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Produce a better quality tear so that the dryness, burning & itching will
       reduce – or even stop

 Reduce inflammation so your eyes become clear

 Have less/no dependence on eye drops so you can feel normal again

Get clearer eyes so youre not embarrased to look people in the eye

Dear dry eye sufferer,

I know EXACTLY what you're going through, I understand you. I "get" you – I used to
be a chronic dry eye sufferer for over 12 years! Whats more I know what its like for
people to think your eyes are 'fine' – and you’re just complaining for the sake of it! It sucks.

Never before has such
EFFECTIVE information on dry eye treatment been compiled in one publication (not even
      within the medical world!)



I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars and HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of hours (waiting in
specialists waiting rooms, seeing specialists getting from A to B) trying to get dry eye relief.

I visited all kinds of practitioners
opthamologists (Sydney, Melbourne AUS, London UK, Dublin EUR)
 visualisation therapists
public eye hospitals

I had countless tests
blood test after blood test
immune system checks (for an autoimmune condition –‘sjrogens syndrome’.
result - negative)
a salivary gland biopsy (to check for an autoimmune condition. result – negative)
physical tear production tests (‘Schirmers test’ which I do not wish on anybody!)
my eyes were poked and prodded and
had all sorts of damaging dyes and dialation drops put in them for testing.

...only to be told to use eye drops!!! The medical industry are decades behind in dry eye
 treatment. The frustration is too much to deal with!

If you feel its worthwhile for you to go through the frustration of doing this yourself that’s ok.
However I’m offering you the opportunity to forego this agony and:
 share with you all of the information Ive gathered from these experiences, meaning
 you don't have to live through them, meanwhile
you will also save yourself a lot of money!!!


With the tools contained in this revolutionary Ebook, you will receive over 14 years worth of professional and personal insights of a person who found a concrete, direct, simple and effective solution for dry eye symptoms. These solutions can be implemented immediately and require little work.


10 steps you can start implementing immediately for dry eye relief

1.   How to apply eye drops to keep them in your eye longer
2.   What eye drops can cause addiction and should never put in contact with your eyes
3.   Whether you should be using bottled or individual packaged eyedrops
4.   Which oil suppliment is best for assisting dry eye
5.   Two possible ultra lubricating alternative to eye drops
6.   What you can cut from your diet, it has been known to eliminate inflammation
7.   What is blepharitus?
8.   The best blepharitus treatment process Part 1
9.   The best blepharitus treatment process Part 2
10. Why baby shampoo is a bad for blepharitus treatment, despite being recommended
       by the experts


Learn the 8 powerful angles you can hit dry eye from (indepth discussion on each topic).
5 of them include:
• Environmental / Workplace
• Advanced Treatments
• Nutrition
• Oral Antibiotics
• Behavioral / Mindset

The other 4 will be only revealed in the Ebook.

In the Dry Eye Treatment Ebook, you will get privileged access to the unreleased formula
to make the creme de la creme of eyedrops that heals, reduces redness & alleviates dry
eye symptoms...

The typical montly cost of Restasis (a product that increases tear production) is between
US$95–115. So that's between US$1140 and $1380 a year! Think of all the things you could
buy with that amount of money! What if I told you I could cut that price by a massive 75%? I
can tell you how to get a crazy discount and only pay 1/4 of the retail price!

Purchase the Ebook now to find out how you can make a saving of between US$855
and $1035 – while you improve your eye health.

Let me put it like this...$19.95 buys a saving of $1035.
And that's in one year. Over five years it becomes a saving of $5175!!!

If Restasis is not available in your country...
You are STEPS away from finding the formula that will change your life! By using this
formula you will increase tear production and reduce your dry eye symptoms!

Start your path to clear eyes TODAY. The Ebook reveals PRICELESS and VITAL information
I have lived and learnt but also tirelessly compiled over months and months of dedicated
research – just one of these points alone could be your key to getting better eye health!
The power of committing to 2 or more of these tips will mean you're on the road to eye
wellness in no time!!!

Sleep through the night without having to wake up to put
       eyedrops in meaning you'll be refreshed in the morning

Find out how to get the exact same product as Restasis for roughly
        1/4 of the price – save money!!!

Learn the exact scientific formula you will need and where you
       can get this made. This is the most rare and powerful information a
       dry eye sufferer can have!
As a person who has suffered from dry eyes I'm so
grateful for this book. Now I understand why most
of the things that are normally prescribed for dry
eyes don't work, and in some cases can do harm. It's
a relief to know that there are simple, inexpensive
solutions that can save me a lot of money and fuss.
Also, the tip about how to properly apply eye drops
is priceless – it has made a huge difference for me!

- Lilea Woodlyns, CA


I want to thank you for putting this ebook together.
I didn’t realize there was someone else who can
relate to me and my dry eyes! This Ebook has given
me practical info that my specialists clearly
overlooked. Thank you!

– M. Cardinez, London, UK


This is a great snapshot of the things I need to
do to manage the discomfort of my dry eyes. Already
I’m seeing great results! I didn’t realize dry eye
has so many causes – and cures.

– Lachlan Bellwood, Melbourne


...I’ve been looking for something like this for
years now. Your ebook represents great value – I’m
saving so much from the tips I’ve learnt.
Opthamologists should be nervous...

- Catherine Sweitho, Singapore



YES! I'm sick of red, stinging, dry eyes and I want immediate access to dry eye relief information!
Now is the time to secure your copy of the
Dry Eye Answers Ebook for only $24.95 $19.95!

Order your copy today and receive a bonus MP3
'The 3 biggest mistakes people with dry eye syndrome make in
trying to get dry eye relief'

Now is the time to secure your copy of the Dry Eye Answers Ebook for only $19.95!
If you're ready to have clear, healthy and hydrated eyes, click the 'Add To Cart' button above and fill in your details on the next page.

PS Get a bonus audio MP3 if you order now!

PPS This information has cost thousands of dollars to compile over the space of a
DECADE and here I’m offering it to you here for $19.95 The Ebook is presented in a
concise and straightforward way. Never again will you be exposed to such helpful information
giving dry eye relief – all in one Ebook.

This is how much I believe I am able to help you... Im offering a 100% RISK FREE 60 DAY GUARANTEE

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Are you worried that your eyes are going to be dry and red for the rest of your life? Well you need to do something about it today... life is too short to be living in constant pain. Right now you have an opportunity to get your eyes to be normal again. Here is your chance to break free from your
eyedrop dependency and forget the discomfort and embarrassment this malady causes.

I understand this solution may not be for you right now. You may not be ready to empower
yourself and take action to help you get your quality of life and confidence back. If that is the
case I wish you well and invite you to come back any time you have a change of heart.

The Ebook is a PDF and can be opened in Adobe Acrobat. It can be supplied in other file formats on request.
You will be sent a link where you can view it (and save it) immediately.
Questions about this product are welcomed, and can be emailed to info@dryeyeanswers.com  
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