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And the best thing is... You can learn how to master this skill
quickly and easily. Simply follow my Body language Home Study Course
and you're on your way to becoming a body language master in no

RE: Fast Learning... Huge Results...

From: Ron Bailes

Dear Friend,


And that's a fact.

Body Language at times is even more powerful than words.

Think about it...

When you're around people... Ok stop for a few seconds and take a
look around. Observe the people who are passing by or who sit next to
you when you're in a restaurant.

In most cases, you don't have to be a master at reading body language
to understand their conversations... It's really super easy...

And I'm sure we can agree on that... Right?

Now what if I went further and told you that it's possible to know
exactly what the person in front of you is up to?

What if I told you that you can have the power to persuade others
simply by knowing what they are going to do and when... By preparing
yourself for their next move...

You see, body language is so powerful that it can help you in every
area of your life.

With your family, kids, in business or at job interviews; literally

If you know what people think you can adjust your behavior in such a
way that they will never be able to say no to you because you actually
KNOW what they are feeling.

True. And guess what happens when you know what someone is feeling?

He or she bonds with you, no matter what you want from them.

I'm About To Show You How You Can Become A Body Language Master In
Record Time...


I'm going to hand you the power to control almost every aspect of
your life using body language.

You see, every individual has basic body language skills.

An example. Let's say that one of your friends is sad. You can easily
tell by their behavior that they're not happy. Their whole body is
lifeless and they walk about as if a dark cloud is hovering over them.

They get angry at every word you say or any move you make. And that
pretty much tells you that they are feeling sad or out of sorts. No
need to be a rocket scientist to note this... Right?

On the other hand, someone that is happy walks about with a permanent
smile on his face. They beam with joy and their body radiates a kind
of glow with every step. This is the power of body language.

But those are just the basics that come in-built in every one of us.

What I'm going to teach you is A LOT MORE sophisticated than this.

I'm going to show you how you can literally CONTROL peoples' lives
using the power of body language.

So quickly and instead of wasting any more of your time and mine...
Let me show you some of the things that you can improve in your life
using body language...

They include:

MONEY - Money is directly connected to your communication
skills. Your ability to read body language to being able to
non-verbally gain rapport will enhance your wealth significantly.

SEX - Quit Hoping You'll Get Lucky and Learn What It Takes! Body
Language plays a major role in attracting a sexual partner.

SALES - Learn how to close the deal by understanding a few simple

MANAGEMENT - It is crucial for management to know how to read body
language and non-verbal communication.

PARENTING - Learn how parenting can lead to a better understanding
between you and your child just by reading their body language.

+ Much much more!

We're VERY Excited About This Offer!!!
Here's What You Get With Your Order:

The First Impressions
Training Course (Worth $197)

In the First Impressions Video you will learn how to use the
handshake, understand the importance of skin and hair texture, eye
movements and the angle of the feet to be able to speak to someone
below their level of awareness. The key is to know the secret to what
an individual is revealing about themselves unintentionally.

One of the factors based on a first impression is your own self. Are
you basing your opinion of others on past experience such as when
someone looks like an individual you may have had an issue with? Or is
it based on that actual individual's personality?

As a clinical hypnotherapist it is imperative that I know people as
they are and not as they attempt to portray themselves. As an
effective communicator it is imperative that you know and understand
people in the same way and not as you wish they were. During the first
five to seven seconds when we meet someone we form an opinion of them.
We then go on to prove or disprove our opinions.

In this video we demonstrate how you can gather and use non-verbal
resources to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. And in turn
influence their decision-making.

Here's a brief description of each chapter:

CHAPTER 1: In this introduction we will detail for you many of the
aspects of the video series including its contents and the
qualifications and background of its founder, Dr. Ron Bailes.

CHAPTER 2: Teaches you the thought processes involved in the way
people think: Are you left-brain or right-brain? Neither is superior
to the other, however each can be superior in their own environment.

CHAPTER 3: In this chapter you will learn some of the background and
history of the information offered in this course.

CHAPTER 4: Here you will learn the factors involved in body language
how past experiences can create miscommunication and how your beliefs
and thought processes form your body language.

CHAPTER 5: This chapter covers the beginning instructions on the
fundamentals of starting to read body language as you approach someone
whether or not you may "know them".

CHAPTER 6: With this information you will learn what to pay attention
to in regards to people's body language and how to use the components
of their non-verbal signals to sell them your opinion, idea or

CHAPTER 7: Through demonstrations and examples we teach you the
variety of information you can gain by a simple handshake. We also
reveal some secrets to look for and how to obtain and use this
additional information.

CHAPTER 8: Here with charts, graphs and live demonstrations you will
learn what movements of the eyes reveal about an individual. We
explain how you can detect the way they mentally process information.

CHAPTER 9: Learn what to look for in the way people walk and what the
angle of their feet reveals. You will also learn how people compensate
for internal conflict. We offer some additional secrets as well as a
recap of earlier chapters.

CHAPTER 10: We preview the different facial profiles which we will
cover in-depth in the second lesson of this course and how this
benefits you in the communication process.

CHAPTER 11: We offer you a list of words and phrases to enhance your
experience of becoming more effective in your approach and
communication with others. Also included is our contact information.

The Facial Profile
Training Course (Worth $197)

Observing one's facial profile can assist you in knowing if the
individual is practical, theoretical, patient, impatient, a
procrastinator or a "get it done" type of individual.

You can move ahead or gain rapport immediately just by knowing the
five facial profiles and how to interpret each one.

In the Facial Profiles Video, you will learn what information a
person needs to make a decision, simply by reading the structure of
their face.

We will demonstrate to you through graphics and examples how to read
the five profiles that influence other people's decisions.

Having the skill to recognize the traits and tendencies of others
will give you an edge.

By learning this method of non-verbal communication you can quickly
determine if a person is slow, moderate or quick in thought and in
action. Are they a patient or impatient person; or a procrastinator or
a "Get It Done" type.

These traits are easy to recognize and can give you the advantage.

Your approach to each individual is extremely important because of
the way they process information.

Keep in mind though that this is NOT a measure of intelligence; it is
simply the way they will process the information given to them.

Do they want theories, facts, reasons or suggestions?

Recognizing and interpreting each profile lets you know in advance
how to present your proposal. You can then adjust your approach to
achieve your desired outcome.

Here's a short description of the videos you'll get in this Training

CHAPTER 1: Here we introduce you to the aspects and material that
will be taught in this lesson. Through charts and graphs we teach you
the components of the five different facial profiles.

CHAPTER 2: CONVEX. In this chapter we teach you about the convex
profile. You will learn general information, traits and tendencies and
how to influence the convex individual.

CHAPTER 3: CONCAVE. In this chapter we teach you about the concave
profile. You will learn general information, traits and tendencies and
how to influence the concave individual.

CHAPTER 4: Here we examine the distinct differences between the
convex and concave. You will learn through a comparison how to
recognize and communicate with these two opposite types of

CHAPTER 5: PLANE. In this chapter we teach you about the plane
profile. You will learn general information, traits and tendencies and
how to influence the plane individual.

CHAPTER 6: CONVEX UPPER/CONCAVE LOWER. This type of individual is a
combination. In this chapter we teach you their unique traits and
tendencies and how to influence them.

CHAPTER 7: CONCAVE UPPER/CONVEX LOWER. This type of individual is a
combination. In this chapter we teach you their unique traits and
tendencies and how to influence them.

CHAPTER 8: Here we re-examine all five profiles and their basic
traits and tendencies and offer suggestions on how to use different
information to successfully communicate with each type. Contact


In this lesson plan we provide you with the basic fundamental
building blocks that are beneficial when reading body movements or

You will learn that often times, what the body is saying is more
truthful than the words being spoken.

Through practical demonstrations, we will explain what single
gestures mean and how you can use them to communicate more

Here's what you'll learn from this Training Course:

CHAPTER 1: In this chapter we highlight the meaning of certain smiles
as well as the gestures of critical evaluation, readiness and
demanding control. You will learn these subtle, non-verbal gestures.

CHAPTER 2: Here we teach you through demonstrations of several
gestures. These include suspicion, secretiveness, rejection, covert
aggressiveness, steepling and authority.

CHAPTER 3: In this chapter you will learn the gestures of dominance,
superiority, condescending superiority, defiance, defensiveness,
self-control and suppression.

CHAPTER 4: You will gain knowledge of the following gestures in this
chapter: reassurance, confidence, abruptness, openness, acceptance and

CHAPTER 5: In this closing chapter we teach the nervousness gesture
along with several bonus gestures which are often misread and
misunderstood. We also provide our contact information.


In this lesson we teach you how to recognize and read several
gestures all at once.

We call this reading gesture clusters.

This is similar to reading several words which make up a sentence and
give it meaning.

In these chapters we have singled out many of the gesture clusters
that you may encounter in a social gathering.

Here's the summary of this powerful Training Course:

CHAPTER 1: Here we teach you the components that make up several
gestures clusters and through descriptive scenes we demonstrate how
making subtle changes in your cluster, another person is apt to change

CHAPTER 2: By understanding that when an individual internally
processes information it has an effect on the group as a whole, you
will learn how to adjust your own body language to achieve your
desired outcome.

CHAPTER 3: In this chapter we demonstrate certain gestures exhibited
predominately by males. We teach you to recognize mixed signals or
incongruence in gesture clusters.

CHAPTER 4: We teach the subtle signs that comprise a variety of
social gesture clusters which may take place in any social gathering.
We offer a summary of our lessons and contact information.


In this lesson we teach you many of the body language dynamics that
occur in the work place.

As we demonstrate and explain the many power plays which are
displayed by individuals during meetings as well as in other
situations you will learn to recognize the maneuvers others use to
emphasize their position.

This is done in a manner that teaches you to develop and to use your
own personal counter-measures with your own personal non-verbal

Here's the summary of this powerful Training Course:

CHAPTER 1: Through various scenes you will learn by observing subtle
changes in the font-size: 18px; components of other peoples' body
language what their non-verbal intentions are displaying.

CHAPTER 2: We teach you how to recognize the diversity of clues and
signals that you may encounter in the workplace so that you are
prepared when attempting to obtain a desirable solution.

CHAPTER 3: Here you will learn that similarities between clusters
exist and how you can distinguish the differences in the meaning of a
cluster based on the surrounding environment.

CHAPTER 4: We teach you how different individuals respond
non-verbally to the same information using subtle, personal
variations. In closing, there is a summary and here too we provide our
contact information.

As you can see this is the most dynamic, provocative and informative
study course you will ever encounter with easy to use methods and
techniques for easy learning.

This course has been carefully designed to allow the participant to
gain a true advancement in their personal, social and business
communication skills.

Using these techniques you'll be able to read the people around you
like an open book. No one will be able to hide anything from you.

Say goodbye to Mr. Sucker and hello to Sir Human Tracker.

Now I can brag about the body language home study course for hours or
even days but I created it.

So instead of taking my word for it let me show you some proof that
everything I will teach you in this comprehensive home study course
has actually worked for real people - just like you...

See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About My Body
Language Home Study Course!

"I use the information every time I meet a new person and shake

"I recently bought a new car and I was able to use the information I
learned in your body language Training Courses. I knew when I had
reached the best deal because I was able to read the changes in the
salesman's body language. I use the information every time I meet a
new person and shake hands. These Training Courses are definitely
helpful to anyone who has to deal with people in any way, especially
salespeople, teachers, negotiators, bosses and parents. I have
recommended these Training Courses to many people and am thrilled to
have a set of my own."

Jeanette, Controller

"As a teacher, I have seen just how accurate and precise you can
predict others behavior."

"I have used the body reading techniques I learned from Dr. Ron
Bailes in several areas of my life. As a teacher, I have seen just how
accurate and precise you can predict others behavior. This has helped
me in many instances to get a handle on things in a timely manner. I
know how to read what my students are thinking, even when it isn't
communicated in a verbal manner. These techniques were also extremely
useful when I was caught up in a legal issue several years ago. I was
thrown into an arena where I had no experience. This left me feeling
vulnerable and insecure. Being able to read body language helped when
I dealt with attorneys, judges and others who weren't always so honest
and honorable. It was valuable because it enabled me to read them and
verify in a way, that I was on the right track with my feelings and
intuition, even when they were telling me something to the contrary."

Cindy, Teacher

"These skills are extremely necessary to excel in today's competitive

"Dr. Ron Bailes's approach to self-improvement is easily understood
and applied using simple observation techniques. He motivates the
viewer to strive for higher personal goals by learning to be the
leader within your self. These skills are extremely necessary to excel
in today's competitive culture. This has also enhanced my ability to
protect and serve by learning these techniques."

Dave, Police Officer

"I have come to appreciate the value of being able to read people"

"Having worked in different industries, I have come to appreciate the
value of being able to read people and their body language,
mannerisms, and gestures. There is no place that this information
cannot back up your intuitiveness of human behavior. Whether on the
job, in the grocery store, at a sporting event, you can learn to react
to what you see happening in front of you by others' behavior. Dr. Ron
Bailes video series, People Reading, Easy To Use Methods and
Techniques, teaches you inherited traits as well as learned gestures,
and it is in an easy to use and learn format."

Christine, Accountant

"I now capture easily twice the number of sales I used to."

"I'm a 55 year old businessman who, for the last 25 years, thought I
knew my customers. The "People Reading" Training Course's from Dr. Ron
Bailes have totally revamped my sales approach. I now capture easily
twice the number of sales I used to. All due to the easy to use skills
I picked up from Dr. Bailes course. All the signs that people give off
were always there and now I can see them and this lets me react much
quicker to close the sale with a happy, return customer as the result.
This course has also helped me in my employee relations which helps
keep that all important morale on a higher plane and productivity
"cranking". The Best investment I've ever made. These Training
Course's ROCK! Thank you Dr. Bailes."

George, Business Owner

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