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Let Me Guess, You Are A NOOB!
But that's OK...
That's why your here, because you are tired of it!
World of Warcraft is a Great Game.
Over 12 million people play it!
But Only 2% of players are considered TOP Raiders!
I would LOVE to see that percentage grow!
I want YOU to be a part of that...
That's why I bring you:

$50 normally priced but now you can get it for only:

You may not be a NOOB...
You may actually think you are skilled! I am sure you are good...
But there is always room for Improvement!
Even the TOP RAIDERS Can Still Be BETTER!
That's a Fact of Life; The Best can Be Even Better
That's why your here,
You need .That's right they are all here.
Here's why:


Learn to Be a Top Raider


Learn how to play your Class the Absolute Best Possible Way!


Have People Looking Up to YOU!


Learn the Mechanics of Raiding; the Do's and Don'ts


Learn How to Guild Lead Effectively WITHOUT STRESS!


Learn How to Raid Lead Effectively in Any Environment!


Learn what it Takes to be considered the BEST!




I Originally started playing this game many years ago. My first
Character to hit 70 (Level Cap at the time) was a Rogue.


I was a terrible player and rogue. I had no idea what I was doing and
why. I had never ran an instance and didn't even know about Heroic

I was more of a NOOB than you will ever be.

But one day almost a year later I was playing my level 80 Death Knight
(still sucking it up) and one of the members of my dungeon group
happened to be the NUMBER 1 Death Knight on the server. I saw how good
he was and I PLEADED in a whisper for him to teach me.

He felt so bad for me that he decided to help me.

He taught me how to do the most dps possible as a death knight. He
told me what I was doing wrong in general and helped me learn what was
right. He is the reason I am the the player I am today.

He ended up leaving the server. I haven't talked to him since, but
that spiked a thirst in me for better raiding. I decided to start my
own raiding guild and build it from scratch. Learning everything about
leading and playing on the job with no prior experience. I made all
kinds of mistakes. I learned from every mistake I made until I stopped
making them. I found out how to lead a guild, how to play World of
Warcraft the best way possible, and how to raid lead focusing on fast

I went from noob to top in a very short period of time.

He extended his helping hand to me. That's why I am extending it to
I owe it to everyone that plays World of Warcraft to teach them how to
be the best.
World of Warcraft is a whole lot more fun when you win, when you are
the best.


Well is the only World of Warcraft Guide that gives you a complete
breakdown of your class AND how to play your class effectively. But it
doesn't stop there, We also provide a complete guide on how to raid
like a pro. This will teach you what you need to know in order to
raid. This is crucial. Most people don't don't know what it takes to
be a good raider, let alone how to become one once you know. We make
it OBVIOUS. We lay it out for you and tell you exactly what you need
to do to be the BEST!
really is the best raiding guide out there. And if you order now you
will also get Raid Leading and Guild Leading for FREE!

Yes that's right FREE!

That's a $50 Value Absolutely Free!

with any questions you might have.

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