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"Chronic long-term disabilities threaten the health and welfare of many....The number of older citizens needing long-term care is expected to increase by 70 percent over the next 50 years. I urge all...to plan ahead to meet their long-term care needs including ways to finance their long-term care expenses".

-George W. Bush

Don't Trust the Government or Medicaid to take care of You or Your Loved Ones!

Everyone's Greatest Fear: Dying Alone and Abandoned in a Dirty, Distant Nursing Home.

The Urgent Need for Long-Term Care!

It might see like a long way off, but the future is right around the corner. "Everyone's Greatest Fear" will help you plan for the inevitability of caring for a loved one and preparing yourself for long-term care. A well-laid out plan puts financial and medical decisions where they belong, in your hands. Don't count on the government or Medicaid to take care of you or those you love.

Caring for a loved one-whether it be an elderly parent or spouse-is a reality facing many working adults today. Yet, many of us lack a plan to make this situation less stressful for all parties involved.

Author W. Neil "Doc" Gallagher has twenty-five years' experience helping Americans succeed with these critical issues, and with this 65 page book, he shows you the best ways to navigate what could possibly be one of the most emotionally draining times times in your life.

Through a unique combination of professional and personal experiences, Doc Gallagher reveals ways in which you can care for yourself and your loved ones, so that you can both grow old gracefully.

Listen to a sample of Doc's radio show on nursing home abuse.


Here's some exciting information you will learn from Doc!

How to insure that you and your loved ones are protected financially-long term care (LTC) insurance, living trusts, income annuities, offshore corporations, and more.The physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dynamics of aging.The pros and cons of alternate cares options like self-care, private pay, Medicare, and Medicaid.How to be a good caregiver and the valuable information you need to know, whether you're stepping into or continuing your care giving role.Doc's motiviational advice How to choose a safe and healthy nursing home if you absolutely positively have to go that route.For friends and family on how to help the caregiver.Doc's life lifters. Daily refreshment to feed your positive and triumphant attitude.The Patient's Bill of Rights

Don't wait until its too late! Plan now to avoid the catostrophic cost of out-of-pocket nursing home costs!

Doc's 65 page eBook is available for immediate download now!

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Dr. W. Neil Gallagher is a former university professor, columnist for Bottom Line Financial, investment educator, and seasoned broadcaster. He is the president and CEO of the Gallagher Group in Hurst, Texas.

Was named a FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in Texas Monthly Magazine.

A graduate of Brown University, host of the "Money Doctor Show", and frequent seminar speaker, he has fielded thousands of questions on estate planning, lawsuit protection, tax avoidance, wealth creation, and the psychology of investing.

A regular speaker at Zig Ziglar's Born to Win conferences, Dr. Gallagher has presented dozens of programs for employees and retirees of many Fortune 500 companies.

He maintains a private practice of wealth management in Dallas, Texas in client assets.

The Gallagher Group was recently named one of the top 25 best services, companies, and organizations for seniors by Mature Texan Magazine.

Commendations from Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson, Zig Ziglar.

He is fully licensed and bestselling author of "Taking Care of Yourself When No One Else Will"

Winner of the Foreign Service Award from the government of Thailand for humanitarian work as a teacher and medic in leper colonies in NW Thailand (Peace Corps Service)

Honorary Chair Alzheimer's Association.

Hear what Doc's clients and colleagues say about him!

"Thank goodness for Doc Gallagher and all of the direction and guidance he provides".

Kim Perry-Walter
College Educator, Doc Gallagher client

"Thanks for the great job you did at our Born to Win Seminar. Each of our 192 participants benefited from your powerful message! Your approach to a balanced financial plan is in perfect alignment with our goal setting formula. Your platform skills were excellent and your use of humor in involved the audience was very effective."

Zig Ziglar
Motivational Speaker

"We'd recommend Doc Gallagher definitely. We like talking with him. He's certainly given us more knowledge than we had before".

Don and Beverly, Plano, TX.
Retired, Eastman Kodak

"Senior Texans have cared for families and communities, enhanced economic prosperity, defended our country, and preserved and protected the vision of our founding fathers. They have built a legacy of excellence that will long endure. I commend the Gallagher Group in your efforts and commitment to serve senior Texans. You highlight the best of the Lone Star State".

Rick Perry
Governor, State of Texas

"Dr. Neil Gallagher is the Zig Ziglar of finances. He's as honest as it comes. He's got a very positive outlook and he speaks the truth".

Jaan McCoy
Morning Host, KAAM Radio, Dallas, Texas

"Everyone's Greatest Fear" eBook.

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