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Quick Easy Weight Loss Tips and Advice for Health and Happiness

I successfully lost weight and changed my life. Now I'm helping you change yours.

Weight Loss Tips and Advice That Will Change Your Life

Praise For Daniel Zupella

“From the bottom of my heart thank you for writing an honest book and sharing your approach to weight loss with the rest of us.” Vicky Poulin, Greensburg PA

“Where this book excels is in talking about the ‘life-changing’ and ‘mind-changing’ process that goes into losing weight.” Todd Woodruff, Lafayette CO

“Daniel’s approach to weight-loss gave me a fresh perspective and was incredibly inspirational.” Melanie Burney,
Springfield MO

“There are chapters in this book that are absolutely eye-opening. Daniel’s success techniques have totally changed my approach to weigh-loss.” Becca Kirkman, Silver City NM

A Unique & Inspirational Approach To Weight Loss


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Chapter 1: The Mind

This chapter examines the mental aspect of weight loss. So much of what we think and what we believe affects our actions and our daily life. Unfortunately things like negativity,self-doubt, poor self-image cloud our mental state and perpetuate the cycle of negativity in our lives. In this chapter you find out why you are overweight and how changing your mindset can change everything.

Chapter 2: The Body & Spirit

In the second chapter you lean about your true inner self and how to separate who you really are from what you look like on the outside.

Chapter 3: Emotions

Our emotions have a big impact on our decision making. Negative emotions cause us to seek comfort in things outside of ourselves such as food. Being in touch with our emotions and finding ways to stop emotional eating are crucial to weight loss success.

Chapter 4: Eating
Eating is one of the most basic functions of all life. However, humans don't simply eat to sustain our life and therefore eating can become one of the most unhealthy things we do. In this chapter you learn the successful tips for eating and developing healthy eating habits.
Chapter 5: Exercise

In the final chapter you receive some basic tips and advice for incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle as well as the benefits of an exercise plan.

Appendix A: Motivational Quotes

This section provides you with quotations to keep you focused and motivated everyday. You can use these quotes in daily meditation to maintain focus on your weight loss goal.

Discover Why You Are Really Overweight And How You Can Change Your Life

Immediate Direct Download.
Get Started Changing Your Life Today.

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