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A Guide to Getting Younger After 60



Dear Friend:

If you are 60 you are no doubt dealing with the prospect of physical
decline. Let me assure you that just because you are 60 or above,
_physical decline is NOT inevitable._ You have the power to make
_major positive_ changes that will significantly improve the quality
of your life. The changes I'm talking about _do NOT _involve taking a
bunch of drugs, hormone replacement shots, vast array's of
"supplements" or unnecessary medical procedures. The changes I'm
talking about can be accomplished with many things that are natural,
non-invasive, and under your control.

Your age will always be whatever it is. However, when it comes to your
health and vitality, you have the power to _turn back the clock a
decade or more!_ You can go from being 60 years "old" to 60 years

On the other hand, if you turn 60 and buy into the idea that you are
going to decline, your expectations will probabaly be rewarded. Your
knees may go from bad to worse, your back may give you more and more
problems, you may put on an extra 20 pounds or more. This in turn can
lead to high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart problems, poor
circulation, stroke, and some other "fun" conditions. You will go from
being able to do a few things to doing a "very few things". As you get
more and more feeble, you may have to use a walker, motorized scooter,
portable oxygen, blood pressure monitor, or some such devices just to
get around. Forget things like golf, extensive travel or playing with
the grand kids or friends. You won't be mobile enough to do any of

If you think this is extreme, just look around. At any shopping mall
or resturant you will see dozens of people who are barely able to walk
for 100 yards because they are too fat. Some of them are not even 40
years old. What kind of life do you think they have?


How many times have you been around people who are over 60 who _live
in fear of falling down?_ For them, a fall that would be normal for
any kid on a playground could mean months in the hospital. Many older
people live in fear of simply getting down on the floor and not being
able to get up. Some are unable to get off a toilet that is too low or
a sofa that is soft. How helpless is this?

How about people who _fear _anything that requires them to bend over
regularly...such as gardening? They _can't_ shovel snow, dig in a
garden, mow a lawn or carry heavy grocery sacks because they might get
hurt doing it.

How many people do you know who take medication to manage simple
bodily functions like blood pressure, bowel movements, sleep, sexual
performance, or cholesterol levels? Healthy people rarely have issues
with these problems.

Think about your social life and the things you like to do. People who
are not physically viable can't go on hikes, let alone play golf or
tennis. Mild recreation activities are at the outer limit of
possibility for many people. People with physical limitations are
often restricted to the company of others with similar problems.
Healthy people quickly tire of conversations about the latest trip to
the doctor, prescription drugs, or a long list of infermities. For
some sick people, their problems become their identity.

If this sounds like a lousy future to you, I agree completely. None of
us is going to live forever, but the time we have should be ours to
enjoy as much as possible. To do this we have to be strong and healthy
enough to do the things we want to do.

By the time we reach 60 many of us have been on auto pilot most of our
lives when it comes to taking care of ourselves. We have always been
"healthy enough" in our own estimation, Any time things got really
bad, we went to a doctor who gave us some drugs to kill the pain or
get us through a crisis. We tended to treat our bodies like rental
cars. Drive them like mad, take very little care of them, and turn
them in if they didn't work. The net result of this is by the time we
are 60, many of us are in a bad way, and we may finally realize that
we can't go to the doctor the same we go to an auto mechanic. You
can't walk into the doctor and say "fix me" the way you would when
your car needs repair.

If you want a better fate than being trapped in a body that can't do
very much, there is something that you can do, and I'll show you how.

How can I make this type of a claim? For one thing, I'm 70 years old
and have the body of a much younger man. I have never taken hormone
replacements, performance enhancing drugs, or any other prescription
drugs that would impact how I have aged. I'm not a "freak of nature"
nor am I the beneficiary of "secret medical treatments". I'm just a
person who has learned how to do a great job of taking care of myself,
and I want to share this with you. I would really like you to enjoy
the same level of health and fitness that I enjoy every day.

What is the secret?

Ponce de Leon groped through the wilderness in Florida looking for the
mythical "fountain of youth". He was essentially looking for a "magic
trick" that would change him from an older man to a young man. Today
most people seem to think about regaining their youth in the same
way...simply find a "magic" potion and take it. No effort required,
simply drink something and the years drop away.

Stated this way, the whole idea seems rediculous. We all know there is
no magic water that will take a decade off your body with no effort.
However, many people seem convinced that if they buy the latest fad,
they can magically transform themselves with no work on their part.
Quick....give me a pill, a shot, or wave a wand, and create a
miraculous transformation. Of course, none of it works. People spend
buckets of money on quack nostrams and get nothing. You don't want to
be in this situation.

What is the secret?

Clearly not pills, shots, or drugs. There is no "magic bullet" that
will make you young again. However, there is a way that you can get
great results. Let me tell you about this.

Introducing a real solution to your problem

I want to introduce you to a breakthrough training system that takes
you step by step out of your recliner chair and back to full speed.
This is a program that I have developed out of my 55+ years of
training and study in the area of human performance. Think about it.
Would you like to:

* cut a lot of fat and build muscle
* regain your mobility
* increase your energy
* have a huge boost in your self confidence
* have a better social life

If you get into great physical conditions there are a bunch of other
benefits that you may
not have thought about. These are things like:

* look great!
* have a great sense of personal accomplishment
* feel sexy
* have no limits on enjoying time with your family and friends
* be in better condition than you ever thought possible

How did this program come about? Over the past few years many people
who have asked me how I manage to be so fit and healthy at my age.
Several have asked me to train them. What I discovered when I did set
up training programs for them was that each person had different
strengths and weaknesses. Each had some areas of their body that were
problems, and other areas that were pretty strong. The bottom line was
that no two people had the same problem areas _when they started._
Working with each of them, I had to devise ways that they were able to
progress to the point where they were physically viable in _all
_different areas. At that point they were able to take on more
advanced training.

That is what is unique about this program. It does not matter what
your deficiencies are, the program is structured so that you can work
on your deficiencies and build them up to the point where you have a
balanced physical development. In some cases people who begin this
program were not strong or flexible enough to do basic movements such
as the bench press or squat. Instead, they began training with
movements that enabled them to develop the strength and flexibility to
do the more demanding movements.

One of the things people seem to always ask me about are the potential
risks of doing exercise programs. My response is always that if you
are over 60, before you embark on any exercise program you should have
your physician clear you to participate. You need to put your mind at
ease before you start training. If you are cleared to train, you can
begin work on building a new you.

Occasionally I hear people tell me that they have tried training
before and "it didn't work", or they are "too busy", or some other
reason why they didn't succeed. Whatever the reason that their
previous efforts did not produce results, they are now in the
situation where they need to make a serious investment in the rest of
their life. Whatever reasons they had in the past, they need to drop
these excuses, and move on to becoming the best that they can be.

You Have Just Crushed the Obsticles that Have Stopped You Before

For a moment, think about the things you would do if you had the
strong, energetic and healthy body you want. What would an average day
look like? What would a _special_ day look like. You _can _live this
life, if you _take acation NOW._

What is the secret?

The secret is one of the things that you have known all along....it
will take work. But, you will not just work _hard, you will have to
work SMART._ You know there _is no magic trick_ that is going to do
the job. You can't go to the doctor and get anything for this. _You
are the only one who can build a strong, healthy body for yourself._
You can't outsource this job. So, NOW is the time to take action.

How badly do you want to have a younger body? If this is what you
want, you need to commit to making this happen, and TAKE ACTION NOW.
Your big enemy is procrastination. If you don't begin doing something
now, you may lapse back into your old ways.

How do I make a "younger me"?

You have to begin restoring a lot of the functional strength and
flexiblity that you have lost over the years. To do this you will need
to do the following things:

* reduce your body fat
* rebuild your balance and coordination
* restore your range of motion
* build functional strength
* improve your cardiovascular system
* eat like a champion
* have the mindset that helps you grow

To build a new you, and be the best you can be, you will transform not
only your physical training and nutrition, but you will transform your
mindset and the way you think about eveything you do each day. Lets
take a quick look at what's involved here.

Building a body you will love to inhabit begins with understanding
what you will have to do to get from where you are now, to where you
want to be. In the physical training portion of the program you will
be taken step by step through a series of exercises and training
movements that will restore lost function. For example, right now you
may not be able to lift heavy things off the floor because you have
not used your back and legs "forever". The exercise program will help
you _gradually_ restore this lost function by very carefully
re-training your body to do these movements, and build up the strength
and flexibility needed to do them without a problem. You will also
keep building up the stronger parts of your body. In not too long you
will have a body where your strength and flexibility are well

Building the body you will love to inhabit also means learning how to
_habitually_ eat things that are good for you. Right now you may come
to meal time and suddenly be confronted with the "what do I do now"
issue. When that happens, you will tend to eat whatever is on hand, or
convienient. You may not have any real sense of _how much_ you should
eat. To help you transform how you eat every day I have devised some
very simple guidelines. You can stock your pantry with the right
things, and learn how to routinely eat the right amount at the right

Enjoying the things that make life worth living are the reasons that
we strive to build strong and healthy bodies. Enhancing your "mental"
health will be a major part of building and sustaining a great body.
By this I refer to your "mindset", or the way you are able to grow and
change throughout your life. I'll introduce you to some of the best
resources available to help you continue to build positive changes in
your life, and enjoy the rewards of being able to live each day to the

If this sounds like a lot to digest at once, be assured that I break
down everything into easy to follow guidelines and programs that make
it easy for you to succeed.

You risk nothing. If for any reason you are not satisfied, within
sixty days you can claim a full refund....no questions asked. In other
words, you have the chance to try this out, and see if it works for
you. If you don't like it, you get your money back. I offer this
because I am convinced that if you do this program for sixty days you
will experience so many positive effects that you will become a raving

Once you join the Decades Younger program, you will be taken directly
to the members only web page where you will be required to give your
name and e-mail address. You will then immediately recieve an e-mail
with a link to your copy of _A Guide to Getting Yonger After 60. _The
entire book will be available to you by download from this link.


Once you are a member of the Decades Younger program you will be
provided with free updates to the book and other valuable bonus
materials. If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Remember, you risk nothing. If for any reason you are not fully
satisfied, within 60 days you can request a full refund and your money
will be returned to you without question.
I'm totally convinced you will be eccstatic with your results so I
have no hesitation about offering this guarentee.

PS: Think about how _great_ you will look in some new clothes. Being
in great shape is really fun when you go to buy clothes...you can pick
out anything you want. Get started right now!

PS2: Take a moment to think about how your life will improve with your
new found energy and vibrance. You'll be more productive at work, your
recreational activities will get a big boost, and your mind will have
a laser focus. Now is the best time to begin!

PS3: Remember, you take _no risk._ If you are not satisfied for any
reason, you may get a full refund within 60 days. But, I bet you will
be so happy with the program that you will never think about asking
for a refund.


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