Please do not join if you are offended by truly raw education and discussion.)

That About Covers it….

(Until We add More Stuff to the Members area and I’m Forced to Update This…Again!)

I Understand That I Will Be:
Paying $39.95 Today. $39.95 Per Month Each Month Until I Cancel. Be Able to Access the Members Area and Software only while Subscribed. Will Lose Access to All Member Material and Software if/when I cancel my subscription. My Purchase will be Digital Information and Software Delivered Monthly by the IMSecrets.org Website.
By Clicking “Subscribe” Below, I am saying that I’m Ready to access the membership goodies (stated above) and start paying my monthly membership fee.

Ok…Enough… Let me into the member’s area!


-Dr. Ben Adkins

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