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Only you know how important your time is (and how little of it you have in which to learn new tricks)…

"I'll Show You How To Easily Make Facebook
Marketing Your Own By Mastering its
Up-to-the-Minute Secrets as You Naturally
Grow Your Business!"

"In as Little as 30 Days!"

From: Tommy Smith

Subject: Help Yourself to Facebook Power in 4 Easy Lessons

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

It’s easy to feel discouraged when your marketing career seems to have slowed to a crawl.  You have a good, basic grasp now of so many skills… but the whole social media thing hasn’t really brought results you’d been hoping for.  (In fact, it’s a drain on your time, and you find yourself hooked on checking your Facebook account… well, it seems like ten times a day.)

But you’re not the only person hooked on Facebook… 

…and you’re not the only person who ends up there when there’s no place else to go:
Some people love it
Some people hate it

But everybody checks it anyway.

The bottom line is, Facebook is taking over the online world… and growing every day.

That’s Why You Can Make Facebook Work For You – Not Against You

First of all, turn your thinking around…  

It’s actually a benefit that there are so many people hooked on Facebook!  If you could get a handle on what makes them tick – and really know how to use that knowledge - think what an edge you’d have over your competition.

People are rushing off, looking for this week’s marketing Holy Grail… and ignoring simple Facebook facts and factors:  Ones based on core principles, current trends and new Facebook features and information – not what was hot in Social Media 2 years ago.  

(We all know how quickly everything changes online – especially with the mobile phone explosion… making user social networking patterns and search engine algorithms change radically for the first time in years!)

What’s Changed On Facebook…And What’s Still At The Core?

Facebook is both complex and easy… Subtle, yet user friendly.  You just have to know which side you’re dealing with.  

You have to understand how Facebook “thinks”, and what’s behind the way it functions. 
There are two sides of the Facebook coin…
The core principles and facts that make it irresistible (whether you love it or hate it)
Up-to-the-minute changes and new features – and how they can help… or hurt

So Facebook is not that complex… but it is a little convoluted, with a persona and illogic all its own.  It’s not so much like a mirror reflecting its users as like a fluid body of water, responding to the movement patterns of a strong school of fish.

It has its own nature, and it’s always true to that.  No matter what features come and go… or what demographics change.

Face it:  You may get a few tips, but what you’re not going to do is learn how to effortlessly ride this multi-faceted beastie with one simple Special Report.  (That’s a mistake we’ve all made before – buying a short, basic guide, and hoping it would endow us with instant, thorough mastery!)

But you don’t have time for an exhaustive, endless course either… nor should that be necessary.  (After all, it’s just social interaction – not building the Eiffel tower.)

That's why I've put together a 4-part course – broken down into digestible “meals”… so you can absorb each one thoroughly and take action that sticks – before going on to the next.


“Targeting with Facebook, Effective Facebook Promotion, Effective Facebook SEO, Disaster Proofing Facebook”

These 4 easy but thorough guides ground you in:
How Facebook “thinks” – and works
The psychology of the 2 core types of Facebook user – and how this affects the niches they inhabit
Up-to-the minute changes, features and trends – and how to spot the shifts
Classic tactics and strategies that work in any time
Each fact-packed guide is accompanied by a focused checklist, so you can review and hit the high points – and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

And there are weekly assignments you can do (and should, to get the most out of your material!)

Each Easy-to-Use Lesson Naturally Builds On the Previous Week’s Module For Maximum Absorption

In just in the first lesson alone (Targeting with Facebook) you’ll find yourself suddenly understanding facts and factors like:

The 2 basic types of Facebook user - no matter how exotic their niche or interests

 13 things they love to do - and why you should keep these in mind

2 key factors to hang onto when you're busy refining your targeting strategy

The unseen targeting dimension – and advantage – that being a Facebook User brings

The guilty secret most Facebook users share – but why their reasons are different

The surprising, secret factor that causes Facebook Users to have an especially low tolerance to content that "sells"

What you need to know about the very wealthy or well-known - and why most people sink themselves with this particular market

9 Targeting tactics - and each one's peculiar little quirks

The red-hot type of Facebook ad that is getting greater results than all others

14 key points you need to be aware of, to accurately gauge if your Facebook ad will really work

10 questions your readers will ask themselves, when viewing your Facebook ad

But Facebook ads are just one small component of your targeting options.  This social media platform provides a lot more opportunities for you to use in your plans.  

You’ll also learn:

The single most important thing you must never do, when targeting with Facebook Events

The 2 top targeting factors you need to know to get the most out of your Facebook Page

The 2 fatal facts you have to know now, to prevent your Contest getting you banned!

The soon-to-be feature that let's you see exactly what your Facebook niche market is asking

What you need to know about third party apps - and the difference it can make to your marketing plans

6 focused tips about quiet little nuances others miss - the ones that can push you ahead

Why We All Wear Different Hats
And Why We Shouldn’t Wear Them All At Once

We’re all chameleons when it comes to who we are on Facebook.  But in spite of that unchangeable fact, you need to know how to be consistent – even while you’re walking on quicksand, so to speak.  (Facebook’s ever-changing rules and applications.) 

So when you’ve got the targeting basics and subtleties nicely under your belt, Effective Facebook Promotion continues with:

Facebook's nasty little secret - and what you have to allow for

The most important element of branding - especially when it comes to Facebook

4 simple actions to create consistency across your promotions - even in the midst of change

4 habits that cause people to be reactive - and why that's fatal to Facebook success

Why you won't get dramatic results until your Friends and fans do these 2 things

Why creating a strong identity for yourself is a vital precursor to promotion

14 Facebook promotion principles - the written and unwritten "rules"

The most important action you have to take, to keep your targeting true

7 Types of Promotions - and what you need to know about each

What's changed over at Facebook - 3 essential rules you can't ignore

You’ll Cover Just The Right Amount Of Ground - At Just The Right Pace

As you gain momentum, we continue on by taking everything we’ve learned and applying specific, Effective Facebook SEO.  We explore the phenomenon of “social search” and deconstruct how that works for your business.

Here’s where you discover:

The single most recent staggering SEO fact that makes Facebook mastery crucial

The massive advantage this purchase gave, when Facebook took over FriendFeed

How Facebook shook Google’s authority – and the social media user habit that triggered this

How Facebook Search really works – and the 2 criteria determining how results are served

2 mistakes never to make, when choosing a vanity URL

6 ways you can make sure Facebook serves up your market’s suggestions

4 ingredients you can’t miss out, if you want those streamlined results

Top 10 Facebook SEO tips – and all sorts of hidden potential problems!

And I walk you through it, step by step – leaving you time for it all to sink in.

Troubleshooting Hidden Dangers

Finally, to make sure your efforts are not unwittingly undone, we finish our manageable journey by Disaster Proofing Facebook.  We take a look at hidden pitfalls, and learn how to avoid or repair their effects.

You’ll be on your stress-free guard against:

7 major Facebook blunders – and knowing when they’re actually not

The single worst Facebook mistake you can make – and how not to get yourself banned
Deleting versus disabling your Facebook account (with details on how to do it)

Making sure you never need these – even if you made this one mistake

The second worst Facebook mistake you can make – even though it’s actually nothing dreadful

How to avoid the consequences – by defusing them in advance

Speaking of “defusing”, another subject we’ll cover in depth – those small “time bombs” ticking in your privacy settings – and how to really neutralize or repair them.  (We’ve all seen those movies where they defuse the bomb – and another one takes up the countdown!)

And yes, there’s been a lot of upheaval about privacy settings on Facebook  this year, all supposedly fixed – but what you learn here may surprise you.  

(But don’t worry; it’s easily dealt with!)

Not Just “What”, but “How To” – and “Why”

You’ll learn other “ahead-of-the-pack” tricks, like how to turn Facebook defects into Facebook advantages.  And how to actually test your Privacy settings, to make sure the changes “took”.

And all this wouldn’t be much help, without managing your time on Facebook, so you’ll be reading a section on this too (short, of course) – 5 steps you can easily take, to make sure you’re no slave to distraction.

Sound like a step up from those generic, vague reports?  If you don’t mind stirring your brain a little (in nicely managed doses), then you’ll really enjoy helping yourself to these 4 weekly guides – complete with assignments and a checklist for each.

Important: Each week you'll receive an email link to download your next lesson. Your first lesson will be automatically available immediately after your payment is processed.

"Sounds Good, Tommy, But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

I understand your desire to find quality social marketing material at a fair price. I was originallay going to charge $67 for this 4 week training. But, due to my desire to see others be able to afford this product, I am only charging..


If you are one of the first 100 customers to this site, you will get this discounted price. Everyone else will have to pay the full $67 amount. This isn't a scare tactic. I don't play games. I simply want those smart enough to buy early to get the best price possible.

You're Protected With My "60 Day No Hasseles Guarantee"

You read that correctly. I'm so confident in the outcome you'll achieve with this 4 week program that I'm giving you 60 days to decide if it is right for you. You see, I sell my products through ClickBank and therefore play by their rules.

If you are unsatisfied with the program simply send me an email and contact ClickBank for a full refund. It's that simple!

However, I know that once you implement the strategies I teach you will understand the real value of this course.

Yes Tommy, I'm Ready to Sign up for My 4 Easy But Resource-Packed Lessons, So I Can Truly “Own” The Power Of Facebook
I understand it will help me master all the nuances, features and factors of this complex but user friendly social network.

I’m looking forward to the following:
Learning not just how Facebook works – but how it thinks and operates Getting the edge on my competitors – while they struggle, feature by feature Getting into the mind of the Facebook hive – and learning to make it work harmoniously for me Finding out about little known advantages – and even more secret pitfalls Avoiding the common disasters that keep Facebook marketers disappointed Taking my time digesting each lesson – and reinforcing each with simple assignments Finally finding out that good Facebook management has become second nature to me Enjoying the handy checklists – for those days when I’m really strapped for precious seconds If you're tired of basic Short Reports that tell you what to do, but not how or why, click the link below to get started right away:
[Click Here To Begin Facebook Mastery Today For Only $37!](http://1.fblessons.pay.clickbank.net)

Sign up today and help yourself to this special price
(locked in for a limited time).
Each lesson will be delivered in .PDF format which requires the free Adobe Reader (already installed on most computers).


Be part of an exclusive “club”: Laugh when you hear others grumble and complain about how “useless” social media has become – while you clean up and establish yourself with Facebook...but do it right now to ensure you lock in your limited-special, affordable membership price.

If you’ve only been dreaming of becoming a household name till now, join me in harnessing the power of Facebook… and let what you learn help you create your dream.

All the best,

Tommy Smith

P.S. Still thinking about it? Don’t forget you’ve got my hassle-free, 60 day guarantee.  If you download the first guide, and it doesn’t work for you, simply email me and I’ll cheerfully give you a refund.  (And, of course, you still get to keep the lesson you’ve downloaded for free!)  So stop wondering if you “should” try my Facebook Marketing guides – it’s truly risk free!  [Click Here To Begin Facebook Mastery Today For Only $37!](http://1.fblessons.pay.clickbank.net) to start your Facebook adventure.

Questions? Please email me by [Clicking Here](mailto:facebookmarketinglessons@gmail.com).

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