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exposes the secrets of American Idol

Hello Reality-TV Fan,

My name is Dr Vaughn Alaine-Marshall and I have many secrets to share.

This story began when a reality-TV star told me her incredible experiences during a season on one of the world's biggest Reality-TV shows. As word got out that this book was being written, I was inundated with similar stories by other reality show contestants from around America and the world. They broke multi-million dollar confidentiality agreements to tell me their ordeals.

I have given you all the clues…

To protect all identities the names have been changed. All the information is there for you. I place you in the shoes of everyone involved – you'll ride the rollercoaster. Experience the euphoric highs and excruciating lows.

Uberstar is fact written as fiction

Überstar is a fictitious Reality TV show for actors. Aspiring actors competing to win fame, money, and a role in a big budget film. You have made the final 11 and this is your chance to be famous. In front of millions of people and a panel of judges, you perform as your dreams depend on it.

In this book I reveal:
How The Camera Tricks You – Reality vs Illusion What Drove Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres to Leave American Idol How Producers Manipulate Contestants Crazy Celebrity Party Stories How to Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame

The truth About American Idol

Powerful people in the entertainment industry broke their silence to reveal the truth.

Order Überstar in E-book or paperback now to get your backstage pass to your favorite Reality-TV show.


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Dr Vaughn Alaine-Marshall

Reality TV Expert

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