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It's important to bond with your baby, but do you know how?

You bond with your baby when you talk to him, when you care for him and when you carry him. But

you can create a much stronger bond when you play with your baby.

Play with your baby? Even a newborn?

Yes, you can play even with your newborn. Baby Games and Activities can show you how.

This book, a well-compiled and organized read that will help you find activities to do with your baby

from birth to a year, offers more than two dozen games and activities that you can play with your


From the basics like peek-a-boo, to original game play, this book is sure to inspire a little playfulness

in you -- and your baby.

Here are some examples of the fun activities you’ll find in
this book:

• A homemade baby gym

• An obstacle course (yes, even for your baby!)

• Fun with music

• … and much more!

In this book, there are more than two dozen games and activities you can play with your new baby.

The book covers all baby ages from birth to a year old, allowing you to pick and choose the games

and activities that best suit you and your baby.

None of these games and activities is expensive to purchase; most of them require just a few things

from around the house. And many of the games are quick to play, perfect for the baby who can’t play
for long or for the busy parents who want to make sure to get in some quality time with the baby.

We know it's hard for you to come up with games to play with your baby on your own so we've done the research for you!

Our book Baby Games and Activities contains four chapters, which

are organized by your baby’s age.

The chapter for baby ages 0-3 months includes a number of games and activities that encourage

baby to connect to the world around him.

For example, you’ll learn how to play a simple touching game that will delight and surprise your

baby and give you a chuckle too.

In chapter 2, ages 3-6 months, your baby begins to connect more fully with you and begins to enjoy

these games that you’re playing with him. For example, you and your baby will enjoy a game that

uses hair scrunchies and teaches your baby a little more about himself.

We haven’t forgotten the older baby. For your older baby, we have some great ideas.

In chapter 3, ages 6-9 months, your baby is more fully engaged with the world around him. He might

be sitting or crawling and the games you play can take advantage of his excitement about the new

world he finds himself in.

For example, your baby might enjoy an activity that encourages him to get his finger a little wet with

yummy pudding. But he’s learning, too.

Finally, chapter four features games and activities for ages

9-12 months including games that encourage your baby to

have fun with the world around him, to

have fun with you and to begin to develop some

independence in his movement and choices.

For this age, we offer games like (baby) chase.

Experts say that playing games with your baby is one of the best ways you can bond with him or

her. The old adage is true: It’s not how much time you spend with your baby that matters, it’s the

quality of that time. Even if you’re busy and life is swirling around you, this book will give you some

ideas and tools for having fun with just a few minutes of time

Babies Grow so Quickly.

Order now and have immediate download so you can add these fun games and activities to your daily routine instantly.

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I personally guarantee that if you aren't completely satisfied with Baby Games and Activities we will refund 100% of your purchase price, as long as you let us know no more than 8 weeks after the purchase

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