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A Physician Approved Guide on Current Cancer Treatments...Order Today and Receive FREE Continuous Updates -- New for 2010!
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My Physician Guide to Cancer

"What You Need to Know to Stop Cancer in its Tracks...." -
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Understand Your Condition

Early detection methods to help you catch cancer before it becomes uncontrollable Ways to get alternative treatments covered by your insurance Questions to ask your doctor when you are first diagnosed Learn to recognize specific pains associated with cancer Which alternative therapies are more likely to be covered and how you can reduce the costs of treatment Learn how compliment treatments improve recovery time and give you a better chance at beating this devastating condition Additional resources to help you find support groups and alternative medicine practitioners Energy conservation tips to help you build strength for treatments

Alternative Therapies for Empowerment

A complete guide to alternative treatment options, including many you may not have heard of A chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery walkthrough to prepare you for procedures Essential stress relieving techniques to reduce anxiety and increase well being Antioxidant rich foods to combat cancer causing agents in your body 5 little known therapies that target emotional pressures Gentle physical exercises to use before, during and after cancer treatment to help you regain strength Herbal teas that relieve feelings of nausea associated with chemotherapy A complex diet guide to boost your immune system’s natural defenses Deep breathing exercises that naturally reduce pain and alleviate stress Five vegetables packed with cancer fighting nutrients and vitamins

Prevention Strategies

Discover foods which have been linked to help lower the risk of lung, oral, esophagus, stomach, and colon cancer Safe, effective detox diets to flush harmful impurities from your body Which foods the American Cancer Society has said increase risk of colorectal, prostate, and stomach cancers Traditional Chinese practices to promote longevity that are used by millions Which herbs, vitamins and minerals have been shown to prevent cell damage and increase total body health Lifestyle choices that may be putting you at greater risk for cancer and what you can do to change them Free radicals are thought to be one of the major causes of cell mutation. Discover which foods and supplements rich in antioxidants naturally eliminate these destruction atoms.

How Our Guides are Different

Our guides are written by experienced health care writers and editors, and approved by experienced US physicians. This is not a STATIC guide, you will receive quarterly updates and supplements throughout the year you own the MyPhysician Guide, so that you can be kept current on the latest advances and medical literature.

100% RISK FREE - Try the Guide RISK-FREE Today -- You get a 100% Money Back Guarantee and you can return it for up to 60 days if you are not completely satisfied.

Bonus Guides and Continuous Updates

Not only will you receive the guide, you will be sent free quarterly updates and supplements on the current literature on Cancer -- timely information that can keep you up to date with your doctor.

And a special bonus for you today --> Order "My Physician Guide to Cancer" and Get "Your Health and Mine: A Realistic Guide to Healthy Living" - Our 321 Page Encyclopedia Absolutely FREE!

Approved by Physicians – 100% Ad-free

Our association is comprised of top medical professionals who have come together with the goal of educating the public on critical health issues. Drawing on expert knowledge and decades of experience, we have created the My Physician guides to bring you only the most relevant information on the conditions that affect you. Your health is our utmost priority and because of this we do not receive any outside advertising.

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