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Dear Future CityVille Superstar,

Even though I have completed every achievement and climbed to the top in CityVille, I still remember how it felt when I didn't have the awesome items in the game...

I mean, you think about it all the time, don't you? Going to your city and owning the Perfect City...

Having millions of City Coins...
Having thousands of City Cash...
Owning the coolest Housing and Community Buildings...
Having the Best Businesses and Franchises...
Getting all the Collections...
Being invaded by new friends and neighbors...

And this is only the start of it...

It doesn't have to be a fantasy, because what you're about to discover will make this VERY real...

But don't take my word for it...

Here Are Some Of The Emails We've Received
From CityVille Players All Over The World:
“I Finally Got My Skyscraper And Still Have Enough Coins Left To Buy the Tower Eats...”
Hi David,

It really is your fault! With your guide, I just can't stop playing this game and it's already so late into the night (morning actually! :P )

I finally got my skyscraper and I still have enough coins left to buy the tower eats and I even got extra city cash to get the tennis courts and swimming pools for my city!

All my friends are green with envy but I'm not telling the secret!

Thanks a million!

Dominique S.
“I Play Less Now... But Level Up a Lot Faster Now...”
Hi there,

I thought it was weird that my boyfriend gave me CityVille Perfect as a birthday present. I was doing pretty well and didn't know I needed help in the game.

Since using your tactics, I play less now but level up a lot faster now. And I finally understand why he bought your guide for me. It was so I could spend more time with him! Lol.

Thanks so much for this!

Jennifer L.
“I Have More Coins And City Cash Than Her!”
Hi David,

My sister hates me now and it is all your fault.

She's been playing CityVille for 1 month now - me for 1 week - and I have more coins and city cash than her. You are the man!"

Barney T.

Unfortunately Most Players
Will NEVER Have A Clue On
How To Grow Your Perfect City... Easily
You see hundreds of people who struggle with their city...

They think the secret is spending a lot of time in CityVille. Some people I know, even wake up during the night to do things on their city!

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Why would you want to work hard and struggle when you can get much more by playing SMART?

With the right secrets, you will be able to slingshot your current City into the stratosphere ... super fast and easy.

And for the last month, I've put all the secrets I know inside the ultimate CityVille guide.

And now, I present you this guide... (That quite frankly is most awesome heavyweight championship guide when it comes to CityVille super secrets - nobody can even come close to it):

CityVille Perfect - How to Build Your Perfect City at Blinding Speed
While Having Fun  

You will get the most useful secrets whether you're a CityVille veteran or you've just started out as a fresh noob...

And it doesn't matter if you spend hours or just a few minutes a day on your City...

You WILL get the most powerful tactics, no matter your style of playing.

And it doesn't matter if you play for fun, if you play to get to the top of the ladder super fast or if you just want to have the coolest City and make tons of friends.

If you like playing CityVille, you need this guide like you need Coins and Cash to do just about anything in the game...

I took things step-by-step and explained everything from A-to-Z.

And the result speaks for itself:

You'll Be BLOWN AWAY When
You Discover What's Inside:
Learn the fundamental strategies that will turn your struggling town into a thriving mega city!

Everything you need to get started on the right foot. Avoid the common mistakes players make and prevent yourself from wasting time and money.

How you can gain levels at breakneck speed and reach level 50 in no time at all.

Discover the most efficient ways to acquire coins fast. Gain millions of coins sooner than you ever thought possible.

How to keep your businesses running with a constant supply of goods with minimal effort thru expert planning.

The simple and proven tricks that will gain you hundreds of neighbors without spamming your friends and getting 'disowned'.

Design the perfect city layout that will turn your businesses and franchises into money producing powerhouses.

Methods that can gain you tons of Cityville cash without having to break the bank or waste countless hours filling out surveys.

Dominate the competition and have the best city out of all your friends in under 1 week!

And Much More!

Have The Ultimate Blueprint
To Become A Master Player
That Everyone Will Respect

The 5 minute secrets that you can learn as a raw beginner to catapult you into
the top players ranks.

After discovering these, you will know more tactics than people who played for months and months the game.

How to maximize the money earned from growing your crops.

And how to be super efficient in harvesting so you get more money for less time than everybody else.

The stealth way of maxing out your neighbors (up to a hundred!) without
bombarding your friends with millions of invitations.

This tactic works so great that everyone will literally beg you to reveal your secret.

A quick and counter-intuitive method used by the pros to double their coins and cash overnight!

After learning this one, you can...

Print On Demand As Much Money As
You Need To Fund Everything You Want
What to plant and what businesses to have and (even more important...) how to place them to have the best profits while spending the least possible time.

This one will allow you to be a top player without putting in a lot of time. (You could even come in the game only once every two days!)

The best tactics and strategies to get the limited items that every one craves for.

Your city will get visited by everyone, but you will get to keep the bragging rights.

Complete legal "cheat sheets" with every item in the game you can possibly imagine.

These lists come with experience points, prices and every important number you can imagine. (Fully updated!)

The step-by-step method I teach my students whenever they want to get
enough money for the $500,000 Skyscraper Condo.

If You Really Want The Skyscraper Condo,
There's No Faster And Better Way Than This!
How to optimize your city layout to eliminate withering of crops and maximise returns from your businesses and make your creation a piece of art that everyone will admire...

Learning these underground secrets could win you city beauty contests!

The quick and easy methods to get every Collection in CityVille.

By following step-by-step what's explained inside, you will get ALL OF THEM at skyrocket speeds.

The best methods to get CityVille Cash.

Why pay with your own money and you get cash for free? Knowing only these methods will save you maybe hundreds of dollars in the game.

The best way to collect every gift in CityVille without hassle.

Just imagine the expression on the face of your friends when they see that you have ALL the gifts.

And that just scratches the surface.

Inside you'll find tons of tips, maps, strategies and tactics that will simply amaze you.

7 Reasons why you need CityVille Perfect:

You will cut your leveling curve by months.
All your friends will be amazed at how fast you progress and dominate in the game...   You will have as many coins and cash as you could ever possibly want.
Do you want the Condo and Tower Eats? You will directly buy it because you will have SO MUCH money...     You will make hundreds of friends (and neighbors) in the game.
Everyone will admire your city and look up to you as a top expert.   You will NEVER have to even think about getting illegal hacks or cheats to get ahead in the game.
Matter of fact the LEGAL secrets exposed in this guide will work even better.    You will not have to spend any real life currency on CityVille Cash with my secrets.
This could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.    You will be proud of yourself for building a Perfect City that will be viewed as masterpiece of art.
Everyone will appreciate your artist skills.   You will be smarter than 94.3% of all other CityVille players because you will have the blueprint to be one of the elite players.
People without this guide will have no idea how you did it. 

 How Much More Would You Enjoy The Game
If You Could Do ANYTHING You Want?

Think about that cool Condos, the Tower Eats, the complete collections and all the decorations. How will it be to be able to get anything you want, whenever you want?
You could absolutely shape and bend the game however you like, if given the right secrets.

I spent months learning and playing just to get the information you will get now.

I would have paid at least five hundred dollars when I was started to get this, if given the chance.

You have the absolute luck and fortune to discover everything, professionally laid out for you, step-by-step, to get you started right way.

It's like getting Zygna to donate you 10,000 coins, 1,000 cash and a brand new level everytime you login.

You absolutely NEED this.

And the best part is that, you have absolutely zero risk...

You can go ahead and take CityVille Perfect right now. Read it and use it for 60 FULL DAYS.

Use some of the techniques to make tens of thousands of coins and hundreds of cash in a day...

Buy your Condos...Buy the absolutely coolest items you can get... Bend the game to your will...

And then decide...

If after 60 days, you don't think it was worth the money, just send me an email and I'll refund you every cent you paid.

Plus, you get to keep the package since it's in electronic format, just as a thank you for trying this out and no hard feelings.

Click The Following Button To Download Cityville Perfect For Your 60-Day Test-Run:

CityVPerfect.com is powered by ClickBank.
You're 100% SAFE when purchasing.

 This IS Your Last Chance

Don’t let the chance to become the biggest, best new player in CityVille around to pass you by.

I’m not kidding when I say this SUPER LIMITED PROMOTION is going to end. And if that happens and you are outside, please don't send any hate mail.

You get a better deal than everyone else did. But if you snooze, you lose.

Act now and become the City Master you’ve always dreamed of being.

This is YOUR chance to shine!

YES! Sign me up NOW, David! I'm ready to get the best secrets in the world that were ever written about CityVille!

I understand that:

I am Guaranteed to get the best deal on thse super limited edition copies of CityVille Perfect that are still available.

My order will be processed in less than a minute and I will have instant access to the CityVille Perfect Guide.

I will receive all updates to the CityVille Perfect as they are released, absolutely free.

I will also get all of the latest and greatest guide updates with new techniques and strategies at no additional cost, as CityVille continues to change and update..

I can change my mind whenever I want within 60 days. If I try out CityVille Perfect today and I don't like it, I can get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Click the button below to get your CityVille Perfect now, before it's too late:

Order via Clickbank's secure payment servers.

You will have instant access to these secrets even if it's 2 a.m. in the morning!

Imagine yourself 5 days from now... Are you still struggling with cash, coins, levelling up? Are you still frustrated because you cannot afford the coolest items?


Are you having fun while doing everything you want to do in CityVille while your friends and neighboors admire you?

You owe it to yourself to at least try CityVille Perfect.


David Murray,

Creator of CityVille Perfect

P.S.: Don't forget, all the risk is on us. If after trying CityVille Perfect, you're not fully thrilled, I'll immediately refund you every penny.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to win. Try it now!

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