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Real Women, Real Love Presents: Dating for Us Ordinary Gals

"Being in a relationship is too much work." -Jill, age 33

"It's been so long since my last relationship that I'm not sure I
even remember what to do in one anymore." -Barbara, age 63

"It's not like I'm getting any younger. What man is going to want
someone like me?" -Sofia, age 39

"Most of the men my age are married anyway." -Eileen, age 48


_Are You about to GIVE UP on Love_

Do You Worry that You're Destined
To Be Alone Forever...
And There's NOTHING You Can Do About It __

Do You Ever Feel Like Crying
When You Think about Dying Alone __


Specifically for Women _At Least_ 30 Years of Age or Older

October 1, 2010
From the Desk of Reina W:

Does your love life feel like a dead end?

Mine sure did.

Five years ago, I'd been single for so long that I was _sure_ that
my fate was to be alone for the rest of my life.

But that wasn't so bad. Being single felt comfortable. I was used to
it. I _knew_ how to be on my own. I didn't know if I could handle a
relationship, not after last time. I had my heart broken once and that
was enough, thank you very much.


Do you ever feel that, as much as you would _love _to have a partner
and someone steadfast by your side, you're not sure if you're willing
to pay the cost?

To get a man in your life, you're going to have to put yourself out
there and _meet _people.

You're going to have to fuss over your hair and outfits and make
endless mind-numbing small talk.

You're going to have to put up with losers and bores and middle-aged
men with the minds of teenagers.

And then, IF YOU EVER DO MANAGE TO FIND SOMEONE, you're going to have
to deal with the emotional rollarcoaster of "does he love me or
doesn't he." You're going to have to pretend that you like his mother.
You're going to have to deal with his dirty underwear on the bathroom
You know (I thought), it isn't really _that _bad being single...


Before I discovered the Real Women Real Love(tm) system, I had every
excuse in the book for why I wasn't in a relationship.

On good days, I felt superior to my poor married friends._ I_ didn't
have to deal with a man slouching in front of the television or not
calling me back or arguing over whose turn it is to take the garbage
out._ I_ could do whatever I liked, whenever I liked!

On bad days, I felt like God had destined me for a life of solitude
in punishment for all the bad things I'd ever said or done. I was sure
God didn't like me. Otherwise, He surely would have given _me_ the
same love and children and wedded joy as everyone else, wouldn't He?
Have _you _ever wondered that ... or am I the only crazy one here?

WE ALL HAVE OUR REASONS for not being in a relationship. We try to
justify our single status to ourselves by saying things like:

"There's nothing wrong with being single."

"Have you seen the kind of guys out there? I'm not picky, but I
haven't met one worth my time."

"Relationships are too much hassle."

"Guys wouldn't be interested in someone like me."

"I don't have time to date."

I, too, had my reasons for not putting as much effort into dating as
I probably should have.

Most of all, I thought that it was a WASTE OF MY TIME.

If I _did_ happen to meet a man who happened to be single, the
chances of him liking me were pretty slim.

And if I met a man who happened to be single _and_ interested in me,
the chances of me liking him back were basically nonexistent.

SO I RESIGNED MYSELF to a lifetime of being single, proud, and
independent. I didn't "need" a man. I was beyond all that. I was
mature and responsible, and I had my own life that I'd created that
satisfied ME.

Then I picked up a book that changed my life forever.


That book was by Louise Hay. It was her classic _You Can Heal Your
Life_. You may have heard of it. It has changed so many lives since it
was published in 1984.

Louise's main point is that we can change ANYTHING we want in our
lives, starting right now.

And the _way_ we change it is not by convincing other people,
manipulating, or pretending to be something we're not.


I was flabbergasted. How could ALL my problems be solved by changing
the way I think?

I mean, my problems weren't _made-up_ or _imaginary_. It was a FACT
that men didn't seem attracted to me. It was a FACT that I hadn't
dated anyone in three years. It was a FACT that I wasn't young or
skinny with a tiny waist and double D cup. So what was I supposed to

I hemmed and I hawed and finally I decided to give a try.

Five years later, I couldn't believe the results.

In my book "Dating for Us Ordinary Gals," which I'll talk about
more later, I'll lead you through an_ incredible_ personal makeover
that will transform you inside and out. You'll discover everything I
had to struggle to find out for myself, including the secret to men,
the world's most potent "beauty cream," a virtual "perfume" that will
draw men irresistibly to you, and a tip that will transform your looks
as fast as a facelift!


Maybe you, like me, believe that there is something "holding you
back" from meeting someone.

Maybe you think your _weight _is holding you back from getting a

Or m aybe you're "too old."

Or maybe the problem is where you live, how much you earn, what
happened to you as a child, being a single mother, being a divorcee,
and so forth.
I have to laugh. I once thought stuff like that, too.

Before discovering this incredible mindpower system, wha_t I_ thought
it would take for me to meet men was to:

* GET A TOTAL MAKEOVER, preferably from the folks at "10 Years
Younger," and
* EARN AN EXTRA 20,000 A YEAR so that I could spend it on new
clothes and makeup and being able to afford going out.

But I was wrong.

Boy, I was wrong.

It was so much simpler than that ... and so much harder.


The reality is that NOTHING is holding you back from meeting your
future husband tomorrow.

I'm dead serious.

_NOTHING_ is holding you back from meeting your future husband

Except ... for those little nagging thoughts inside your head telling
you you won't.

Those very same thoughts also tell you that you're not good enough,
you don't deserve someone like that, no one would ever be interested
in you, you're too shy, you don't know what to say, and you get
nervous around men anyway.

No wonder the thought of meeting someone makes you stressed!

You are going to _CONTINUE STRUGGLING_ IN YOUR LOVE LIFE until you
fix the REAL problem.
Which is NOT your age, weight, income, location, childhood, past
relationships, or cup size.

The real problem is actually located _inside_ your head.

What's holding you back is:

What _YOU_ Think is Possible for You

Which means that, if you _expect_ to be single for the rest of your
life, then you have a pretty good chance of doing just that.

If you_ think _you're too old, overweight or boring to meet anyone
new, then you probably ARE.

That's kind of scary.

It means that:

If you keep "thinking what you're thinking"...

Then you're going to struggle with men _for the rest of your life._


Isn't it time to STOP?

Isn't it time to make things easier for yourself?

My Real Women Real Love(tm) system was invented to make LOVING as
easy as _breathing_.

No more worrying about meeting someone. No more waiting by the phone
hoping he'll call. No more torturing yourself with "what could have
been." No more fears about being alone forever.

I can take away all that fear, worry and stress you experience when
you think about the lack of love in your life ... _if you'll just let
me. _

"Dating for Us Ordinary Gals" is not just a book but an _emotional
journey. _We've all experienced so many disappointments, so much hurt,
and so much pain where relationships are concerned. My course will
help you release all that pain and fear so that you can move on to a
brighter, lighter, happier future.


There are a LOT of books out there on dating and relationship.

Bookstores are full of them. Websites promote a zillion techniques.

But you may have felt that none of those books addressed _your
_particular situation.

YOU DON'T HAVE TIME to go out to bars or go online.

YOU DON'T HAVE ENERGY to flirt with men when you have barely enough
energy to come home and make dinner and clean up before it's time for

Sure, you may wish you could be more like the "Sex and the City"
girls, but that's a fantasy world, not real life.

That's where Real Women Real Love(tm) comes in.

I created my website for ordinary women like us who don't have the
time or energy for going out on dates every night and messing with our
hair and trying to flirt when we're worried about how the kids are
doing with the babysitter.

I wanted to broadcast to the world that there is_ nothing wrong _with
being a REAL woman rather than some airbrushed actress spouting
nonsense in the pages of a magazine

Real women have complicated, messy lives.

Real women have lived and loved before. They don't need to be treated
like hormonal teenagers.

When I brainstormed what it meant to be a "real woman," I came up
with a slogan that I absolutely adore -- even if it IS pretty cheesy!

You're a REAL WOMAN.

You're a REAL WOMAN.

You're a REAL WOMAN.

You're Looking for REAL LOVE.


Does that sound like something you can agree with?
Do YOU want to be part of the Real Women Revolution

Now, I'm not much of a revolutionary, but I'm willing to do anything
to get the message out that_ love is our destiny _and anyone who tells
you that you have to "do something" or "be something" to get a man to
love you is a liar.

I'm not a buxom beauty, I'm not a spring chicken, and I've got
baggage like everyone else. But I managed to find the perfect man for
me, and I didn't need a makeover to do it.
You can do it, too

All you've got to do is GET REAL.

Get real about what's going on for you.

Get real about what you're telling yourself.

Get real about what men think when they're with you.

It won't be easy. You'll be called upon to face your deepest fears.
But I _can_ promise that I will be there with you every step of the


We real women don't have any special advantages, but what we do have
is big hearts!

We know how to love, even if we don't always know how to do a perfect
smoky eye or select the right jeans for our body type.

And there are a lot of men out there waiting for our love. It's just
a matter of connecting the dots.

My Real Women Real Love(tm) program is my attempt to connect those
dots and draw a very clearly marked line between you and the man
you're destined to be with, so that you can get there in the shortest
distance possible.


It's instantly downloadable, so you could be reading it on your
computer in minutes.

Nor is it going to break the bank at just $29.95.

Now, I could pretend that this is the special sale price and that
the sale is only going to last two more days, but let's be honest with
each other, shall we? The book represents an enormous investment of my
time, energy, tears, hopes and dreams. Writing it was a risk for me,
just as buying it will be a risk for you.

I understand that you're cautious. The best way I can reassure you is
to tell you that all my sales are handled through Clickbank, the
internet's largest digital products retailer.

Clickbank takes your privacy and security seriously. It handles all
payment details with the utmost confidentiality, employing strong
encryption technologies to keep sensitive personal and financial
information _safe_.

Plus, if you're not happy with my program, I don't want you to have
to pay a thing. Just contact me within EIGHT (8) WEEKS of your
purchase and I'll give you your money back. (More details in the

If you can overcome the fear of purchasing an e-book online...

If you can overcome the resistance telling you that this is "just
another dating book" and "can't possibibly change your life"...

Then I will bet you that MAGIC is going to start happening in your

Unlike a lot of books out there, my program doesn't require you to be
anything you're not.

You don't have to be thin.

You don't have to know how to flirt.

You don't have to go to singles bars.

You don't have to memorize any rules.

You just have to go through the process of being _absolutely honest_
with yourself about how you're feeling, what you're thinking, and
what's really holding you back.

"Dating for Us Ordinary Gals" is built on the concept of 4 Pillars.
Okay, so maybe the name "4 Pillars" sounds hokey, but the metaphor is
really good. The idea is that your love life is like a temple held up
by four strong, sturdy pillars. If you neglect one of the pillars,
then the roof of your temple will sag. If you neglect two or more,
then your entire life will come crashing down around you in ruins.
(Maybe that explains why, for so many of us, our love life _is_ in


Are you ready?

It's time to stop being lonely.

It's time to open your heart and look at what's inside.

I promise you that you'll come out the other side with the kind of
real strength and courage you need to throw yourself back in the
battle for Love and win this time around.

It's going to be an emotional journey, but isn't that the best kind?

I invite you to go on the journey of your life with me and the Real
Women Real Love(tm) program. You'll learn the 4 Pillars and how to
apply them to your own life. You'll discover the secret to men and
what it takes to keep them happy. You'll laugh, nod, and maybe even
burst into tears as you work through ideas and exercises that you may
have never before found in a dating book.

I DON'T_ JUST_ WANT TO FIX YOUR LOVE LIFE. I just want to fix that
heart of yours and make it smile and sing like it's never been broken.

Are you ready to try that with me?

The Course That Will
Change Your Life

e-Book in PDF Format
Instant Download

Just $29.95

Clicking the 'Order Now' button above
will take you to CLICKBANK,
the Internet's most trusted
digital products retailer.

_*For Women 30 Years of Age or Older*_

Lots of love,

P.S. If You're Still Reading This Web Page...

Then you've told me something about yourself.

You already have great wisdom inside of you. Your intuition has led
you through hundreds of difficult life situations. Your determination
has kept you slogging away towards your goals, even when it's felt
like you were making no progess.

And right now, you're here, reading this web page with me.

If you've made it this far, then I believe there's a reason you've
come to this place in time.

One of the backbone beliefs of my book _and_ my life is that nothing
is random. Everything in our lives is part of a greater story. We
often find what we need to hear in the strangest place. Perhaps,
somewhere on the pages of this website or of my book, there is a
message just for you.

But maybe you're not ready for the mesage. Or maybe you don't want to
hear it. And that's fine, too.

That's why I offer an 8-WEEK MONEYBACK GUARANTEE with every purchase
of my book.

I know that some people won't be ready to to the places that my book
asks them to go. And I don't want anyone to feel penalized for
spending their hard-earned money on something they find difficult or
confusing or inapplicable to their situation.

So if my program doesn't work for you, just email me using my contact
form (see the link at the bottom of this page) _within 56 days of your
purchase_. Make sure to give me your receipt number, the email address
you used when purchasing the course, and the date you bought it. I'll
refund your purchase without another question.

P.P.S. Super Bonuses with Each and Every Purchase!

These days, a book isn't enough. You've got to have _bonuses,_ too!

Now, I think my book is worth every cent of the purchase price, but I
also want to do things right.

So, if people expect bonuses, I'll do just that!

When you purchase _DATING FOR ORDINARY GALS, _you'll also get my
favorite mini-ebook ever, _THE RELATIONSHIP SECRET NO ONE TELLS YOU_.
This powerful advice can _transform _your relationships and ensure
that the man you find falls more in love with you every day!

I'll tell you, I couldn't live without this advice. I practice it
consciously every day, and I can _see _the difference in my husband
when I do it.

You'd never guess that 15 short pages could make such a difference,
but once you've discovered the secret to a happy relationship, you'll
never settle for "good enough" ever again!

You'll also get _THE BEST OF "REINA SAYS"_, a lovely 35-page
collection of the best of my "Reina Says" columns.

Whether you're new to RealWomenRealLove.com or read these columns
when they first came out, you'll love reading them again and again in
this gorgeous, easy-to-read format. From dating to marriage, I cover
it all.

The columns expand on the ideas I present in _DATING FOR ORDINARY
GALS_, although, to be more accurate, I wrote these well before I
wrote my book. You'll discover why worrying doesn't solve any
problems, why trying too hard to be sexy can backfire, how attraction
works, the easiest way to make a man happy, how to know if he's "The
One," and some thoughts to consider on your wedding day.

P.P.P.S. A Little Personal Story from Me...

I've got to conclude this web page with a little story.

Back before I learned the material I teach in my book...

I thought that men were primarily SELFISH, SMELLY, FOOTBALL-OBSESSED
NEMATODES who'd never evolved beyond the basic survival skills of
fighting, feeding and that other four-letter word.

I mean, come on! How many mature, evolved, financially-responsible
men are out there? Just when you think you've found one, he ends up
having some weird hang-ups or commitment issues or plays for the other

I also used to think that dating was hard work and relationships were
an emotional roller coaster where you had to keep on your toes and act
just the right way or else he'd leave you.

I used to think that I wasn't "good enough" to keep a man's interest,
so I had to pretend to be more exotic than I actually was.

And you know, I never understood how I could do everything right and
be _exactly _the kind of woman a man said he wanted ... and he'd_
still_ leave me. How I could give a man everything and not get
anything back in return? You tell me!

I really, really needed something to change in my life.

Because what I wanted more than anything was somebody to lean on.

I wanted to be able to STOP being the strong one for once.

I wanted to have somebody in my life that I could COUNT on, who would
love me _no matter what,_ who would be there for me through thick and

That wasn't too much to ask, was it?

"Dating for Us Ordinary Gals" explains everything you ever wanted
to know about how love really works. Forget about immature boy toys;
this is about getting REAL love from REAL men. Take a look inside
men's hearts and discover their deepest fears and deepest desires.
You'll find out how to tell if a man is the marrying kind, how to
avoid "just being friends" or "just sleeping together," how to deal
with an attraction to the wrong men, how to harness the power of
playing hard to get _without_ playing the game, and how to be a man's
dream woman without self-sacrifice or playing nice.

Everything has changed in my life now.

I now realize that _I _created the struggle I was having with

I could just let go of the need to struggle and allow myself to be
guided, trusting that I was always exactly where I was supposed to be.
I could let go of my belief that I wasn't good enough to attract the
kind of man I wanted. I could let go of the belief that I wouldn't
find anyone for me.

And you know what?

It worked.

Love led the way.

I met my future husband without having to search for him, flirt hard,
or try to impress him.

I didn't even have to guess or think twice about whether he was
"right" for me. I just knew.

I'd heard of those things happening to other people, but I never
thought it would happen to me.

Here I am, snuggled up with my family in our own little cozy world,
and I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

This isn't just my miracle. It's a miracle that can and will happen
to ALL of us. It just takes a little openness, faith, and the
willingness to see things differently.

Let me help you create the miracle you've been waiting for.


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