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Genealogy book : Find Your Noble Ancestors!

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  Would you like to find out if you belong to
an ancient noble
family ?

My name is Jan-Olov von Wowern, and I am the author of the genealogy book "Find Your
Noble Ancestors!". My family is more than 900 years old, and during the last
3 years I have spent much time researching our history right back to our founder,
my ancestor who was made a Marquis in the year 1141. In the process we have
collected more than 2000 pages of documentation about our history. I have found
relatives in several countries (including the USA) and made friends with people
I didn't even know existed! Most of the work has been done through the Internet.
I would like to tell you in my new genealogy book how you can use the techniques
I have used to find out if you belong to a noble family!

      Did you know that

   -  any living person today could
have 100 million ancestral
       lines when
they go back 800 years?

   -  it is estimated 2 out of 3 Americans have European roots?

      Are you interested in genealogy and family search?
      Are you by birth or marriage related to an old family?

      Do you know of an unusual surname in your family?

Now you can save HUNDREDS of hours of work
(and possibly thousands of $$$)

when searching for your noble ancestors !

the last few years, the interest in genealogy has exploded! Through the use of
Internet and e-mail the search for your family tree and family history has become
much easier. But if you want to find out if you belong to a noble family you must know what to
look for! I have not found a single genealogy book anywhere in the world that tells you how
to do this, so I decided to write one. You are invited to learn from my work
(and my mistakes!) so you can save hundreds of hours of work and possibly thousands of $$$!

Now you might ask: "Is it likely I belong to
  a noble family?"
Frankly, it's impossible to say. In the end there is just one way to find out.
You have to trace you family line backwards and you must know what to look for. I know of no better way to do this form of research than to follow the simple,
basic steps laid out in this breakthrough new genealogy book...

                                        Find Your Noble

                                        How to do genealogical research with
intention of finding out if

to a noble family!
von Wowern
to =>
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Here are just a few of the many
important things you'll learn:
      Collect and systematize the family knowledge
    The use of
Internet as a primary tool - to do direct genealogical  

    The use of Internet as a secondary tool - to find information that in
    turn will lead you to
what you are looking for
    The use of
heraldry as a genealogical tool
     A nobiliary "primer" - with an explanation of nobility and nobiliary 
the right to use noble surnames, nobiliary privileges still
valid today, and more
     Avoid the three most common mistakes when searching for noble
     Identify noble surnames you may find in your family tree
How genealogies of the nobility may differ from others 
     How to overcome the language problem when reading foreign

You will also get FREE UPDATES to the book through our e-mail list.

if the genealogy book "Find Your Noble Ancestors!" weren't enough by itself, look at these great free bonuses you get along with it!

BONUS #1: "Share your history" - how to make your family history and documentation easy to distribute to all members
(and make sure the records are available to future generations).
Value $ 20.

This report tells you how we solved the problem of distributing a documentation
of 2000+ pages to members in different countries.

BONUS #2: Free consultations - you get access to my privileged private e-mail address and the right to a personal
response to 5 e-mail letters from you.

In the process of searching for noble ancestors you are more than likely
to come up with specific questions relating directly to your family. Now you
need not pay anything extra to use a consultation service.
Value $ 500

To encourage the study of genealogy and family search the price for
"Find Your Noble Ancestors" plus the two bonuses is only $59 $ 19 ! 
I do not guarantee that this price will last - if you really want to learn how to "Find Your Noble Ancestors" you should read
this genealogy book and act now!

Plus, because you download the main book and the two bonuses, you can
have this information right away!  And

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