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The Fastest improvement ‘Your Tennis game’ will ever make!

‘Whether you’re a novice or an aspiring Professional’
Learn how to instantly improve your worst shots. Discover how to win your most important matches ALL whilst staying injury free!

For less than the price of a coaching session, you can use ‘now’ and ‘keep’, hundreds of proven techniques that will help you create your desired tennis results, ‘faster’ than you ever thought possible!
Alan Douglas

Welcome, fellow tennis player!

If you are like many who come by my site you are most likely experiencing:

Problems with strategies, tactics and how to win matches

A lack of confidence and ability to concentrate and focus

The need for functional fitness and tennis warmups

Technical, stroke or even injury challenges

So if you would like to…

Learn Strategies, tactics and drills to help you ‘beat’ your most awkward of opponents

Gain confidence, focus and become a ‘mental winner’

Have access to hundreds of singles and doubles tennis tips so you can improve your weak backhand, create an awesome power forehand! along with lightening tennis footwork!

Eliminate your painful tennis elbow completely

…Then this’ll be the most important tennis letter you’ll ever read.

What Makes Me So Qualified:

My name is Alan Douglas and I have spent many years honing my tennis skills,

Playing, as a world ranked ATP tour player

Coaching, as an International performance coach now with over 21 years of Professional tennis experience

Winning, 47 Open tournaments worldwide

Representing my country in International competition

Running a successful performance academy

As a Tennis Director, set up innovative development programs for all levels of social and club players

Coached and trained Foreign National Touring Teams

Presented at the UK International Coaches Conference London

Guided by my Father, one of the worlds leading tennis coaches and author of best selling tennis books in 14 languages.

It is my pleasure to bring you this ‘book of change’ that introduces you to fast improvement.

As a Certified Practitioner of NLP - (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with Diplomas in Sports Psychology and Science, I just know you are going to get the results that you desire and have some fun at the same time!

Yes!... you heard me right, I said have some fun …

Let me explain, in the next 5 minutes I’m going to show you exactly….

Why, your tennis solutions await you! In this unparalleled book

Inside you’ll discover….

Each page covers a specific topic allowing you to dive in and out at will, without needing to plough through lengthy text looking for what you want. So easy to use!

Color co-ordinated chapters allow you to quickly find the part of the book you are seeking.

The latest sports psychology and NLP techniques are effectively used to help you very quickly develop supreme mental control and the winning edge!

Over a thousand practical ideas giving you a wide selection to choose from. You are bound to…. find just what you need!

A specific practice on every page to help you make ‘quick improvement’ within all areas of your game.

Presented in a unique and simplistic format you’ll not only find out ‘how to’ improve fast but also gain an insight into the origins of your tennis problems, Find out the ‘why’.

The text is cross-referenced to help lead you in the direction of other related areas of your game.

The writing is succinct unlike many tennis books! Making it ‘very easy to understand’.

Featuring the cartoon character ‘Aldo’ you’ll have a friendly face on each page with whom you can constantly identify. It’s like having your own personal coach!

There is a humorous picture with every page of writing which helps to facilitate ‘easier learning,’ you’ll not only improve but have ‘FUN’ in the process that’s for sure.

A special ‘tip’ to remember at the end of every page, these tips alone would make a difference to most peoples’ game.

You will find a ‘catch-phrase title’ for each specific topic and picture that will help lock the information tightly away in your memory, for faster learning and memory recall.

The pictures are designed to provide a ‘visual analogy’ for the text, which again provides a fantastic aid to remembering what you have just read, so you can use it on the court!

The key to this books success is its accessibility to everyone interested in tennis. Whatever your level of play, from a novice to an aspiring professional, ‘you’ will be able to relate and make the improvements that you desire.

Value for money, So many ideas, practices and tips all in one place!

Money back guarantee!

‘You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!’

Inside, ‘The Best You Can Be @ Tennis’

You’ll get exactly:

The latest ‘mental tennis’ info and be gaining confidence for your tennis game like never before!
Starting on page 108 onwards

Tactics, strategies, techniques in tennis, fundamental to helping you play consistently your best tennis
Chapter 1

Doubles tennis tips along with how to play and use the rules for the singles game in tennis, competitively!
Pages 49,62 & 69

Tennis footwork training, functional fitness with tennis warmups and even advice on tennis elbow massages
Page 163, 168

Hundreds of practices and ideas from basic tips on serving (Page 45) to creating that power tennis forehand
Page 173

So what do the Experts have to say?

This is a totally innovative and inspiring book. It tackles many of the every day problems encountered by tennis players of all ages. Upon reading ‘The best you can be @Tennis’ I immediately identified with ‘Aldo’ and his many challenges in trying to achieve his potential. From a player’s point of view, it offers very sound advice in an easy to understand format, sprinkled with parodies and humor.

As a trainer of coaches, it is clear to me that the information contained in this book is applicable to all tennis players whether they are beginners or professionals”.

‘In short an un-missable manual!’

Clive Carrrigan
National Director, Professional Tennis Registry UK (USPTR)


"A refreshingly different tennis read. I really like Aldo. He is artistic and a keen student of the game. He looks for and has found imaginative solutions to all his personal tennis problems."

Jonathan Smith,
Former ATP top 100 and Davis Cup Player.


“Stunning in its simplicity and brilliantly innovative in its approach to tennis instruction. It really gets you excited about the prospect of playing better tennis and ‘you will’ when you read this book!”

Paul Douglas,
Chairman of BTCA and former Chairman of the Professional Tennis Coaches Association (GB)
International coach and trainer, Best selling Tennis Author


Do not buy any tennis instruction advice unless it meets the following Criteria…

There is lots of phony advice out there, so anything you buy must include the following to get you the best results possible,

1) Professional Qualifications, within tennis and sports

2) Years of proven and practical based results

3) Technically sound advice based on the latest sports science knowledge, to keep you injury free and safe

4) Endorsements from leading experts within tennis

5) Experience of the competitive arena at all levels

6) Information that’s easy to use, understand and remember

7) Clear benefits that will solve your tennis problems

8) Fellow players, sharing with you how they have improved

9) A guarantee that you will get the results you desire…

All of this and so ‘much more’ is included within…

‘The Best You Can Be @ Tennis’

By now, you are probably wondering just how much all this is going to set you back?


It would cost you 50 hours of private tuition at $50 an hour… That’s $2,500, just to scratch the surface of what’s included in this e-book,

As John Envers from California said in 2005,

“Thanks again Alan, this book really is just like having my own personal full time tennis coach, You’ve saved me a fortune”

You will receive … today

What I consider to be the absolute essentials of the game that will give you immediate improvement

Match winning strategies and tactics to show you how to ‘win’ your serve every time as well as rally consistently from the baseline

Excellent tips for speeding up your footwork to get you perfectly balanced and positioned for all your shots

Practices that will technically enhance your game and keep you injury free

Techniques to improve your confidence and ability to concentrate even in pressure situations

The tools to effectively increase your strength, stamina and ability to add power to all your shots

You can download immediately, ‘The Best You Can Be @ Tennis’

For the amazing price of $69.95 $39.95

And that’s not all…

For the next 200 people who download ‘The best You can be @ Tennis’ I will be giving away Free! the wildly popular bonus e-book:

‘Essential Match Play Strategies’

Don’t go on court without knowing the contents of this little gem!

Valued at $ 19.95

This book is soon to be sold separately at the full valued price. It is first come first served, so to avoid disappointment…

Download your copy immediately from our secure server!

Order ‘The Best You Can Be @ Tennis’ Now!

All the best to your tennis success,

Alan Douglas


If you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 60 days or the book does not live up to your expectations you won’t lose out by one cent. Just return the book and I’ll refund your entire payment.

That’s right I’ll give you 60 days to examine and try out all the valuable tips, strategies and skills for yourself, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to send them back.


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