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This Is The Top Guarantee In The Known Universe:
"Learn To Create Profitable Websites With Dreamweaver In About 1 Hour Or Your Money Back...

"Now You Can Learn How To Build Profitable, Search Engine Optimized Web Sites & Great Looking Direct Response Internet Sales Letters Using Dreamweaver In About 1 Hour...

Forget The Extra Stuff...Instead, Learn What You Really Need To Get A Effective, Profit- Making Web Site Up & Running Today!...

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

If you're like me and you want to make a living on the internet, you are obviously intelligent and are probably looking for "The Independant Lifestyle"...

I'm glad you've found this website, and I feel that you deserve to live a life of self-determination that is free from the restrictions of the rat-race.

Now, you may be asking yourself: "What does 'freedom' and 'the independant lifestyle' have to do with Dreamweaver and web site design?" The answer is, everything actually...

"You're About To Learn The 3 Major Breakthrough Secrets To Using Dreamweaver Which Will Amaze You And May Actually Alter The Course Of Your Career...

There are 3 functions of Dreamweaver which aren't very obvious, but which when learned, are capable of transforming you from a newbie into a highly skilled Dreamweaver webmaster...And these 3 features only take about an hour to learn!

Yes, know it's hard to believe.  You may be suspicious right about now and thinking that this is another seedy, sleazy internet marketing offer full of misinformation...I understand how you feel, but it's actually pretty simple to explain...

You see, most Dreamweaver training products are targeted towards general audiences.  For the most part, these are people that are not focusing on creating profitable websites...Rather, they want to do something really creative and flashy.  What I'm trying to say is...

"Most Dreamweaver Training Products Greatly Over-Complicate The Learning Process & Actually Deprive You Of The Most Critical Knowledge You Need To Start Making Profitable Websites RIGHT NOW...

I know what a dangerous world we live in...  I realize that if you don't get the training you need to build an independant lifestyle as fast as possible, there is a very real possibility that you might get sucked into the rat-race forever...And we all know what a grueling, difficult, harsh & unrewarding experience that would be!

That's why I made this Dreamweaver course. To help people like you and me who strive for independance and want the web skills they need as fast as possible. I stripped out the complicated stuff and narrowed this course down to the essential elements you need to know about Dreamweaver. 

In Fact, I Discovered There Are 3 Major Features of Dreamweaver And Once You Learn Them, You Will Skyrocket Your Competence With Dreamweaver In Just An Hour Or 2...

I'm willing to bet that after about 1/2 hour of watching my videos you'll have a whole new persective on building websites.  And at about 1 hour you'll know exactly what you need to do to create a profitable website.

Introducing "Dreamweaver Exposed" - The only Dreamweaver training system that guarantees you can learn the advanced features of Dreamweaver in about 1 hour or your money back!

This is the Dreamweaver course for people who are in it for the money!  I stripped out all of the useless crap you don't need to know and am giving you a treasure of practical Dreamweaver skills you can use today to start getting paid ASAP!

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Stop whatever you are doing and set up your account so you can access the members only Dreamweaver training area now... Within just 1 hour, you'll get a whole new outlook on building websites. Even if you are undecided now, you can try it out with our 50-day, 100% money back guarantee.

[Activate Your Risk-Free Membership Now!](http://www.dreamweaverexposed.com/#order)

“I tried the Dreamweaver tutorials and they were great, I never thought I would learn Dreamweaver this fast, in only 2 days I was loading my website with no previous experience. This tutorial is the best investment I’ve made in a while”

- Iliana Perez


"I am in the process of putting together a website using css after using your video tutorial. Guess what, I had purchased others but yours was the easiest to understand and use as a tutorial. Thanks."

-Bill Kabat

Here's What These Amazing Dreamweaver Training Videos Will Teach You...

Create search engine optimized Adsense sites out of thin air in minutes! Easily add new streams of income without using tacky, premade sites which won't last anyways.  Don't fall into the BS trap that premade Adsense sites will make you money...Make your own sites from scratch instead! Create salesletter sites quickly and painlessly with our premade CSS style sheets. Learn the secrets that copywriters use to make beautifully formatted salesletter webpages that sell, sell sell! Capture valuable sales leads with eye-catching forms.Detailed instructions show you all of the little steps needed to create an opt-in list on your site and make money following up. How to make extremely flexible websites that take only moments to update.  Change the look of your entire site in just seconds...Even if the site has 500 web pages! How to make fun and flashy looking rollover CSS buttons.  Make your web site buttons and links look slick and professional with these easy to use CSS button codes. How to work with Dreamweaver templates.  Use existing templates or create your own! How to process web forms.  Create a form with Dreamweaver that will allow website visitors to fill out a form on your site, and then you get the form results via eMail. Where to get professionally created banner graphics super-cheap. Increase your sales and make your site look slick with great graphic designs.  New monetization! How to insert auctionads with Dreamweaver and get commission on millions of products sold on eBay plus a list of other monetization methods! Adsense Insertion.  Insert your Adsense code into all the pages on your site with just 2 to 3 mouse clicks. How to use PHP in Dreamweaver. Simple ways even total newbies who don't know PHP code can use PHP tools in Dreamweaver to make better websites. Free tools.  Links to greate websites which have free tools and scripts you can use to make your websites better. Random content - How to insert random quotes, pictures or any other type of content into your pages with this simple script.
[Activate Your Risk-Free Membership Now!](#order)

But Wait, There's More...You'll Also Get Comprehensive, Step By Step Training On How To Use All The Important Features Of Dreamweaver, Including The ABC's Of How To Set Up A Website...

You'll get 'the whole story'...These 25 instructional videos cover all of the finer points and details of using Dreamweaver so that you know all the ins and outs of this software...

Video 1 - Introduction & Getting Started Video 2 - Getting your webhosting domain name ready to upload files. Video 3 - How to create a website profile & use Dreamweaver's built in FTP system. Video 4 - Creating simple graphics to use on your website. Video 5 - Creating HTML Tables. Video 6 - SSI -Using Server Side Includes. Video 7 - Updating Multiple Pages At 1 Time with SSI. Video 8 - Creating Hyperlinks Of All Different Types & Colors. Video 9 - Formatting text with font tools. Video 10 - Introduction to CSS. Video 11 - Using CSS to format fonts & backgrounds. Video 12 - Using CSS to change the way tables and cells look. Video 13 - Using CSS to change text & hyperlinks. *See additional code for cut and paste samples. Video 14 - Using External CSS sheets to update an entire website in 5 seconds Video 15A - Introduction to .DWT Dreamweaver Templates
Video 15B - .DWT Dreamweaver Templates Part B Video 16 - Making immediate sitewide format changes with the .DWT template Video 17 - Working with SSI for various purpose Video 18 - Webpage backgrounds & aligning your tables. Video 19 - Basic Search engine optimization tutorials with Dreamweaver. Video 20 - Some final thoughts on SSI, CSS, and .DWT Video 21 - Creating a special developement folder on your site. Video 22 - Lean Dreamweaver Flash buttons. Video 23 - How to quickly open multiple files with 1 click Video 24 - Backing up your website. Video 25 - Adding Voice To Webpage
[Activate Your Risk-Free Membership Now!](#order)

You're Getting A Treasure Of Practical Dreamweaver Skills And 'Know How' That You Can Use For A Lifetime To Generate Income And Live A Life Of Self-Determination!

Imagine...All you have to do is take an hour or so to test drive this Dreamweaver training system...It is as easy as reclining in your chair, putting your feet up, and watching these videos on your computer screen...All from the comfort of your home office. 

A comparable course at community college would take 40x to 80x the amount of effort.  But this is so much easier...Simply follow the directions and mimick the samples, you'll quickly gain new confidence in your Dreamweaver skills.

Let Me Persuade You That This Is A Real, Genuine Deal And That My Intentions Are Honorable...
You may be thinking about ordering and considering whether or not this would really be a worthwhile purchase.  I understand...That is why I am offering you an unconditional 50 day money back guarantee.  

It should only take you about an hour of watching these videos to justify your spending your money on this...But if you don't think this was a good buy, I'll pick up the tab for you and refund your money.  You'll get the benefit of having watched these videos, and you'll get your money back, just for giving it a chance.

[Act Today](#order) To Take Advantage Of The Restricted Offer Worth An Estimated $397 For Only $97 $77 $47.

I really hope you are persuaded to stop what you are doing and get your hands on this bargain right now.  I'm trying to give you the maximum value for the absolute minimum cost, but honestly, I am wondering if I am giving away too much at too small a price.

Of course I want to make money, and of course I am not giving you such a good and generous deal out of pure compassion...I am trying to find a way to make this work for both of us. 

I want this proposition to be so tempting, so mouth-watering, and so overpowering that you are overwhelmed with an intense, uncontrollable urge to get out your credit card right now and snatch up this tantalizing, fantastic offer (while it is still at the $47 price level).

The only reason I'm not charging at least $77 is because I am a greedy stupid pig , and I'm a little over-enthusiastic in wanting you to place your order today without any delay.  One of these days I'm going to come to my senses and put the price to where it should be...at like $77 or $97.

Take Action Today And I'll Include An Impressive, Full-Blown Library Of Additional Training Materials At No Additional Charge...
If you want to learn about other important aspects of conducting business online, this library is just what the doctor ordered.  I have a passion for internet marketing, and I have amassed quite a little stash of internet marketing books over the years. 

Some of them were so good that I purchased resale rights to them, so that I can offer them to you for free.  There is at least $300 worth of training books compiled for you to download and I am going to throw them in as part of the deal at no extra charge if you take action right now.

You'll Also Get My Quick Start Guide Which Includes The Latest Tricks, Techniques & Methods To Establish & Systematically Market Your Website

Get Your Sites Indexed
Ways to get your sites showing up in Google very quickly
(which don't cost fees!)
How to quickly create sitemaps for Google, Yahoo, and MSN

Start Building Pagerank
Where to get inexpensive backlinks
What are the absolute best sites to get to link to you (and how to do it!)
How to conserve Pagerank on your site (keep the Pagerank only on your most important pages with this nifty trick!)

Getting Visitors
Free sources of website visitors
How to submit press releases to
Paid & pay per click resources list
How to get other people promoting your site

Building Your Optin List
Strategies to build one of the most valuable assets for any website
How to add forms to your website
Which types of forms you should use!
What colors of form should you use

Building Your Customer List
Simple steps to stay in contact with customers and increase your backend sales.

Website Tracking
Why regular webstats are NOT enough!
A list of scripts you can pick from which give better statistics
Find out exactly where your visitors are coming from
Find out exactly where your newsletter subscribers are coming from
Find out exactly where people who make purchases are coming from,

My Custom List Of Top Forums
Get my list of top forums where you can promote your website.

Free Tools To Increase Efficiency
Get a list of these amazing tools you can download free.
Promote your site more efficiently.

[] Yes! I Want Instant Access To The Dreamweaver Exposed Member's Area For Only $97 $77
(Special Offer Only $47!)

I Also Understand That I Will Be Covered By Your 100% 50 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

It's Easy To Order...

[Click Here To Order Now](http://1.dwexposed.pay.clickbank.net)  

Well, there it is.  All my cards are on the table. Now it is up to you to take action. 

If you want the power and the know-how to create an independant lifestyle, then these Dreamweaver training videos are an absolute no-brainer.  Once you have the skills and the expertise to create profitable sites with Dreamweaver, you will have an abundance of opportunities to reach your potential, create a fortune, and find your destiny as a free and independant business owner.

DON'T let the forces of evil smash you economically, and DON'T let your dreams bite the dust.

Take action today and put the odds in your favor.  You aren't even gambling a penny by ordering this Dreamweaver training, because you are backed by a 50 day, unconditional money-back guarantee.

It would be idiotic and illogical for you not to order...especially when these videos can increase your options in life without any possibility of risk.

And in case you were wondering, the ordering system is completely secure with a trusted payment processor.

ClickBank is the Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. 

In fact, I never see your credit card information. The payment processor, ClickBank, does the entire transaction for us.

Let's do business.  This offer is backed by a firm, 50 day money-back guarantee.  You have no need to worry even the slightest bit and I'm sure we'll have more business dealings in the future.

Your friend,

P.S. So there it is.  This is unquestionably the best Dreamweaver training offer available. There's more than enough reasons for you to take action.  There's no risk at all, and you'll get immediate access to the entire set of videos.  All that is left for you to do is to register for your risk-free membership now. Remember, we are accepting memberships at this price-point for a limited time only, so if you're even just a little curious you'd better jump on this right now.

P.P.S. Your success is a sure thing.  It is like if you went to Las Vegas and they said you could have your money back at the end of the game if you didn't win...But if you did win, you'd get to keep all the money. Imagine how wonderful and satisfying it will be to conquer web site design and become independantly successful.  People are going to think you are brilliant.

[Click Here To Activate Your Risk-Free Membership Now!](#order)


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