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I Was Killing Myself and Didn't Know It Five ways to lower your cholesterol and get your life back on track

Finally! Discover What It Takes To Get Your Cholesterol Down... And Keep It Down

Is Your Cholesterol Putting Your Life At Risk? What Do You Do Now?

Rahul Mahajan (Right) admitted to hospital after acute chest pain.
Rahul was admitted to Saifee Hospital at Charni Road late night… when he complaint of acute chest pain. Rahul Mahajan suffers from high cholesterol since the last few years.”

Are you prepared to say goodbye to your family?  
What never to eat from a restaurant. The foods that are killing you, and you don’t even know it…

How to lower your cholesterol levels WITHOUT medications

Five survivor secrets that will save your life and your family

Secrets to becoming a more happy and healthy and sexy person

Discover how Disney World saved me from bad cholesterol

Discover seven ways to rid yourself of bad cholesterol and live a full and happy life

What really happens when you let bad cholesterol control you, and control your life

Expert’s secret foods to not only boost your health but make you sexy…

Why 70 percent of people's cholesterol goes up when they diet right and exercise regularly…

The secret ways to lose that cholesterol for good…!

To: All Disheartened High Cholesterol sufferers who don’t know what to do…
From: Molly Healey, High risk cholesterol sufferer

Dear Cholesterol sufferer

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol level and you want to seek out alternative methods other than taking medications eg, statins.


You have been diagnosed with high cholesterol and you have tried dieting and exercise and nothing seems to work, if anything it just gets worse…

…Then this will be the MOST IMPORTANT message that you ever read. Don’t believe me? It had better be a pretty important message right?

Well it is, and here’s why…

Hi there my name is Molly Healey, and maybe you can relate to my story?

Let me explain…

I first found out about my High Cholesterol problem after a routine check up at my local doctor.

I wasn’t obese though I wasn’t the fittest or healthiest person in the world either.

He had some concerns about some nutrition issues as I had an unrelated yet embarrassing skin condition. So he ran some tests and since I am 47 years old he ran a cholesterol test as well.

I agreed to do the cholesterol test because this skin condition embarrassed a lot and I really wanted to find out what it was in any way…

(I later found out it was an allergy and cleared it up quickly after)

I digress.

When the results of my cholesterol test came in however I was confused, I mean I had no idea what this meant or whether or not to be concerned about it at all…

Maybe you can understand where I’m coming from here, but for me, when I found out that my cholesterol level was so high that it vastly increased my chances of having a heart attack or stroke by 10 fold…

I was Scared out Of My Wits to say the least…

After I had gotten over my initial shock from my results I started a diet and exercise regimen and tried that for a few months.

I actually got pretty healthy in this time but when it came to my cholesterol, when I got it checked again… It wasn’t good…

I got thinking…

I want to know all I can about how much of a risk having high cholesterol really is and what natural remedies are out there so that I can find the best way for me to lower my cholesterol and control it – WITHOUT medication eg, statins which can have lots of varying side effects.

So where’s the first thing you do? You go to the internet don’t you?

And here’s the thing…

I very quickly got nowhere…

What I mean is, I found a lot of great free information, however it was all full of medical jargon.

Which is great if you’ve got a degree in medicine, but for a simple person like myself I didn’t understand half of it…?

I had gone over several different sites and I got overwhelmed with all the different information and pages. One site had this information, which linked to another site with similar but slightly different information… then that linked to another… it just went on and on…

I was losing my mind, I remember thinking…

“Just give me all the information that I want, in One Simple Place…”

If you are happy to spend hours and hours, trying to find the right information for you, be my guest – BUT – Be warned you will endure Stress, Frustration, Anger and quite likely Disappointment… And you may not even find what you are looking for.

And this was only in my first day of searching…

I’ve spend weeks piecing this information together but then It hit me…

But back to my story…

I eventually thought, surely someone… somewhere has saved themselves from high risk cholesterol before, and I was right. I did find someone… In fact I found more than I could handle…

But they weren’t all that good because I was after more natural remedies.

And I found five excellent people to tell me their stories.

But I had so many questions I didn’t know which questions I should ask first…But just so long as they could tell me: How do you know if it’s hereditary?

Why is it that diet and exercise doesn’t work?

How soon before I can start noticing any results?

What are the long term effects?

Do I have to stop drinking my “Red wine”?

Do I have to live like a saint in order to control my cholesterol?

How do I lower my cholesterol without medications?

I started to worry even more (Like that was possible??) what if this was hereditary? Does this mean that I may never get rid of this condition…?

Or maybe it could be worse…

What if I passed it onto my children?

I would never forgive myself if my life choices had put my family in harms way.
What if, because of me, my children later in life have a heart attack, or get nerve damage…

What if they have a stroke or lose a limb because of this condition?

This would break my heart…

Could this be true? Could that really be my fault?

But If I do something about my problem now, would that solve it?
It’s likely but how do I lower my cholesterol?

I have tried Dieting and vigorous exercise regimes… and nothing I try seems to works

Am I doing it wrongly? Am I exercising wrong? Is my diet still poor or I’m simply eating the wrong foods?

I wanted to know straight up, without any medical jargon.


Believe me, it was hard work – But - when I finally found the answer, I at least felt healthier.

But how soon was it going to be before I can expect to see any results?

As I mentioned earlier I had been dieting and exercising for about four months before I had checked again and after that I had found that the results had gotten worse…

I could go on and on with all sorts of diets that don’t even help to lower my cholesterol…

Earlier on I asked whether or not I would make it to my son’s wedding… Perhaps I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t changed my ways…

My doctor had told me that it is likely that I have had high cholesterol for quite some time…

Now what are the long term effects?

Now I did my research, over many stress filled hours…and hours, and… of course more hours…

Sorry the research time just stressed me so much that every time I think about it I think of how painful it was.

Anyway back to my story.

After my research I found out the long term effects:

Heart Disease

Irregular Heart Rhythm

Heart Attack


But not only these… It can develop other problems such as a high blood pressure which can lead to:




Vision Disorders


Excessive sweating


Hormone disorders
And the list keeps going, until the worst case scenario…DEATH!

Beckinsale (right) had expressed worries about hischolesteroltofriendStephen Frears over dinner just daysearlier,butheseemed healthy and fit andhad no cardiac problems in his medical records. According to Frears,Beckinsale's high cholesterol may have been a factor in his early death

I was not prepared to die…

I mean I had my son’s wedding to go to right? Where there would me music and my son’s beautiful smile as we are all having a great time.

Drinking red wine and having a piece of wedding cake… Oh, wait…

Can I even have red wine or even a piece of my son’s wedding cake?

Can I do anything anymore or do I have to live like a saint? Eating nothing but some celery, or a piece of lettuce instead…

I want to know if I can do anything at all without having to worry about what I eat or drink…

I want to be able to go on a holiday and not have to think in the back of my mind, am I going to have a heart attack today?...

Even though the wedding was only seven weeks away, that’s still enough time to make a life-altering change to save your life.

Now let me go forward to my son’s magical moment.

The wedding was perfect…

When that day came I was so happy to say that I was there, and I will still be around for a long time…

In fact if it wasn’t for all the research and work I put in from when I found out about my bad cholesterol level then I may not have been there to see my son get married at all.

Now I have put all of what I now know into an easy to read book so you may benefit from what I have learned.

all around the world.

So that makes what I have to say all the more important --- But I won’t delay you any further…

Cholesterol Results of Christian Dave Before:

HDL 25 LDL 180 Triglyceride 370 Total Cholesterol 248


HDL 29.1 LDL 110 Triglyceride 146 Total Cholesterol 177

The simple e-book that could make all the difference… This could save your live and make you and your family happier than ever.

 Here’s a quick preview of what valuable information you will have at your fingertips…
About All The Implications Of Having High Cholesterol (Page 22)

Advice To Other People Who Are Suffering From The Same Condition  (Page 25)

How To Prevent Getting Bad Cholesterol (Page 8)

Natural Therapy… ‘Maximized Living Program’ (Page 29)

The Correct Readings That Your Cholesterol Should Be (Page 7)

What Causes High Cholesterol (Page 3)

Reducing The Synthesis Of Cholesterol In The Body (Page 12)

How Often You Should Check Your Cholesterol Levels After You’ve Been Diagnosed (Page 14)

Here Is The Case Of Gary Sobers, Successful In Beating The High Level Of Cholesterol With Natural Therapy (Page 29)

No, I Didn’t Have To Get Back On Medicine (Page 34)

A Well-Known Nutritionist, Helping Many People Develop Healthy Eating Habits (Page36)

Detailed Explanation Of What Cholesterol Is And What It Does To Our Bodies (Page 6)

5 interviews with people who have saved themselves from bad cholesterol

Look, I was absolutely terrified when I found out that I had high cholesterol. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, this led for me to find more information:

How much will it increase my chances of a heart attack?

How do I know if I am eating the right foods?

Is this hereditary and could I have passed this condition onto my children?

How do I lower my cholesterol without taking any harmful drugs or medication?

Can this kill me?

Does this condition put me in any other high health risk situations?

What would be the best method to lower my cholesterol for me?

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So let me do the math, that’s $91.00 worth of FREE bonus gifts for you… To be honest, putting these bonuses together for you was quite a bit of fun for me and I am certain that you will get as much use out of them as I still do…

Really…? All that value for FREE…? Well how much is it going to cost?

Now that’s the great thing – It Is Cheap! I mean how can you put a price on your health? How much is your health and well being worth to your family? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars…

The fact is I could easily sell this to you for $117 – And it would still be excellent value still, maybe even more!

But don’t worry I’m not that greedy… I have come up with a price that is fair for both you and me.

Considering that the value of your health is so high – I wanted to make it a reasonable offer. So for the price of a restaurant meal - that could be damaging your health…

You can have my special book AND all these FREE bonus gifts (Valued at $91.00) for only $52.00 and that’s it!

But wait that’s not the best part… since this information is all “brand new” being it is the “launch” of my book… I’m going to extend an extra special promotional discount just as a way to thank you for reading this far…

Just For You I’m Going To Slash $15 Off The Price As An Extra Special Launching Offer

Now I can only afford to run it at this low price for ONLY 6 days, but since you’re here now you can get your hands on the whole package for only $37.00!

But you really have to act fast because like I said it will not be at that price for much longer, I will be bumping the price up to $52 after this time.

I really want to get rid of any excuses at all for not purchasing this book. So for a measly $37.00 I am sure no one can complain about it being expensive!

This is cheap and it’s worth every penny!


To be truthful, you would have to be stupid not to get this! When I was diagnosed, I got my hands on every piece of information that I could find. And the answers for me were within this book… So for the sake of you own health surely you’re worth $37. And think about your family, if there was any way that I could have eased their worries about me, and made my family happier (which I did) I would take it…. Surely your family is worth more than $37.

I’m sorry that was a little bit harsh I know, but I can not stress to you how important it is to take this opportunity as this could be the solution for you.


And just in case you are not 100% that you are making the right decision I am going to take 100% of that risk factor away… And this is how


Here’s how this works… In the unlikely yet unfortunate event that you are not 100% convinced that in following the suggested solutions in this e-book you will successfully lower your cholesterol… Or … If in the unlikely event that this e-book does not meet your expectations…

Then just revisit this site at www.fixmybadcholesterol.com,
then contact Clickbank through their website at
[www.clickbank.com](http://www.clickbank.com/)... Then all you do then is say that
you want a quick and courteous refund of my book
“How I Fixed My Bad Cholesterol” and they will give
100% of your money straight back to you.

My Husband told me I’m insane for doing this…

He said “What are you doing Molly? People online are just going to rip you off – They are going to by your book – Get all you great information – then they will go and get their money back at your expense…”

But you see I simply don’t believe that people are like that. Call me naïve but I believe that the people online are far more “Good Natured” then that.

And to protect you I am processing all the transactions through Clickbank.

You see Clickbank is the company that handles all of the transactions for this book. They hold onto your money in Escrow for 60 days just in case you are not 100% satisfied with the product. So that way it is a completely safe way of doing business for the both of us.


  What your getting Value Your Investment “How I Fixed My Bad Cholesterol”   e-Book $117 $52.00 FREE Bonus # 1
“How to Boost your Metabolism”   $35 Nil FREE Bonus # 2
“How to Boost your Metabolism”
Audio Book $15 Nil FREE Bonus # 3
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“36 Potent Foods to Lose Weight and Live Healthy” $24 Nil TOTAL $208 $52.00
Extra Special Launching Offer Slash $15.00 $37.00


Wow that’s great Molly… Well what now?

Well do you see that green glossy button above? Make sure you Click it Now to secure your discounted copy of my book.

To click it simply move your mouse pointer over the button and push down – It’s that easy -

But remember, hesitation could be costly because as I said after 6 days the price is going back up to $52.00…

If you don't change your ways you will be in serious trouble! That's what my doctor told me after getting my blood test results

I am sure that you will appreciate the effort that I have put into writing this book, and I am sure that you will get just as much out of it as I did when writing it, I know it sure saved me when I found out the information within…

And ever since I learned all the stuff within this book, and I changed my ways my family and I are happier than ever as a result.

So what are you waiting for?



So there you have it…

Either you keep dieting and exercising with no results.


You can learn all you need to know to start lowering your cholesterol. Because if you like me want to know all that you can to save your life and stop worrying about your future and the future of your family.

With the Information included in this book you can find many ways to lower your cholesterol and you can be assured that you can find the solution that works for you.

Once I found out all the information within this book I have started a journey to better health and my family and I have never been happier.

I really wish and hope that you have just as much benefit as I did from what I’ve learned too…

All the best…

Molly Healey

P.S. So if you want to find all your answers to solving your cholesterol problems… And you want the “How I Fixed My Bad Cholesterol” and all the other information… then look no further, because you can get it ALL (and more) at your finger tips for only $37.00!

P.P.S. Don’t forget that after only 6 days the price will be back up to $52.00 (Which is still dirt cheap) AND remember… you get ALL the FREE BONUS GIFTS as well… so don’t delay, it wont be this cheap for long.

P.P.P.S. Let me remind you of my 100% no questions asked guarantee “No Questions Asked! So there is no risk on you at all… So what are you waiting for? Enjoy!



If you have any questions please feel free to [Contact](contact.php) me.


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