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SEOMastersDojo - The Zen Approach to SEO

They tried and failed. SEOMastersDojo will be released mid-December
2010 in spite having Gurus asking me to hold off the release until
they notify their subscribers. Let's cut to the chase, you've been
lied to. The majority of Internet marketing gurus don't want you to
learn anything about traffic building! They want you to continue
forking over $37 for push-button software that does not work, but
promises the moon. It's time. Time to invest in yourself! Learn SEO
Mastery and answer the old question: Are you a Guru or a Sheep?

Don't believe the hype. Believe in yourself. Create your own traffic
eco-system across the Internet that generates thousands of visits upon
key action you take. Send a tweet, get a few hundreds visits ON THE
SPOT. Update your Facebook profile, get another hundreds visits. Send
an email to your email list, get more visits. Send a tweet to your
email building squeeze page, get hundreds of new mailing buddies. This
revolutionary traffic building system is not just about backlinks and
article submission, it's about creating a living traffic system that
you can see grow within a couple of weeks. Go from 0 to 25,000 monthly
visits to your niche, all in FREE traffic.

We've all been had. We've all bought $37
do-it-all-money-printing-no-effort program and felt somewhat
dissapointed. Yet, we cannot pinpoint any major flaws with the
product. It all make sense. The logic is sound. Then, why am I not
making money as advertised? It's simple, you have bought your way into
a fragment of a subset of a monetization program.

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