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Spectrum ADHD - Moving BEyond ADHD



What if you knew that both _ADD and ADHD are based on stress_, and
that _stress keeps you pinned down in lower level behaviour for
survival_? Which means that you have little opportunity to develop
those parts of your brain that give you the skills to make the right
choices? To be creative?

I believe that_ ADD and ADHD are developmental delays_ in the
integration of two important, yet little known reflexes. Why medicate
at all if _it is a matter of integrating these reflexes_? What if you
knew _how to check these reflexes for yourself_?

Did you know that _ADD is a completely different syndrome to ADHD_?
Yes! They are! ADD and ADHD are at different ends of the spectrum of
whole brain integration. Even though there are similarities in the
symptoms, I believe that the causes are different. There is an
imbalance in how the system is processing information. Each of these
imbalances is the result of poorly integrated developmental reflexes.
What if you knew that_ there are movements that can encourage higher
level development_, and that they are easily accessible and usable?
Movements that help you to regulate your levels of activity and

When a mother recently asked me if there was _a drug-free way to deal
with ADHD_, I fully understood her dilemma. If I knew that _the
“ailment” was in fact a developmental delay_, I would use my
knowledge about reflex integration, sensory integration, core muscle
integration, brain integration, cranial sacral integration and
nutrition to work with my children.

What _if you had a programme to work with for thirty-six weeks_ that
you knew would work? That people around the world are using

Would drugs still be your choice of intervention? Especially
scheduled drugs that are in the same category as cocaine?

What if you knew that you could _work with your own child and bring
your child back into balance by using movements to get the brain
integrated? _


is my contribution to raising happy, healthy, normal children.

I have looked at all my resources and all the information that I have
gathered over the past thirty years while working with children and
adults with AD(H)D. I looked at how I have worked with these kids and
adults. I realised that I had brought together the most effective
treatment techniques from sensory integration, occupational therapy,
cranial sacral therapy and educational kinesiology. I have combined
all this information into a user friendly way for the parent and
teacher to assist the child presenting with an AD(H)D imbalance
without using drugs.

Price : R140

(E-Book format in PDF 3.7 meg) If you need ADOBE


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