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Erase your surfing history forever!
PAL Evidence Eliminator

Did you know... that government and the police are installing recording boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence?

Completely wipes out data for total privacy protection 

Automatic cleaning saves you time

Custom wash cycles put you in control 

Permanently Cleanses Browser Cookies

Improves your system performance

All versions of Windows supported  
      Award Winning Technology
As seen in magazines such as PC Format and Personal Computer World

 Regular Price $59.95
[Only $49.99 Download Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?eelim273/1/PAL_Evidence_Eliminator)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee     

Protects your privacy Allows you to completely wipe files from your PC beyond recovery Compatible with all ISP's! Runs safely in background protecting you from spyware, hackers and anyone invading your privacy Speeds up surfing by clearing clutter! Works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape!

Disables any Spyware and Hacking tools from entering your computer
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Your hard drive might appear clean... but still be full of 'sensitive material' that you did not want to download in the first place and it might very well be a Serious Criminal Offence in your country to have that data stored on your computer even if you didn't know it was still there. You could go to Jail! Pressing 'Delete' or emptying your 'Recycle Bin' - or even 'Formatting' your disk - simply will not work, the 'sensitive material' will still remain on your hard drive!

You will be held responsible for any data which you allow to remain on your computer, even if it was only by accident. Even files and Internet Searches you have made which you thought you had never "saved to disk" can be recorded as permanent evidence on your hard drive

You can clear your history or empty your cache files in your browser's settings, but it will not protect you. How to Protect your Privacy, keep your Surfing private? PAL Evidence Eliminator is a great privacy tool that will.

The fact is...your computer is spying on you and is filling up with evidence all the time, only PAL Evidence Eliminator can protect and help you. In tests, PAL Evidence Eliminator defeats most Forensic Analysis equipment as used by investigators, police and government agencies. Enjoy the benefits of PAL Evidence Eliminator, download yours now!


 Regular Price $59.95
[Only $49.99 Download Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?eelim273/1/PAL_Evidence_Eliminator)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is PAL Evidence Eliminator easy to use?
Just set and forget! Single click features cleans your PC immediately. Evidence Eliminator runs conveniently in the background automatically removing unwanted files and cookies for safe and private Internet browsing.

PAL Evidence Eliminator is Perfect for both Novice and Advanced Users.

Novice Users. Just set Evidence Eliminator and forget it. Upon loading the program you simply check boxes for which browser to add protection to.

 Regular Price $59.95
[Only $49.99 Download Now!](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?eelim273/1/PAL_Evidence_Eliminator)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows


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