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Attention – If you want to grab your small share of a $750 Million pie using just FREE traffic and never selling a thing, read this letter (it shows how you can make up to $21,000 a month!)

** Video Reveals How To Start Immediately… **

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Here’s All You Need:

The Exact Formula 25 Minutes a Day… Copy/Paste 4 Steps a Day
Leave the rest up to me –I’ll get you making money in NO time – GUARANTEED…

Regular Price $197 but today priced at $39


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The problem with EVERY other guide on “money making” that you’ve ever bought is that they rely on you SELLING something. I’m about to reveal the biggest secret to you. Free Traffic + Give Away Free Stuff = BIG Money In Your Bank… I’m so damn sure this will make you money, I’ll give you a 60 day money-back guarantee and put MY neck on the line. Ritoban C.

A blue-print you only need 25 minutes a day to start with… …4 EASY steps you can copy and paste daily (nothing more…) How to make money from giving away FREE things… Never have to SELL anything to anyone… Access to $750 MILLION and GROWING… Working with Fortune 500 Companies (not fly-by-night SCAMS) A system you can start using TONIGHT…

Fast, Easy & SCAM Free…

Let’s take a minute and just cut through the crap and the LIES…


Here’s What You DON’T Need (Unlike The Other “Systems”)

No Time – You don’t study textbooks of confusing material. Just copy/paste 4 steps in 25 minutes a day. FREE FREE FREE – Never pay for traffic. No SELLING – You just give away FREE things… No Headaches – Avoid complicated “strategies” – Keep it SIMPLE!

Imagine Making $700+ a Day Without Spending a DIME or Ever Having To “Sell” A Thing…”

EVERY single “money-making” guide you’ve ever bought is based around “selling” something – no matter what it says.

Even in “affiliate marketing” – you eventually have to SELL something to someone. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, fortunes have been made SELLING.

But, when I first started I wasn’t comfortable “selling” so I wanted an easier way of doing things. I wanted to be very low-key and under the radar.

Using what I’m about to show you, you’ll never “buy” traffic (if you don’t want to) – you’ll see use FREE traffic and you’ll never SELL them anything!

All It Takes Is JUST 25 Minutes a Day and 4 Steps I Need You To Copy/Paste…

Yes, I’m not kidding – just 25 minutes a day. Just copy and paste our 4 step system everyday and you can start to attract the same FREE traffic.

I’ll show you exactly WHAT and HOW to give away the FREE things to this traffic – you’ll start to make anywhere from $2 to $80 PER user you give stuff away to.

Even if you SELL things, many times you won’t make $80 per user! But, I’ve found secret places where you can find companies willing to pay a LOT of money (if you give away their stuff for Free).

Let’s be REAL for a minute…

You know those “money-making guides”  that say “click a button and you’ll make millions tomorrow” – yeah, forget that.

Here are a few things we should clear up right away:

25 minutes is a minimum to START seeing income – if you can do more, you should (the more you invest, the more you make). No, you won’t make MILLIONS by tomorrow. This is a process. It’ll take a few days to start working and then will GROW from there.
Yes, keep it up and you’ll be quitting your job pretty soon! This is NOT some “fly-by night” scheme – This is a REAL business model that is getting BIGGER and BIGGER every day.

This isn’t some “crazy SEO trick”  that Google will lock out by the time you’re done taking a piss in the next 15 minutes.

What I’m about to show you is a REAL business model that all the BIGGEST Fortune 500 Companies are using!

Do The Names Yahoo, Microsoft, Nokia &
Sony Sound Familiar?

When I said BUSINESS, I mean Fortune 500 Companies! These are BIG companies that you can work with directly. You’re giving away Free stuff from the best and the brightest.

You’ll be running an actual “business” with long-term big potential.

You won’t have to worry about waking up in the morning and looking over your back to see if Google slapped you or if your money is gone.

Your entire business will be 100% safe. Not only safe, it’s going to grow at a ridiculously fast rate!

What if I told you you can have your fair share of a $750 MILLION pie that is growing bigger and bigger every day (and fast). The SIZE of the pie is 100% up-to-you, you can make it as big or small as you want using the same 4 step (25 minute) system I’m about to show you…

$750 Million (And Growing) – Which Slice Is Yours?

These big companies are already paying out about $750 MILLION to underground sneaky marketers like me who’ve figured out the backdoor loophole making money online.

The funny thing is that they’re HAPPILY paying us right now and would LOVE to pay us even more (that’s all up to us).

This is the ONE place where we truly control our own income – that’s why it’s growing so fast!

I estimate the market is growing at least 11% a YEAR, that really does mean that your business should be able to grow at least 11% a year with very little effort from your side.

Again, I just need the 25 minutes and 4 steps a day that you can copy/paste.

See, it’s EASY to grab your slice of the $750 MILLION right now, but if you wait too long, this opportunity WILL pass you by.

You don’t want to wait and again miss another great chance!

Warning: Don’t You DARE Try To “Innovate” or Change This System…

The POWER of this system is the SIMPLICITY of it. I’ve worked very hard to get it down to just 4 steps and 25 minutes a day.

But, it’s still a system and each part works perfectly with the other.

If you decide to do this system, you better not try to innovate it or change it around or “make it better.”  You’ll end up creating more work for yourself and less results.

Trust me on this one, I’ve seen this done many times. At the same time, I’ve worked very hard to make this so simple for you.

I would have released this system last year itself if I didn’t want to spend another year getting it down to 4 easy steps that work hand-in-hand.

So, basically, I’ve taken ALL the thinking out of it for you. I literally want YOU to copy and paste what I do. That’s it.

PROOF: Beginners Can Use This System & Start Making Money Immediately!

Just to show you that you can start this RIGHT away – check out these income proofs I made just for you. You’ll notice that I wasn’t making a thing then the next month – BAM!

That was me doing even less than 25 minutes a day on just ONE site and in one account. Yes, I used the VERY same system you’re about to see.

Imagine what the possibilities are if you start right away – TODAY.

The system is done. It’s proven, it works and now you just need to get started!


Hi, I’m Ritoban C.

I live in India and grew-up right next to the SLUMS (yes, like the kinds in Slumdog Millionaire ). The neighborhood I grew up in, believe it or not, “I” was considered the lucky “rich” kid.

I’ve seen poverty unlike anything you can probably imagine, I’ve lived right next to it and experienced what it can do to someone.

Even at my “best” as I grew up, I only earned a whopping $300 a MONTH in salary – working full time in a sea of cubicles. I remember feeling like some machine just

From Playing with Slum Kids To Making $300 a Month, To Buying Financial Freedom For FREE!

There was that moment in my life that I decided I was DONE – I no longer wanted to be “poor”  and I no longer wanted to work like a machine for someone else.

“I” wanted to be that guy in the Mercedes, not my stupid BOSS.

But, how?

I went to the local public library and that was where I started doing research. I was trying to figure out EASY ways to start making some side cash.


I found almost everything…

Sell a product Affiliate marketing Adsense Ebay Amazon Stuffing envelopes

You name it, I was thinking about it – but NOTHING seemed to click right away. They all seemed like it would take too long (given I went on in the future to make TONS from affiliate marketing – but first I want to started with something easier)…
How I Discovered This Stupid-Proof
$700/Day Making System Based On Giving Away “FREE” Stuff....


Basically, I was goofing around on the computer and start trying some “free traffic” techniques…

Shock #1 – It actually worked. I GOT TRAFFIC!

Problem #1 – Now that I had traffic, I needed something to GIVE them.

Solution #1 – I just copied and pasted this link and offered them a FREE report.

Shock #2 – This FREE traffic was HAPPY to take the FREE report.

Shock #3 – The company who’s report I gave away was HAPPY to pay me $2 for it…


What the heck just happened?

I gave away a FREE report to FREE traffic and to top it off, someone PAID ME to do it? Now, we’re talking!

So, I started to hustle – I did more and more of it and I got paid more and more! I was quietly starting to make MORE than I was at my full-time job, but I didn’t want to tell anyone just yet.

Yes, This System STILL Works – It’s Not Some Abused Junk That Got Banned And “NOW” The Guru Is Selling It Off…

Listen, here’s the truth (I know it from the inside and being behind-the-scenes). A lot of times the “make money” systems you buy – yes, they’ve worked. BUT, most don’t work any more…

See, the system gets abused, makes money for a few and then it DIES.

GOOGLE and the likes catch on and BAN the system, then the guru thinks “shit, now let me sell it and make my last million by lying to others…”

But, the problem is…

He screws YOU in the process. You end up buying something with high hopes and get nothing in return.

Well, this system is working RIGHT NOW and it’s better and bigger than ever. Here’s proof of that…

OK, Let’s Clear The Air…
Here’s What You DON’T Need For This Formula…

So this is the #1 question I get almost every day...

Every single launch I’ve seen claims to give you “everything” you need but before you know it you need to spend HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS just to BUY the traffic (to try to use the strategy)…

To top it off, you’re lost and have a ton of questions. You try to buy the traffic and end up putting a big hole in your pocket.

I’ve seen it done over and over. Guess what? I’ve had it done TO me over and over and I’m sick of it.

So, let’s be very clear right from the beginning about what you need and DON’T need with my “Give Away Free Stuff” system…


So here is what YOU DON’T NEED:

Insane money to BUY traffic… Any “experience” – BRAND new to marketing is PERFECT… Technology understanding – this is dead simple system… Your own product Affiliate Marketing Joint Ventures or any Affiliates Tons of EXTRA sealed crap… Hours and Hours of time “learning” Ebay

Yes, EXACTLY> right… you don’t need MOST of what all the other people force down your throat.

That’s why it’s a BACK-DOOR – it’s SNEAKY, ETHICAL and yes, it’s LEGAL. At the same time though, it’s very unique and down-right tricky.

Why Spend All This Money on “BIG” Traffic When You Can Do MORE with FREE Traffic?

I’m sure you’re tired of the “big” traffic systems out there and if you’re like me, you’ve bought them and FAILED. I‘ve purchased all the latest and greatest systems out there from all the “guru’s” only to find myself truly disappointed with same old outcome. FAILURE.

The problem is that you buy all this traffic – and yes, many times the traffic comes. BUT…

You spend THOUSANDS of dollars… You miss the LITTLE important details (and get CRAP traffic)… You waste weeks trying to figure it out… In the end, you’re let with a big hole in your pocket

The system that I’m about to introduce to you requires just a SMALL investment today and it will lead you to the world of FREE traffic. Not only FREE traffic but BIG FREE traffic.

As you see in the graphs above, these are just a FEW of my examples of BIG FREE traffic that I’m able to get without spending any silly money. After you get this system in place, it works in AUTOPILOT and the FREE traffic gets bigger and BIGGER!

25 Minutes , 4 Steps & $750 Million…

These are your key words today. As little as 25 minutes a day, as few as 4 Steps a day leading you into an enormous $750 MILLION DOLLAR market.

Wait, just to be clear, I’m not saying you’ll MAKE $750 MILLION dollars, I’m saying that you have access to it. Remember, I’m not giving you some crazy stupid “push-button” system, those are all just blatant lies.

But, I AM giving you the formula you can copy and paste over and over to start making money fast and pretty soon quit your job. Then, if

A market that has given me countless days of $700+ days with just a simple, easy system.

This market that has given me FINACIAL FREEDOM. After my “short” day of work, I get to enjoy my life and spend MY TIME with my family and friends.

A market that I stumbled onto through a back door. It’s unsaturated and I’m willing to share with a LIMITED amount of people.

Introducing – CPA Instruments
The 25 Minute a Day Formula To Financial Freedom

Your key to making serious money as soon as possible by using the SIMPLEST thing you can imagine.

This is in fact the EXACT formula I’ve been using for six years, the exact system that has helped me into FINANCIAL FREEDOM and has helped me earn OVER $700 a day.

It’s very simple. It’s time tested. You only need as few as 25 minutes a day and 4 Steps. Remember, this is the same thing that took me YEARS to find the backdoor to.

If you do it the way I’m about to show you, you can fully automate it and it leads to having a very diversified business. No source can end your business, and if you know what I mean, I’m talking about Google.

The First “Money-Making” System
Based on FREE…

Let me share with you the formula to this success.

That’s right! You give away FREE stuff with FREE traffic which in turn earns you BIG MONEY. Essentially, I just need you to make a VERY small investment today to get started.

After that – you’re in the clear and you can get FREE traffic using my Blueprint. Use the free secret places I give you to get FREE things to give away and then – that’s it – you start making money!

The rest…it’s history. Because your business gets put on complete AUTO-PILOT!

4 Steps in 25 Minutes a day with FREE stuff and Free Traffic...


Part 1: The 25 Minute Formula
(Setting Your Foundation In 24 hours)

This is the CORE of the system. This section entails EVERYTHING you need to ensure YOUR success into FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Remember how I mentioned the formula?


This formula is FULLY explained in this part of the course. Step-by-Step.

The EXACT BLUEPRINT that I used to make over $700 a DAY The 4 EASY Steps that YOU follow by Copying and Pasting The Secret Backdoor Entrance into the $750 MILLION DOLLAR MARKET



Part 2: The Coach Standing Over Your Shoulders (Just Watch Me Build It Out – So Easy!)

As I mentioned before, one of the BIGGEST issues with all the other systems out there is the LACK OF COACHING. What I mean by this is that you are literally handed some e-book or software and left to fend for yourself.

I never understood HOW they expected you to become successful with this.

In CPA instruments, I will provide you with…

Step By Step Training and Walkthrough Watch Me Present Personally Help YOU The Exact Process To Follow Checklists & Reports – We Break The Process Down – No Overloading! Workshop Style Coaching



Part 3: The Advanced Ninja Kick (Talk about ADVANCED stuff to dominate)

This is section is EVERYTHING I have know and use and MY GIFT to you. I felt that the course would NOT be complete without this final section. This section is the Advanced Ninja Kick that YOU will need to complete the road to Financial freedom.

POWERFUL Tactics to drive INSANE Traffic NINJA Mobile Secrets that can help EXPLODE the level of Traffic INSANE Tools using Media Buys to create AUTOPILOT Traffic KILLER traffic generation tactics using CPA AMAZING Landing pages that can SUCK the Traffic in like a Tornado


BUT, Here is a WARNING!

As I mentioned in the video, I am LIMITING the copies of this system. I have to. I told you one of my biggest pet peeves is when Guru’s share their systems AFTER they feel the system no longer works.


When the Guru’s offer their strategies to the general public WITHOUT limiting the copies causing a FLOOD of people into a market, which in turn KILLS the market.

So with that I am offering this JUST a handful of people. As I said before, if you look below and see the offer, then your safe and you have made it in before I close the doors.

Once I feel that we have too many students or that I am overloaded with the support I will immediately pull this course from the market.

That could be in 5 minutes of a week from now – but if it’s gone, it’s gone – I will NOT be honoring any special requests to get in.

Is This System Going To Cost Me?

This was the hardest part for me when I decided to share my system. So the easiest way to share is to go over my thought process with you.

At first, I decided to ask for $1997. Why? Well, I want to keep it limited, how else to keep it limited than asking for SOO MUCH MONEY that it makes it hard to attain.

This price of $1997 also allows to keep the system LIMITED to just a few people. I want to create a small NETWORK of new friends that make PROFIT and BIG MONEY from this system.


After some discussions with my mentors and friends, I decided to lower that price to a low $497. I felt for $497, it would take ONLY 25 Minutes of Work and 4 Steps to make the money and a profit from this system and it would be fair.

But I thought about it more. I realize I have been in the EXACT same position that MOST of you are in and I can relate to how you feel.

I imagine how sharing this system to lead to FINANCIAL FREEDOM for A LOT of you. This MAKES ME HAPPY.

So how about $197, Does that sound fair?

What do you mean that’s STILL too much? 25 minutes and 4 Steps later, you will have easily TRIPPLED your investment already!

Okay, I’m going to do something CRAZY today.


I bet a bunch of Guru’s just fell over looking at that price. $39 is the investment I am asking for today. That’s IT. There will be no monthly fees or small print with that price. For my system today, your investment will be just a MERE $39.
[ADD TO CART](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)

I’m Putting MY Neck On The Line – I’d Even Be Willing To Shave My Goatee If This Doesn’t Work For You!

HA! I’ve bet you’ve never heard of that guarantee before! I wanted to catch your attention. I want to offer you a TEST DRIVE of my product.

That’s right, a test drive. It’s simple. Invest in CPA Instruments today, work on it for a full 60 days. If it don’t see the results, simply ask for a refund.


I want you to have piece of mind. I want to return EVERY cent to you if you are unhappy for ANY reason.

Why am I offering such an AWESOME money back guarantee? Because I’m 100% confident that this SYSTEM will work WONDERS for you- and if it doesn’t , I don’t deserve your MONEY.

[Add to Cart](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)

FREE Bonus #1 – First 200 Buyers!

10k/Month Case Study
Value ($497)

I will reveal EVERYTHING about a single CPA Instrument that makes me more than $10,000 every month.

I'll give away the niche, all the statistics, how I found the niche, how I created the site, how I optimized the site, and exactly how I tripled my income in one hour.

This is a video case study, so you'll get to see everything live as I explain you everything about that CPA Instrument.

There's a LOT you can learn from this case study - take this knowledge and create your own $10k/month CPA Instrument.

[I Can't Miss This! I Want To Start Now...](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)

FREE Bonus #2 – First 300 Buyers!

First 3 Days The End All To Wordpress
Value ($997)

This is a GIFT from ME TO YOU. I am including quite possibly the BEST Wordpress theme package you will EVER need.

And in my style of simplicity- it’s REALLY EASY TO USE AND IMPLEMENT.

The End All To Wordpress Theme package includes:

An EASY to install Wordpress Theme A PROVEN Formula of HOW TO create an AMAZING SITE The PERFECT Squeeze Page It’s the 1-2-3 Way to Page PERFECTION

[I'm Ready... Let Me Start Now!](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)


Yes, Ritoban, I want it.

I’d be CRAZY not to take you up on this amazing system- expecially since I have a full 60 days of Test Driving to decide if this system works or not. …

I am READY to get started IMMEDIATELY and I promise to give your system my UNDIVIDED attention.

I understand the system is RISK FREE- 60 days I can start with just 25 minutes and 4 Steps I get show you the BACKDOOR to a $750 MILLION market I will follow your system- STEP BY STEP.

[Add to Cart](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)

P.S. If your looking for FINANCIAL FREEDOM, this IS THE SYSTEM for you. All you do is COPY AND PASTE.I don’t know how much SIMPLER I can make a system for you.

But I want to warn you, CPA Instruments WILL SELL OUT and I am CLOSING THE DOORS SOON. I want to make sure every one of my students gets a chance at this system. So Hurry

[Add to Cart](http://1.cpainstrum.pay.clickbank.net/?cbfid=595)

P.P.S: CPA Instruments is designed for everyone. As I mentioned before, YOU don’t need experience or technically savvy. The words SEO, PPV, PPC, Ebay, Affiliates, JV, etc… Get them out of your head. This system doesn’t require any of those. All it requires is JUST 25 Minutes a day and 4 SIMPLE steps. Oh and in these steps is JUST copy and pasting.


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