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Driving Instructors and Driving School Owners around the world are using

The Glen Waddell System of:


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Teaching Driving Skills


What Exactly is The Glen Waddell System of Teaching Driving Skills?

The Glen Waddell System of Teaching Driving Skills is a system that Driving Instructors can use to teach the


Skill of Driving. 

Many books have been written that teach Driving Instructors what to teach.

 This System teaches Driving Instructors
How to Teach.

From a Driving Instructor's point of view, this makes your job a whole lot easier. More importantly, it just feels great when the students actually learn what you are teaching them. It just makes going to work much more enjoyable.

From a Driving School owner's point of view, a happy successful student means more business. Let's face it; you cannot build a business on failures. You have to build on success. When all of your instructors know how to do their job, everyone is happier, and everyone makes more money.


 Of course, you are also making the roads safer for everyone.

Here are just some of the many topics covered in
'The Glen Waddell System of Teaching Driving Skills'

All of these and many more topics are covered from a Skill perspective.
How the mind works (The mind cannot think of two things at once)
Teach Someone to Drive in One Hour (Turning corners and straightening the wheel, braking and accelerating properly, and backing)
Dealing with Fear
Steering in a straight line (If a student is having difficulty, this will really help)
How to really teach someone to Turn Corners
Visual habits
Time and Space Management
Make Sure They See You
Teaching Visual Habits and Time and Space Management
Lane Changes (The vehicle you are most likely to run into is not the vehicle sitting over your shoulder; It’s the vehicle in front of you)
Backing and Parking
Parallel Parking (Three Systems)
Hill Parking
General Tips for instructors
Must be Corrects, Should be Corrects, and Automatic Failures
Lesson Plan
Vehicle Check
Many General Tips for instructors (What to do or say, When to do or say it, and How to do or say it. What not to do is also is also covered.)
How to become a Licensed Driving Instructor (If you are not already one.)

and much more.

Most Driving Instructors are Very Poor at Judging Their Own Teaching Abilities

When I first started teaching driving, I taught exactly the way that I had been taught to teach. Within about three months of teaching driving, I thought that I knew everything that there was to know about it. After all, most of my students were passing their road test.

After five years of teaching driving I realized that I was now much better at it, and that after that first three months of teaching I knew very little.
Ten years later I felt that I now really knew how to teach driving, and that I really wasn't that good after the first five years.
After thirty years of teaching driving I came to realize that I now knew things that I just didn't know after even twenty years of teaching. I was now getting results from students that I probably would never have been able to get before.

The fact is that there are tips and tricks that I have learned over time
that really work.

You don't have to wait thirty-five plus years to learn them.

Read My Book

If after reading my book, you don't feel that you are a much better driving instructor, I will refund your money, no questions asked.
If you do feel that you are a much better driving instructor, please drop me a note and tell me about it. I would love to hear from you.
If you are not a driving instructor, but feel that you would like to become one, then this book is must reading. I have included a section on becoming a Driving Instructor.
If you are in any type of occupation where you are teaching any kind of skill, then this book will help. There really is an Art to teaching skill.


Only $29.95




Contact Info: [glen@glenwaddellsystem.com](mailto:glen@glenwaddellsystem.com)


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