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Simple PHP With Robert Plank

Subject: Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank

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Warning: The following information may INCREASE your website performance and DECREASE your website expenses!

Enjoy "Common Sense" Guides written with a
"No Nonsense" Approach to learning
Simple PHP

Now in a few quick minutes & Less time than it normally takes you to create a web page, set up an autoresponder with subscriber form, and load in your ezines...

You can save yourself loads of
time, effort, headaches & money;
and....get help now with
Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III

Interested in updating your website with the preferred choice of programming professionals, PHP?

Maybe you'd like to use top-notch scripted website templates? Add a mySQL database? Your own autoresponder system?

But you aren't familiar with PHP, so you try to hire a programmer to help and haven't found rates under $125 per hour ...

So you try working through a friend-of-a-friend, then a cheapy subcontractor, but both yield about the same results. None. OK, you did get a site, database and autoresponder system created, but who knows when and how much more money it will take until they all work together? And why are there little quirks, like the year is wrong on your date stamp...?

What happens over time? Maybe some or all of the following:

You fork out more and more money, trying to get your systems working – all in sync with one another, all at the same time, all while you're still alive.

You uncover a new threshold with your patience as you make multiple attempts to communicate your technical issues and possible solutions back and forth to each "helping" party while pulling your hair out in the meantime.

You decide to purchase the latest textbook approach to PHP to learn the language yourself — but find you have to forge halfway through the book just to get to something you want to use...and it's in tech-speak so you hardly know what they're talking about anyway...

You throw out your hair that you've been pulling along with the textbook in the trash, hire an expensive programmer, and hope no more changes take place in the Internet world (at least for awhile -- a LONG while -- so that you don't have to go through this all over again.

Whew! Been there; done that?
Well, forget it.
Check out this new 3-volume set and save your hair, your money, your website!
Dear Internet Friend,
Keeping up with the latest trends to tweak your website can be a pain. It can be downright expensive and time consuming.
Well right now, we're inviting you to take charge of your own technical tweaks and grab copies of Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank.

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We have hard copies of vol 1 and 2 printed and bound on our bookcase.

Josh Anderson
Rexburg, Idaho

What are the volumes like?

You will find that Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank are packed full of information in an easy-to-read format, with all the PHP examples color-coded.
You'll discover "tricks of the trade" created and used by a professional you know and trust, Robert Plank, some his prime examples: Lightning Track, RedirectPro, TurboThanks, CodeWarden, Ezine Rocket, and Hypersplitter.
You'll read chapters written in an intuitive, interactive style with assignments to complete before continuing.
You will discover that both volumes are available as instant downloads. They come in PDF form so you can read them on any computer, even a Mac.
You will truly enjoy the conversational tone in the lessons that is refreshing and just like having Robert sitting right there with you, guiding you all the way through
You can also quickly and easily print the Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank ebooks, if you like, and enjoy hardcopy versions for yourself. Save them on a CD to use "on the go" or export them to a mobile device (like a Palm Pilot or tablet PC).

"What's in it for me?" you might wonder...

Your ebook is a great primer to understand - in very simple steps - how php can improve web interactivity, and how this in turn can increase website usability and therefore conversion rates and sales :)

Saul Burton
Bollengo, Toscana (Italy)

With Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank, you can learn how to boost your website performance and improve your business operations and ultimately your sales when you:

Personalize your website pages and HTML emails in a snap
Learn any or all of the 38+ scripts by example & choose whichever ones you want, whenever you want, to improve your existing web site or even build a product or service out of thin air...
Syndicate your public content by automatically producing RSS feeds
Protect your private content with password protection... or even go all-out with a member-only area (volume three)
Roll your own split tester to maximize clickthrough ratios
Create .htaccess code for yourself in a jiff
Generate dynamic zip files and use these with HTACCESS wrappers to instantly create zip files out of folders
Create and set up your own autoresponder program easily & painlessly
Benchmark your scripts (this is CRUCIAL!)
Remove your name from the library waiting list for mySQL books and create your own mySQL database quickly, easily. Then track visitors, store data, learn which pages your site visitors view, how they navigate the site, where they came from (their IP address) and more...
Combine some JavaScript with your PHP for a power-packed punch
Jazz up your HTML with PHP inserts

Robert makes it so easy, that it feels like he is sitting right there with you and helping when you need help. It is that easy.

Teresa King
Spokane, Washington

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Add daily content to bring visitors back with your own "Joke of the Day" or "Quote of the Day" and up to the minute calendar features
Skip time, energy and frustration trying to learn how to install someone else's scripts with instructions written in tech-lingo & use Robert Plank's info NOW
Turbo-charge your website with quizzes, games & other lead-generating tools you can install yourself quickly and easily
Upload images made by using pure PHP (for example: a logo creator).
Make use of several of PHP's built-in array functions which will save you tons of work and make you 10 times more productive
Build web-based message filters and auto responder seeders to boost productivity
Empty spam-filled mailboxes
Create custom 404 error pages that notify you with detailed e-mails when there's a HOLE or nonfunctional area in your site.
Spend less on programming help!
Become a firsthand mySQL expert by engineering a blog (journal) of your own
And much, much more...

Robert, Robert, Robert,

Ye of little faith.

Give me a break ...

Tell me if this looks familiar:

Guess who owns myspamarchive.com?
(A site that builds hundreds of content-rich pages per day based on junk e-mail messages.)

That's right, you're talking to him now. Wouldn't have happened if I didn't know how to Snap, Crackle and Pop. (Volume 2, Chapter 6)

Plus, I no longer have "dbphobia" - that's database phobia to the lay person - after getting through Simple PHP I, II & III. As a result, I am building my first affiliate related site using a database.

Let's not forget about the Clickbank script you have in one of your tutorials at jumpx.com that I am using at trading-pattern.com.

So, in conclusion, you can see that I have taken the World According to Robert Plank (WARP) and actually done something about it.

All kidding aside, Simple PHP along with all the other snippets of info you have provided have been a goldmine for my PHP development. Thanks.

Dave Wooding
Boise, Idaho

-- 90-Day Money Back Guarantee --
You improve your operations with Simple PHP Volumes I, II & III or the loss is simply on us and your payment is refunded in full.
Thank you for your time and your visit!

This package includes:

Simple PHP Volume 1 - 17 chapters, 150 pages
Simple PHP Volume 2 - 13 chapters, 150 pages
Simple PHP Volume 3 - 17 chapters, 175 pages

That's 47 lessons on PHP total, which you can take in at your own pace -- in 47 hours, 47 half-hour sessions, 47 days, whatever you want.

Even if you just dabble with PHP programming, you'll find this package a reuseable hat for your rabbit tricks.

(All books come included with extensive example code.)

Robert Plank holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from California State University Stanislaus.

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This product is an e-book.After your purchase you will be sent to a thank you page where you can immediately download a copy (in PDF form -- requires the free Adobe Reader).

P.S. – Take advantage of 3-volume pack. Add Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank to your tech toolbox and with just one of the scripts he provides, save much more than the few dollars you'll spend to own you own set.
P.P. S. – Grab your copies of Simple PHP – Volumes I, II & III with Robert Plank and satisfy your PHP curiosity & website goals once and for all. No college degree required. No experience necessary. Great for ALL levels.

Thank you for the opportunity
to be of service and for visiting today.

Copyright 2004 Robert Plank, PO Box 606, Tracy, CA 95378 / 408-277-0904


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