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Would you like to succeed at promoting your own books?  
Discover how to custom design your marketing plan based on your own strengths and budget.

Authors that are aware of this abilty to self-promote and increase their own book's sales have been doing so for years - and succeeding!

Fellow author ,
Are you trying your best to market your book(s) and it still seems like you are getting nowhere at the end of the day? Are your efforts of promoting yourself falling short of successful? With the proper knowledge you can develop the ability to self market your book based on your budget limitations and your personal strengths.

It does not matter how well established or how large a publisher you are working with - unless you are already a well-known author, no publisher is going to invest money in promoting your work until the sales start coming in. Realistically, a publisher has limited resources to push the books they produce so they must choose which ones to back. It seems logical that a publisher would choose to back those authors that have a proactive and effective marketing tactic.

With the knowledge we have compiled in our new book you can be all of that from your own home computer. The amount of books that are available on the market at any time is a virtual snowstorm of competition for you to rise above. Like a purple snowflake you can stand out from this flurry with some simple but effective marketing methods. We will teach you how to:
Build your name recognition.
Customize your promotions based on your own skill level.
Write press releases, articles and promotional copy.
Contact bookstores, libraries and schools.
Introducing 'Purple Snowflake Marketing'



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