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Creating iPad Apps

Here's Comes The New Wave Of Inspiring Fortunes Being Made Through
iPad Apps!

Are You positioned so that you too can capitalize on the newest piece
of Cutting Edge technology?


You've heard about it just as everyone on the planet has.

The Apple iPad is out and people are buying it up so fast that they
can barely keep the thing on the shelves.

You have probably seen people on Twitter, YouTube or FaceBook all
bragging about their new little toy if they were lucky enough to get

While the iPad is an extremely cool piece of technology, there's
something even cooler about it...

The ability to make money selling iPad applications!

FROM: Chris James
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

Unless you've been hiding in a bunker in the desert, you definitely
know about the the new iPad.

The iPad has hit the market like an atom bomb and it seems that
everyone is buzzing about how great it is.

You see your friends, family, or business associates talking about
their new iPad's on all of the popular social media sites as well as
hear friend talking about them in person or gloating how they got
their hands on one.

There are constant news stories on the television talking about the
new piece of technoligical beauty and how cool it is.

Many stores are sold out of the iPad so even getting one right now is
hard because everyone is buying them up.

Can Apple's iPhone Predict The Future Of The IPad?

Apple has spent a lot of time perfecting and growing their iPhone
product for the last several years.

The result?

The iPhone is by far one of the most popular and best selling phones
on the market in spite of the hundreds of other models available.

This is even more astounding when you consider that the iPhone is one
of the most expensive phones on the market!

How did they do it?

They did so with the addition of their App Store which has seen
explosive growth in the last couple of years.

The App Store allows anyone with an iPhone to go download
applications, games, tools, GPS services, etc. right to their phone.
There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there.

This one feature has made the iPhone the success it is now.

The App Store Gold Rush Then & Now

Just as the iPhone saw the raging rush of the App Store's success,
the iPad is also going to see a huge rush of applications!

The best part is that iPad apps are in their infancy and the market
is wide open.

Just like the gold rush in California many decades ago, the gold rush
in the App Store is back on.

Anyone smart enough to get in on the iPad App boom is going to give
themselves an incredible opportunity at making a fortune.

The fact is, the App Store is already established and has millions,
upon millions of customers.

Those are customers that you can sell your app to!

This is a pre-built, free platform for you to get your application
advertised on.

Why iPad Apps Will Be Even Bigger Than iPhone Apps

Because the iPhone had to start from scratch as far as the App Store
is concerned, they had to slowly grow the customer base.

That's not he case with the iPad.

There are already hundreds of thousands of applications available
within the App Store for the iPhone.

This means that there is already a huge customer base ready to shell
out cash and buy iPad applications.

Apple doesn't have to slowly build up the App Store because it
already exists, has millions of customers and a rapid mass of people
ready to buy.

This is why there's no doubt that iPad Apps will be much bigger than
iPhone Apps ever were.

This also means that your application will have a huge advantage when
you first launch it because you'll have an instant multi-million
person customer base looking at your App!

It doesn't get better than that when you launch an application!

The iPad Has Built In, Pre-Exiting Value...

You see, most of the people buying an iPad are already iPhone owners.
This means that they know the value of the iPad already because of the

This also means that they don't need to be sold on the incredible
value of the iPad before they buy.

They know, the iPad is basically a big iPhone with more features, a
bigger screen, and better application potential!

This is why iPhone customers are ready to buy the iPad as well as
tons of apps to enjoy on their new device.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

"Don't I Need To Be A programmer?"

After all, I don't know the first thing about programming or coding

There's no doubt that creating software has always required some
level of understanding when it comes to code.

The good news is that through technology and incredible resources on
the Internet, you can have an iPad application created for you.

And no, it doesn't cost a fortune to do this.

In fact, it can be so affordable that you'll probably feel like
you're doing something wrong when you see the price.

Don't worry, you're not!

This is an incredible opportunity not only for you but also whoever
you decide to work with.

Truly Capitalizing On The IPad Market...

If you want to truly capitalize on the iPad market, it's essential
that you take fast action so you can get in early.

The first people to get their Apps in the App Store are the ones that
are going to make fortunes quickly.

You know, the kind of fortunes that you see being talked about on the
news when they analyze Internet success stories.

Many of these success stories are teenage kids that are still in high
school, which shows you how open the market is.

Anyone can do this!

You don't need to be a computer science graduate, you don't need to
be computer wiz by any means.

You just have to posses the foresight to act fast so that you can be
in that first wave of iPad Apps that people see.

You and I both know that when something new comes out, the iPad for
example, the first accessories, applications in this example, sell
extremely fast.

"Can I Really Be An IPad App Developer?"

As I said previously, it doesn't matter if you don't know anything
about programming.

Sure, if you want to make money with iPad App's, knowing what an
iPhone is and how it works, knowing how an iPad works, and having a
basic knowledge of basic computer skills will be helpful.

Other than that, you just need the determination to create an income
on the ground floor of the iPad App boom.

That is really ALL you need!

Do you have it?

Are you ready to cash in on iPad apps?
Exploit the iPad boom and be one of the first big time success

* an easy blueprint style manual guides you through the entire
* easy to understand - no technical jargon that you have to lookup
and learn!

* Learn how to take action fast so that your iPad app is Done fast!
* Everything is addressed so you don't get confused, lost, or

Creating iPad Apps, The Rush Is On!

If you've been struggling, hoping to make a name for yourself and a
reliable income in your own business this is your shot!

Don't delay and miss out on this incredible opportunity.

iPad Apps are not going to be the hottest thing on the market

You need to get moving fast so that you can get in while the iron is
hot and make some money.

The faster you get your app in the store, the faster you can start
collecting those checks.

If you wait, the opportunity will be lost forever and you'll be be
wishing you had jumped on it sooner!

You surely see the incredible potential in creating an iPad app while
the opportunity is still hot by now.

After all, we both know that the first few who get moving are going
to have the best chance at big success.

How cool would it be to see your own iPad application selling in
droves via the App store making you a big success?

Wouldn't it rock to be able to tell your friends and family, "Yeah,
that's my app, go ahead and download it and check it out?"

Sure it would!

Creating iPad Apps - The Rush Is On

So what are you going to learn in the Creating iPad Apps course?...

* FAMILIARIZATION - You will get familiar with the iPad so that you
have a good understanding of the potential apps you can create.
* UNDERSTANDING THE APP PROCESS - Here you will learn the entire
process of planning, building, and submitting an app in brief form.
* BLUEPRINTING YOUR APP - This section will show you how to create a
detailed blueprint on your app so that anyone you show it to will
understand what you're trying to have built!
* GETTING YOUR APPLICATION CREATED - Where to find and how to work
with people that can help you create your application Quickly and with
the greatest level of quality!
* GETTING YOUR APPLICATION SUBMITTED- How to submit your application
to the apple app store so that it can be reviewed and ultimately
included in the coveted App Store!
* GETTING YOUR APPLICATION APPROVED - tricks for making sure your
application is Reviewed fast and Accepted fast!
* MARKETING ">Yes Chris, I am ready to cash in on the IPad App Boom
And I am Ordering Now...

your instant download now.

Your Oder Is Safe ">Chris James

P.S. Your smart decision to act now is the deciding factor of your
success as an iPad Application developer. Act now and get the free
bonuses as well!Questions? Concerns? Contact: CreateiPadApps@gmail.com

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represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results.
Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire,
dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no
guarantee you will duplicate the results stated here. You recognize
any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital. This site
and the products and services on this site are not associated,
affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Apple, Facebook, or Youtube, nor
have they been reviewed, or tested, or certified by Apple, Facebook,
or Youtube.

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