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Warning: Your Neighbors Will Demand to Know How You Reached Level 50!

Hi Fellow Mayor,

My name is Jason, And in my opinion I am the top Cityville player there is..

You see, Cityville is not that old, but already I have my city running like clockwork and making so much coin it is ridiculous. I always have my goods maxed out and when I load up my businesses I simply harvest from my massive farm and reload my stockpile.

I have multiple franchises all throughout the world of Cityville and I have managed to do this in only a weeks time. I started playing Cityville the night it was released (well morning) and stayed up past 4am planning out my city. I take a different approach to playing this game, it isn't JUST fun for me, I want the best city, the most coins, and the most goods stockpile out of anyone else.

I've managed to do this by planning out my city in advance, and setting a schedule rotation for my crops and businesses. I have hundreds of neighbours (more than I can count) and Cityville is less than a month old.


The Neighbors Came Calling

Some of my neighbors started sending me messages over Facebook and chatting with me asking how I did it. They visit my city and were just in awe at what I had created. Do you think your Loft Apartments are impressive? Then you obviously haven't seen a Skyscraper yet.

My neighbors wanted to know the answers, they wanted strategies on how I created this glorious city of mine, and I decided to share some of my secrets. Within days these people I shared my strategies with had multiplyed their coins, goods and populations by tens. They were actually really happy and kept thanking me again and again... which made me feel quite good. I mean it is just a game but people really want to do well and I was glad I could help.




Wow Jason! This guide is awesome. I already gained 5 levels within one day of using it. and I'm making way more coin then before, I sold all the buildings that you told me too and built some of the reccommened ones and can already see the difference in cashflow.

Joe B.


The Word Spread...

Well I guess word passed around that I was giving out strategies and all of a sudden I had hundreds of friend requests and messages from players asking me for help. I felt great, kind of like I was the god of Cityville, but I couldn't keep up. So I decided to write up my strategies and techniques, my systems and rotations, to share with the community of CityVille.

I spent a few days packing all my strategies together in an ebook to share with the community. When I was finished I decided to post my ebook to download in the official zynga forums, well guess what happened... They Deleted It!

Yes you read that right.. they deleted my post when I was just wanting to help other players dominate Cityville like I had, well screw that..

I made this website to release my guide to the public so everyone can know my secrets and systems that very few have ever seen. I've received some great responses from people and it really makes me happy to see people loving something I have created.

So without furthur ado... Let me introduce you to my:


CityVille Domination Guide


Hundreds of Cityville players like yourself have already kickstarted their Cities and are dominating every one of their neighbors with ease. I've already received some great feedback and everyone is really loving my guide. Here is an outline of some of the sections you will find inside the ebook:

Getting Started - You will learn how to start out your little town right so you can turn it into a bustling metropolis in no time. It is essential to have a good start if you want to succeed in this game and level up fast.

Fundamental Tips - These are tips that will increase your income everyday and make sure you are not wasting energy or coins. These are tips you absolutely need to be a good player.

Farming - This section is all about crops, I will tell you which crops are the best depending on where you are in the game, and which crops you should be growing to reduce wasting energy. Complete with a chart showing you which crops give you the most profit per hour.

Coins & Energy - Learn how to use your energy and coins efficiently so you are not wasting any and are achieving the maximum value for every one of those little gold coins.

Decorations - You need to know how to use decorations to increase your buildings output. This will turn a decent city into a great city. I include a very nice layout to use so you grab some big bonuses from your decorations.

Franchises - Franchises are as important as anything else, turning your businesses into franchises will allow you to capitalize on your neighbors and get ahead of them fast.

Shipping - This section will teach you all about shipping through trains and boats, and how this helps your game. Of course some great strategies on which boats and trains you should be sending and some tips to expand on this.

Neighbors - I will teach you all the advantages having a lot of neighbors gives you, what you can and should be using them for, and how to acquire a lot of new neighbors FAST!

Secret Section - This section and I cannot tell you about it... SHHH!

Without giving too much away, these are some sections you can expect to find inside my CityVille Domination Guide. The best CityVille Guide there is!


Are You Still Struggling to Get Ahead?

I realized it was unfair of me to just keep these strategies I had developed to myself. I mean, I have spent countless hours in my city refining every single thing I am doing. I want to share these secrets with other cityville players who just want to enjoy the game and stop stressing out!

In just one week you will start to see my strategies working wonders for you. You will have:

Less Stress - You will find you can relax and play the game how you always wanted. Without worrying about if you are building the right houses, businesses, crops and more.

Respect - Other players will be lining up asking all about your secrets when you are absolutely dominating the game.

Popularity - Your neighbors will want to work with you, and will help you out by coming to your city and harvesting crops or collecting rent. Whatever you need them to do, they will!

Accomplishment - Achieve every goal you set for yourself and much more.

and more importantly...

More Time to Spend With Friends and Family While Still Enjoying the Game You Love!


Giving You This Guide Is Of Huge Risk To Me – Act Now And Get This Guide, My Website Could Be Shut Down At Any Time!

The folks at Zynga do not release official game guides for their products because they want you to have to figure out all the hard stuff yourself. There is no official guide for Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cafe World, or Frontierville and there is definitely not going to be one for Cityville. Where risk is involved for me is that Zynga does not like when people write up guides for their games and they have taken action against people in the past.

You may have seen guides for other Zynga games but, many of the owners of these sites have had to go through massive court cases losing thousands of dollars only to back out because they could no longer afford the legal fees. The websites you are left with are mostly selling you filler and useless information because they have had to take out all their actual secrets in fear of Zynga taking legal action against them.
I am not going to back down and I am willing to take the risk and provide you will all the secrets and tips Zynga does not want you to hear about. I will keep this guide up for as long as I possibly can but, sooner or later I am likely to hear from Zynga demanding the closure of my website or be faced with legal action. Know that I will keep my word and offer you the only REAL Cityville guide out there but, understand that if you don't act now it could be gone forever.


Positive Feedback Already Coming In!




I was having some real problems trying to catch up to my friends and neighbors!

I decided to give your guide a try after never being able to get past a couple levels in a week. Well did that ever change! I was able to get to level 20 in one weekend and I am still going up! Your strategies worked great and really helped me out. Thanks a ton!

Chris R.





I love your guide!!!

My boyfriend is always bugging me about how I play games like Farmville, and Frontierville all day and I never have anything as cool as he makes, in half the time...

Well using your guide I am level 30 while he is still under 20 and my city looks amazing using your layouts section.

He is so jealous but I will never tell him the secrets you taught me.. thanksss!

Rachel M.



I learned so much about Cityville I had no idea about.. I didn't think this game was that complex, but now I love it even more. It's so funny to see my friends freak out on me for being so much better than them. I love it!

Meghan R.


As you can see there is no question that my Cityville Domination Guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to level up fast, gain millions of coins, and have a giant stockpile of resources to supply your city for weeks!

Even if you are still skeptical there is no need to worry. You can be using this guide as early as tonight totally Risk Free.

I'm so sure that using my Cityville Domination Guide you will at least double your level and coins, I'm going to give you two full months to try it!

If you download and use my Cityville Domination Guide without seeing the results you expected I will refund you 100% of your payment NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Even if you like the guide but are not happy with the price you paid...

Or even if you decide to stop playing Cityville...

Whatever reason you have for no longer wanting this ebook, just send me an email and I will have your money back to you within 48 hours.

Thats a full 60 days to try and test my guide and if you change your mind, return it with my 100% guarantee.

Free Bonus #1 -
Free Cash Report

Learn to Make 432 City Cash in 3 days. Earn Cash to Get Unlimited Energy. Stop Spending Time Waiting...
Think earning cash is slow and painful?

Think again.

This report will teach you many ways to get free cash you can spend on sweet decorations, energy, or building community buildings. I've made over 432 cash in the past 3 days using these methods and it is not slowing down!

My neighbors that have read it reminded me that no matter how many people here about this, it will never stop working. Take this secret free of charge.

This bonus is worth more then the guide itself!

$37 Value - Yours for Free!


Free Bonus #2 -
Speed Leveling with Neighbors

Use Neighbors to Expand Your City.. FAST! Level 20 in Only 2 days! How to Get the Maximum Neighbor Number.
Using neighbors you can increase the rate at which your city level increases 10x. There are a ton of bonuses you can get from neighbors, and I will walk you through not only how to get neighbors, but how to use them the most effective and efficient way to maximize their value.

You will love these tips!

$24 Value - Yours for Free!

[ ](http://1.cityvillez.pay.clickbank.net/)

Your purchase will be processed immediately and you will have instant access to the ebook even if it is 2am in the morning! You can download on either a Windows PC or a MAC, if you have any questions support is just a click away!

To Your Cityville Success,

Jason Stonewall

[Yes, I am Ready to Order Right Now! ](http://1.cityvillez.pay.clickbank.net/)

P.S. Everyday I am getting emails from other players demanding I take my guide down. These tips, tricks, and strategies Zynga doesn't even want me to release.

P.P.S This special discount offer of $27 will not last long. If you want to lock in your price then be sure to order now.

P.P.P.S Remember my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee makes your purchase today completely Risk-Free!

[ CityVille Guide ](http://www.cvdomination.com) | [ Affiliates - Make Money ](http://www.cvdomination.com/affiliates.html) |

Support: support[at]cvdomination.com


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