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"How to Buy Wholesale Closeouts
and Showroom Samples for
Pennies on the Dollar...
And Flip Them For Serious $$$

"Serious Cash as in, $12,000 in Only 4 Days...
Which is What I Did with Only ONE of My Campaigns"



From: Sam England

I'm just a regular person just like you. But, one thing that might make me a little different than you is the fact that I've been banking 4 to 5 figures a month for over 7 years selling wholesale closeouts and showroom samples both online and offline.


In fact, I've been secretly making so much money in my ecommerce business that I really did not want to show others what I was doing to bank so much money each and every month.


The truth is...I've had so many people just like you asking me how I keep grabbing so many killer deals on manufacturer closeouts that I finally decide to show you how I do it over and over again? The best part is that I've done all the work for you and stuffed everything into a nice and simple, easy to follow, straight to the point, no fluff, no B.S. secret that I want to share with you.


Do you ever wonder if there is better way to find Wholesalers and Dropshippers? You have tried everything, and nothing seems to really work for you. Well, I am about to reveal to you my 100% guaranteed method to making a boat load of money buying wholesale products for literally pennies on the dollar...in just a few hours (or less)...


And, not only am I going to reveal these techniques to you, I'm going to tell you how to get the best deals so you can also buy products for way below wholesale costs and then turn around and sell them to bank a ton of money. And you know what, I'm not even going to tell you I'm revealing any secrets to you...


Why? Because I want to help you! I'm not trying to hide anything from you! It's simply an issue of knowing where to find the the best deals. Fortunately for YOU, I have already done the research and put together everything you need. All you need to do is get this information quickly so you can also make massive amounts of money!


Plus, I have made it super easy for you because I will show you inside industry information in a clear and simple way with a direct and clear cut plan.
- NO BS approach!


In other words, you'll find what I show you is so easy that your jaw with drop when you find that you can also make tons of cash just like I do each and every month!


This Amazing Business Plan Reveals The Secrets No One Else Is Telling You, Time-Tested And Proven Strategies That You Can Use Right Now To ...

How to find products for up to 90% below wholesale prices (can you imagine the profit margins?).

The simple truth about closeouts and showroom samples, and how easy it is to find reliable wholesalers and drop shippers...in just a few minutes...It's really alot easier than you think.

The key formula for making big money on online and offline with surplus, liquidation and wholesale closeout merchandise!

I'll tell you exactly how to cut out the middle man so you can purchase wholesale products for pennies on the dollar.

Overcome hurdles you'll find when attempting to sell you products and how to leap those hurdles like your a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics!

Discover how to choose the perfect products to sell online and offline. Learn which simple products will bring in the biggest profit margins during the Holiday Season.

And much, much more!


Test Drive My 60 Day - No Risk "Try Out" Offer...



I'm so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get my 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't like the sound of me, what I have to say, what I write about, or you plain think it stinks - I will send you your money back in full and without delay.

If it is not absolutely everything I claim it to be...send me an immediate email and I will not only give you a prompt, no-hassle, no-questions asked 100% refund, but I will even let you keep the course plus all the bonuses as my way of saying "thank you for trying Holiday Goldmine."

Now I know that is a bold thing to do, but I can do it and stay in business because I know that once you get this product your going to love it.

There are no catches to this offer. There is no fine print. Simply order Holiday Goldmine, learn from it for 2 months if you aren't utterly blown away by it just return it for a No questions asked. No Hassles Refund.

I know my Holiday Goldmine is everything, I say and more. But of course you don't know that yet, and why should you believe me? So, just to erase any doubts you may still have, I offer you my personal unconditional promise of finding reliable wholesalers with my 60 day money back guarantee. If you want to return it for any reason -- Do It! I'll send you a complete refund immediately - no quibbles, no hard feelings!



If you ACT today, you'll also receive these FIVE fast action bonuses...

BONUS #1: Drop Shipping Riches (27 Pages) Ebook


$27.00 Value - Don't waste your time and money trying to learn about dropshipping...Instead, this simple guide will put an end to wrong turns and wasted time and money!


Now YOU Can Finally Become a Dropshipper... WITHOUT Having to Use Trial and Error to Find Out What Works!


Is dropshipping right for you? The most important step is identifying whether dropshipping is the right fit for your situation. We'll discuss the minimum requirements, as well as give you an idea of what you have to look forward to.

The pitfalls associated with dropshipping. Like almost everything, dropshipping is full of places and people just itching to take advantage of someone new to the field. Find out what you can do to avoid falling into their traps.

What is the best method for you to sell products? Like most businesses, you have decisions to make about where to begin selling your products, and ways you can expand on your business once you are satisfied that it's working...

Where should you go to find the products you are looking to sell...and are they the right products? There are a handful of very important resources for finding not only the products you want from a reliable dropshipper, but also the best price on those products. But before you get to that step...are you able to be competitive selling the products you've chosen? If you aren't sure, this guide will help explain how to figure it out.


BONUS #2: Simple Online Business (92 Pages) Ebook


$27.00 Value - Everything you need to start your own business on the Internet, and how to get it making profit fast.


Tips on the mindset and processes you need to understand before you even get started. These are as important to your success as your choice of products.

The 4-Step process you need to follow to get a product done and actually making you money.

The 7 tactics you need to use in every action you take in your business. Keeping these in mind from the start will give you a powerful edge on many more experienced marketers.

A process that will dramatically improve your offer and give you a much sharper focus on what's important in developing and selling your product. Not one person in 100 uses this approach, and it's as simple as it is surprising.

Ways to develop killer product ideas, and to get them turned into high-quality products quickly.
A resource list that gives you links to all the free software I mentioned earlier and then some, along with some excellent paid resources that will help you as you get more experienced.

The simple reason why complete strangers will often believe in you more than your family and your closest friends.

Proven processes for getting a book done quickly, even if you hate to write.

Rules for creating a successful software product. And what kind to avoid developing at all costs.

What you must include in every sales site - and what will kill your sales without you ever knowing.

A quick and simple system for writing sales letters that actually sell.

Why - and when - being a great writer can actually work against you.

How to get other people to sell tons of your product for you - and thank you for the opportunity.

The three most effective ways to get people to visit your sales page after you've completed it.

And much more.


BONUS #3: Creating Your First eCommerce Site

(36 Pages) Ebook


$47.00 Value - Creating your first e-Commerce Site has all the strategies that you will ever need for setting up an internet presence that will position your business as a serious player both locally and globally.



You can trade across borders - you can trade with China every day if you want. You can garner new customers within minutes of setting up a website from half way across the world. The impact on your sales will amaze you!

Your advertising costs are lower because you are not publicizing yourself in old fashioned expensive ways such as advertising your business in the phone book, putting out fliers or putting an ad in the newspaper

If you are thinking of launching an online business you may not even need inventory

You do not need a lot of startup capital (like renting a store) to start up some types of online businesses

You may not need a bank loan if you get into a business like drop shipping, where the goods are delivered for you by a third party

You get paid very quickly by online payment methods

As you are not dealing with customers directly, you get rid of a lot of time wasted in your life making agreements with people, or even extending credit to local people that you would rather not have to

Nobody will be able to tell how big or small your business really is ... as long as you market it like big business it will be treated by your customers as such. This is really different from the real world, where people associate the big name chains with quality and low prices.



BONUS #4: Interview with Anita Cross (Audio)


$27.00 Value - Anita Cross is one of the smartest people doing online marketing that I know. She's been my personal secret weapon for years, my "go to guy" for anything osCommerce, and a reliable source of marketing ideas. In an business overflowing with hype, Anita's honest and common sense approach is truly refreshing.

After listening to this short 13 minute interview, I think you'll see why I kept Anita all to myself for so long.





BONUS #5: My Personal Company Request Form


$7.00 Value - Word Document - This is the actual form that I use when I email companies requesting to be an e-Commerce Dropshipper for them. I get accepted 99% of the time with the verbage that I use in this form.




Why in The World am I Selling This Valuable Information?


Recently I have been asked by a few people who were curious as to why I am giving away this valuable knowledge. I've also been told I'm crazy for putting this out there in the first place.


OK, I know it may not make me very popular with some people, but the answer is...


First, you know what? I've been burned more than once and NO MORE!!!! Too many people have asked me about this and I don't want anyone to get burned like I have in the past!


Second, I'm sick of all the internet "hype" of so called GURU'S telling you this product and that product is hot so buy them from us and you'll line your pockets with massive amounts of cash!


Third, Not only do I believe in helping other people out, but I like to see others have the great success that I have had with buying surplus and wholesale closeouts.




WARNING: This Offer Will NOT Be Open Forever


I implicently reserve the right to remove this offer at any time WITHOUT notification.

Let me be honest with you. Due to high demand for Holiday Goldmine I reserve the right to remove the bonuses, raise the price, or close this offer down completly to retain the quality of people who join the Holiday Goldmine inner circle.

Once this offer is removed it is gone for good.

I simply can't have an unlimited number of Holiday Goldmine name floating around on the web.

So you need to take the time-right now to get the NO-RISK, trial offer and see how Holiday Goldmine can help you find valuable Wholesale Distributors and start making tons of money today.



What You Should Do — Right Now…


Click the order button below to get started before the Holiday Season and start making the cash you deserve.

You will be redirected to our secure order form to process your transaction and in about 3 minutes you will get your instant access to Holiday Goldmine.

Get started NOW using the same insider information I've learned from years of experience!

Go ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button below and start making money right now...



Price: $47.00

Click the Buy Now Button To
Secure Your Low Price Now!


Secure Payments
Made Through [ClickBank](http://1.enjoimkt2.pay.clickbank.net)




You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In Holiday Goldmine!


Please take action today. Holiday Goldmine is only going to be offered at this low introductory price for a limited time period. And, the only way I can guarantee you the 5 free bonuses is if you order before this offer closes.

Think about how hard it is to find reliable wholesalers and drop shippers...and also how great it would be to make alot of extra money during the Holidays. All you need to do is click the "Add to Cart" button and truly feel financially free today...


Go ahead and order right now, I know you'll be happy you did.





P.S. Today you can get my package the Holiday Goldmine at a reduced price and get started right away.


I've spent hundreds of hours to learn these techniques. You get it all with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, I'll refund your small investment with no hard feelings at all. I take all the risk so you have nothing to lose.


P.P.S. Remember, I implicently reserve the right to remove this offer at any time WITHOUT notification to protect the quality of the people who join the Holiday Goldmine inner circle.


P.P.P.S Immediate download. It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 am in the morning. In just seconds after payment you'll immediately be able to download the entire wholesale package shown on this page and a whole bunch of extremely valuable bonuses too.



Order your copy for the low price of only $47.00 (3am or 11pm, it doesn't matter because ordering and downloading is available 24 hours a day!)


Price: $47.00

Click the Buy Now Button To
Secure Your Low Price Now!


Don't believe it? You are 100% Guaranteed...




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