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As a web designer, one of the most common requests I receive is to design a website in a manner that would allow my customers to make minor changes within their websites.

Simply put, without knowing HTML/CSS or the knowledge of downloading, backup the original file, then modify and upload, the average customer simply cannot do it themselves.

Albeit, I’ve had customers contact me after they’ve attempted to make a minor change to their HTML Based website, and because they are not knowledgeable about HTML/CSS, removing one simple snippet of code can significantly alter the page design and, in turn, end up costing the client more to fix.

I can understand the need for the client to have control over their website, after all it’s theirs and it’s their business. I can also understand the need to keep your website current, for both surfing clients and search engine purposes. And I can understand the need to save a few bucks for a simple change, personally, I do what I can to save money. That’s the sign of the times.

I’m all for Do-It-Yourself! I’ve personally completed several Do-It-Yourself home renovation projects and have saved hundreds of dollars investing sweat equity into our home.

Recently more and more clients are asking for a way for them to be able to Do It Themselves… for some type of system that they can easily manage, update and grow on.

So for the last year, when a client has asked me for a self managed site I’ve proposed this method outlined in DIY Web Pack.

It has been so successful, that I’ve decided to develop this site and share this information with you. A “Do-It-Yourself Web Design Package” complete with templates, images and step by step instructions on how to do just that.

If you already have a host provider, with this package you have everything you need to setup, design, and publish your own website.

A website where YOU have total control over what content is published with the ability to update and modify the text, template style, or images at YOUR convenience.

This step-by-step manual will assist you in the install, configuration, and managing of your website all saving you money by using your own sweat equity to build your website. Save hundreds of dollars while simply using a little sweat equity to build and maintain your own professionally designed websites. Simple step by step instructional manual with all the extras you need to make your site stand out from the crowd!

Website owners who want to save money New internet users who want to create a website Entrepreneurs who want to keep on top of changes to their website content Moms and Pops who don’t mind a little sweat equity to build their home business Business owners that like to switch up designs every few months to keep things fresh
DIY Web Pack was designed for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!

Setting up your web host Preparing a database Configuring Files FTPing to your host provider Installing the proper software Setting up themes Integrating images Building Dynamic Menus Single level menus and Multi-Level menus Developing Static and Dynamic content Publishing and editing Static pages and Dynamic Content This ebook comes in PDF format

OVER 100 Exclusive Themes Custom Photo Headers Variable Designs:
horizontal menus above the header or below the header
CSS Validated Themes catelogued in a single HTML file for easy viewing Individually compressed in zip format for easy installation

Over 1800 Custom Web 2.0 Images Step Titles (#1 through #20) Call to Action Phrases Pricing Bubbles Small Icons Blank Buttons and Boxes Transparent backgrounds in PNG format ideal for integration on webpages with colored backgrounds And much more…

Paying someone else to desgin your website can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Add in a montly maintenance retainer of $50 – $100, over time, this can add up quickly. With a little bit of time, and a little sweat equity, you can have your website up and running in no time!


This is an introductory offer, and is available for a limited time only! Click the “Order Now” button above to get a copy of the DIY Web Pack and start building your website today! 

If you have any [questions or comments, you can contact us using this form](contact-us).

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