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[How It Works](works.php)
[What It Costs](cost.php)
[See a Demo](sample.php)
[Contact Us](contact.php) EZstatz Internal Website Statistics - Beta
&nbsp Inexpensive PROfessional PROductivity Statistics & Logging Package&nbsp&nbsp
 Enables you to be Pro-Active about managing your website.&nbsp
New Clients [Register](register.php)  See what's happening INSIDE your website's programs & scripts - as soon as it happens.&nbsp
EZstatz tells you what people are really doing while they're visiting your site.
EZstatz tells you the frequency of the various logic paths within your programs,
what options users are choosing, which features they're using, what errors they're making.
EZstatz tells you the details about what your website is Producing.
 Essentially EZstatz tells you how your site is performing and how people are relating to your site.&nbsp

&nbspYou get a Free One-Month Trial - time to check out the system and learn how it works.&nbsp

"I look at EZstatz first thing every morning, last thing in the evening, and frequently throughout the day. I just leave a browser window open for this all the time. I can tell at a glance how the site is doing, how much is being processed, and if there are problems or something that needs attention."
- website manager, Fortune 500 company
  EZstatz is flexible and powerful, yet simple to implement and use.&nbsp
You can use EZstatz Production Statistics
to monitor load & usage patterns on your website, to trace the actions of a particluar user, to track load balancing, to watch your money accumulate, to report results of various operations or activities, to see which options users are selecting, and what errors users are making, to make sure specified actions ocurred successfully, as a debugging tool, and much more. Use it to track where users are linking to from your website.&nbsp EZstatz not only generates logs, it lets you look at the logs intelligently and selectively.
You can see the occurrences for a particular feature or option (or error).
You can trace the activites of a particular user - in detail,
or you can trace the workings of a particular script or program.
And it provides an excellent historical record for later reference or research or dispute resolution.
  Get Started using EZstatz - [Register](register.php)&nbsp

[How does it Work?](works.php) &nbsp [What does it Do?](funct.php) &nbsp [What does it Look Like?](sample.php) &nbsp
[How is it Different from other web statistics?](diff.php) &nbsp [What it Costs](cost.php)

EZstatz is based on a proprietary statistics package and architecture used in critical production monitoring software employed by several fortune 500 companies.

[FAQs](faq.php) &nbsp [Contact Us](contact.php)

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