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Discover How to Turn 7 Minutes a Day into Thousands of Gold with Ultra Rare Opportunity and Make Over 201,118 Gold In the Next 28 Days!

From: DrDinasour & Tony Sanders

RE: Stale Gold Secrets

That's right. Gold secrets have gotten stale. Everyone has the same opinion about everything. Farm this, mine that, stock these, sell those. Well, I have a surprise for you because in the next 7 minutes, you're about to learn the single most effective way to prepare for Cataclysm and you won’t need to mortgage two months of your life to do it...

Here's why...

Every two years, Blizzard bestows upon us an expansion to the greatest MMORPG on the planet. We receive endless updates, months of anticipation and days of prognosticating all for that one magical moment when the servers reset, and the game is changed forever.

But, three days in, after power leveling through all the new content, checking out a dozen new dungeons and failing to sleep more than a few hours, you realize something... you’re flat broke.

You've spent too much gold leveling "the new profession", buying out mats at ridiculous prices on the Auction House. Or because Blizzard just came out with a new gold sink, this certain epic mount for xx,xxx gold.

All that time before the expansion and what were you doing? Reading blog posts, watching videos, talking on forums, and rerunning old raids?

Not this time.

I’ve been through the pre-expansion hype and I’ve felt the urge to do anything but prepare for the game, but in that hype-filled vacuum I learned something. You have the game to yourself. And as you’ll quickly learn, that means you can make more gold than you’ve ever dreamed of in just a few weeks after the expansion .

 Expansion Preparation

(Get an alt Guild Bank. Know what to stockpile and What to Dump)

The only thing that will get you to Level 85 in record speed, with all the hottest items is cold hard gold and I’m about to show you how to get it.

 I’ve been around the block and I’ve written guides about every aspect of World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for more than 6 years and in that time I’ve developed a sort of sixth sense for how gold comes and goes.

You want gold? You buy items when they’re not in demand and save them until they are. It’s the simplest statement I can make, but it’s the basis of all success in World of Warcraft and it’s what is about to make you filthy stinking rich.

Introducing Cataclysm Insider


Here’s the deal. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time, it’s that an expansion represents HUGE gold. This is the only Cataclysm preparation guide you need, because it shows you exactly how to make a tremendous amount of gold by selling crud no one wants, buying stuff they will want and selling it all at the exact right time when the game launches.

Here’s how it works.

We all know that gold is going to inflate to ridiculous levels when Cataclysm hits. We’re talking massive gold sinks for new mounts, skills, professions, and gear. At the same time, you’re looking at a ridiculous amount of new items coming into the game, new stats and new crafting mats... people need a LOT of new things.

That means three things:

Half your inventory will become instantly worthless
Half your inventory will eventually become more valuable
You’ll only profit if you buy and sell at the exact right time
Imagine what happens if you hold on to those epic gems from Northrend until the expansion hits... what do you think they’ll be worth? Half the price? One third the price? One tenth the price? You’ll lose huge chunks of gold.

In Cataclysm Insider I show you exactly which items are about to become completely worthless and tell you exactly when to sell them. You don’t have a choice. Waiting is for the weak and if you’re weak, you’re broke.

Scared? Don't Be.

Don’t sit there and think that just because half your stuff is instantly worthless that you’re totally screwed when Cataclysm comes out. Well that's going to happen for the average player. But the fact that you're here and still reading, explains a lot about your game play to me. In fact, that simple fact is about to make you a tremendous amount of gold.

There are items hidden in the game... things that everyone needs *ALL THE TIME* that I will show you how to farm, buy and stockpile for future use. Not only will I show you what to set aside, I will show you exactly when to sell it, and how much gold you’ll make when you do.

Old School Methods are Boring.

This guide isn’t just for Miners and Herbalists. You don’t need to be locked in a city hub somewhere using the auction house. I show every single profession how to get in there and build up a fortune of items that will sell for massive profits when Cataclysm hits.

If you’re anything like me, those old school gold making methods are boring as heck. You sit, you farm, you chat, and you drain a twelve pack of Mountain Dew trying to stay awake. I’m here to tell you that the process is infinitely easier and you can have a blast doing it, just by looking for specific items that will make you a profit when you farm them, save them and prep them properly.

The Insider Method

In Cataclysm Insider, you’ll learn how to set aside any preconceived notions about how much Cataclysm is going to cost and how to cash in on the people you’re going to run into when you set foot in the game for the first time.

The best part – you don’t need to be Level 80. You don’t need to have fifteen different toons with every profession on standby . You just need to have an account, a few minutes a day, and the drive to be ready for Cataclysm – the right way.

This isn’t some “theory” I’m throwing your way either. I’ve used these steps twice before to make huge amounts of gold in preparation for both Burning Crusade and Wrath. And I’m not just talking about a handful of gold... I’m talking about thousands upon thousands of gold.

All those schmucks running around looking for a way to earn gold for their flying upgrade? Not me, my friend. I was sitting pretty with six figures in my bank and it only took a few minutes a day over the course of a month prepping for each expansion.


Module #1:  State of the Game

To get started, I will show you the state of the game. Right now, as we sit on the cusp of the first 4.0 patches and ready ourselves for Cataclysm, what should your account look like? What professions should you have? What add-ons do you need? What activities should you be doing?

I give it to you straight so you don’t miss a single possible method to make massive amounts of gold. You’ll learn:

The Perfect Alt Setup to Make Massive Profits
Exactly Which Professions to Have on Your Main and Alts for top Profits
The Secret to Having Space for EVERYTHING You’ll Ever Need Pre-Cataclysm
Which Professions to Drop for Gold Making and WHY They’re Out
The Items You Should Dump from Your Account Immediately Before they’re Worthless
The Fundamental Economic Theory that Drives ALL Sales in WoW and
How You Can Take Advantage of all these for Massive Gold

By the end of part 1, you’ll know exactly where you stand, what you shouldn’t be doing and how to start prepping your account for Cataclysm – without any wasted efforts.


Module #2:  Inventory 101

This is what you came for. In part two, I outline every single item of note that you should have set aside for Cataclysm. And it’s not just ore and herbs. I give you a rundown of potential money makers from dungeon drops, crafting professions, and much more – you’ll make gold doing ANYTHING in the game. No more boring, mindless nights at the computer for you.

Learn How Fundamental Changes to the Game will Make You Huge Gold
The Specific Gear and Slot Pieces that Will be In the Greatest Demand on YOUR Realm
Dungeons You Can Farm Right Now to Make Gold and Acquire Items with BIG Value Post Cataclysm
An Exact Timeline for All Items – When to Buy, When to Sell and How to Profit the Most
Specific Items to Stockpile and Sell for EVERY Profession – Not Just Mining and Herbalism
Make Gold Crafting Specific Items that Will Be in Heavy Demand when Cataclysm Hits
The Fool Proof Secret to Using In-game tools to Track and Stock Up on Key Items
How to Monitor Your Realm for the Perfect Selling Window
Level by Level Breakdown of Itemization and What Ranges will Bring You the Biggest Profits

Section 2 will show you every single way there is to prepare for Cataclysm. No matter what type of player you are, this section will outline EXACTLY what you need to do.


Module #3:  Cataclysm Launch Insane Profits

I know what you want to read and I have you completely covered with an extra special section devoted entirely to what you should do the moment Cataclysm strikes. With all those items in storage and all that content to play, what should be your first priority? So much gold, so little time!

In this special bonus section, I will show you how to:

Find the Newest Gathering Mats for all Professions
The Absolute First Thing You Should Do When Cataclysm Launches
A Detailed Launch Blueprint Showing You How to React from 5 Days Pre-Launch Until 1 Month In
How Each Profession Has Changed and Where Your Crafting Focus Should be Pointed
The Future of Your Account and How to Make MASSIVE Gold After Cataclysm Hits

The key to success in an expansion is knowledge – LOTS of it. I have that knowledge and I’m putting it all out there for anyone to use.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often – and the time to take advantage of it is obviously short.


Module #4:  Premium Video Series


Reading can sometimes be a bore. I know. That's why we have developed this video series covering everything you need to do to advanced techniques to make a killing when the patch hits.

Video #1: Items to Stockpile. Discover the *Exact* Items We are Are Stockpiling for Cataclysm and Why These Items are Going to Skyrocket.
Video #2: The Cataclysm Market Explosion. Learn Items which Are Going to Go For Over 700% Profit Margins.
Video #3: Dual Gatherer. If You're Into That Kind of Stuff. Personally, I'm Not.
Video #4: Auctioneer Mod. Learn the Shortcut to Dominating the Auction House with Advanced Techniques Using the Auctioneer Mod.
Video #5: Liquidating Your Assets. Most of Your Items are Going to be Junk after Expansion. Learn What to Sell and at What Price.
Video #6: Focusing on a Market. One at a Time. Dominate Your Niches and Don't Let Any Competitors Near.
Video #7: Wrapping it All Up.

And to Raise the Bar Even Higher. . . We Have an iPhone app!

Our content will also be available to you on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad at no additional cost. We will provide you with a media code in the member's area that allows you to also unlock the content on your mobile device.


Safety in Common Sense

I won’t goof around. This stuff isn’t the only way to make gold. You and I both know that there are people out there willing to sell you gold for your hard earned cash. But, Cataclysm Insider does a heck of a lot more than they ever could by offering safe, fun ways to make gold that you can be proud of.

Here’s the deal. You’re playing WoW anyways, right? Why waste time and money investing in gold when you could just as easily make tons of gold from the time you’re already playing World of Warcraft?

Seems like common sense to me.

How Much?

And I’m not going to mess around with the cost on this one – I know you’re thinking right now that this isn’t completely free, that I’m going to charge you money just like the Gold Farmers. But, there’s a big difference.

First, I actually spent alot of time and money developing the videos, guides and bonus iPhone application. I’m not giving you gold that can be spent and never recovered. I’m giving you a system that will make you hundeds of THOUSANDS of gold without any additional investment. You’ll learn exactly which items, which methods and which tools you can use to make gold the second Cataclysm hits the servers. That’s huge – it’s something you can only do every two years and you have the opportunity to take advantage of it right now.

Second, look at how much those gold sellers actually charge. We’re talking $297 or more. You could spend that cash, get a onetime infusion of gold AND risk permanent banning of your account... or you could take advantage of Cataclysm Insider and learn how to make your own gold in a HUGE surge of expansion income.

And to make sure you get the deal you deserve, I’m not going to charge this guide for nearly what it’s worth. I’ve seen the prices of other guides like this and what they think they’re “insider tips” are really worth. I know for a fact my blueprint is better, more complete and will make you gold.

And I’m going to let you have it today for only $37 – one payment, unlimited use and infinite gold income in the future.

Love It, Or Your Money Back. . .

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t mess around with your money. If you buy Cataclysm Insider today and decide, “hey I don’t want this anymore” send it back and I’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. And you have a full 60 days to make that call.

That means you can get Cataclysm Insider, test it in the game and make a decision based on how much gold you will make. If you don't make massive gold, (whatever amount that's massive to you), I want you to have your money back.

I don’t expect you’ll need to write me, except maybe to brag about how much gold you took home from your realm, but if you do, you get your money back, no questions asked.



Time is Running Out

Cataclysm is written to provide you with a once-every-two-years opportunity to make huge amounts of gold from an expansion pack. That means one thing – you only have until December 7th to pick up it up and put the strategies inside to use.

If you seriously think you can make a profit on your own, without preparing for Cataclysm, by all means skip the link below and don’t try a risk free copy of Cataclysm Insider. But, if you feel the walls starting to close in and know that you only have a few weeks left until Cataclysm hits and your gold stash disappears, take advantage of this offer now because you only get this chance once every two years.

In a few weeks you’ll see exactly what I mean – be ready for what the game has to offer, be richer than anyone you know, and buy every upgrade you can imagine. That’s the Cataclysm Insider difference... one you won’t find anywhere else.

It's decision time: kill, or be killed...

At the moment, many of your competitors are using these techniques against you. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught. The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop.... you have been warned...

In essence, you have no real choice. You must act fast.

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Rooting For You,

Dr Dinasaur with Tony "T Dub" Sanders

P.S. Time is running out. You have until December 7th to prepare for Blizzard’s next opus. Don’t act and you’ll be out of luck when the xpac finally drops.


P.P.S. If you are not satisfied with Cataclysm Insider, we will be happy to free up your spot for someone else. Just send us an email at the contact button below, and we’ll send you a 100% refund, no questions asked.


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