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Do you want to be a better coach?  Who’s coaching you?

After great demand, Kate Osborne, global coach’s coach, has created a coaching program just for coaches.

Why did you become a coach?  Or maybe for some of you – why do you want to become a coach?

Formal adult education is being tauted as the next two trillion dollar industry and with this, the demand for GREAT coaches is rising.  Coaches can come from all different fields and industries such as Business, Life, Physical and Spiritual niches. 

You may have a comprehensive understanding of your field or even be considered an expert, but who is teaching you HOW to coach.

Kate Osborne has been a business coach since 2002.  With a double major in Pyschology, a master facilitator and keynote speaker, Kate has always offered more than systems and numbers – sometimes her clients even mistake her for a marriage counsellor! 

Kate has always had a love of people.  In her own businesses she managed over 74 team combinations before becoming a coach.  Then adding to that, she has trained over 600 coaches around the world.  Through this process of learning what makes people ‘tick’, Kate has learnt from the best around the world and implemented those learnings along with her own observations on how to best help a coach reach their true potential.

Do you know you are a good coach that hasn’t yet reached your true potential?


Would you like someone to come into your home or office every week and guide you on your journey to being a better coach?


Kate took the time to sit and record 52 valuable 30 minute video sessions covering all areas of coaching from how to coach over the phone effectively to how to manage your own mindset so that you can add value to your clients.  With her wealth of knowledge, Kate shares it all.  She holds nothing back and lays it all out for you so that you too can improve your own coaching business.

“Being a coach, adding value to the lives of my clients is an incredible privilledge.  Being able to help a coach learn how to be a better coach and improve their coaching business is exciting.  Why?  Because if I can help 10 coaches who each help 10 clients, that is helping 110 people to improve their businesses, lives or even their physical health.  It was time that I shared my knowledge and experiences.”  Kate Osborne

This 12 month program is ideal for coaches of all levels.  Whether you are just exploring the idea of becoming a coach to a coach that has been coaching for years, you can all gain experience and knowledge with Kate. 

It is with suprising honesty and candour that Kate shares stories of her own coaching experiences to assist you to gain everything you want. Kate opens up conversation with her unique, thought provoking faciliatation.  With Kate, know you are in safe, capable and caring hands.  With her vast experience as a business coach and coach’s coach, she will help guide you to a more successful coaching business.


So what is the Coach’s Coach e-coaching program?

Kate Osborne delivers a 30 minute video lesson each week for a year – that’s 52 sessions in total. 

Each session focusses on an area to help you improve your coaching or your coaching business. 



Kate understand that going on this journey with her through these sessions will require a small leap of faith right now. 

For this reason, Kate insists we offer you a money back guarantee.



Isn’t it time that you made the decision, draw a line in the sand and

say it’s time to change,time to get real assistance, time to work it out?


Isn’t it time that you really helped yourself?


Coach’s Coach
52 sessions – delivered weekly
Just $67 a month for 12 months.




That’s less than one session with a paying client per month! 


Don’t you think you are worth it?






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