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"World-Class Solutions For Serious Dog Lovers!"
The Best Solutions, The Best Service And A Whole Lot Of Fun... Guaranteed.
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How True It Is. The Only Thing That Would Actually Be Better
Than A Membership Especially For Serious Dog Lovers
Like You, Is A FREE Membership For... 


Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

 Owning a dog is a long term affair filled with fun, challenges and rewards. Just like any other meaningful relationship what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put into it! The only difference is that dogs always give back 10 times what you give them. Their love knows no bounds and they never hold a grudge. If you love them they will love you - period!

 I've been training dogs for over 10 years and I'm still learning new things every day. The mind set of the perpetual student is always one that has brought me much success and it can work for you too. After all, can you actually become too smart? Know too much? Or become too good at dog training? I don't think anybody can. As long as you're continually seeking out new and better information, as well as acting on it, you will always be successful. It's just a question of WHEN after that.

 Now you may be thinking that I'm making it sound like you need to become like a dog trainer yourself. To know what a dog trainer knows. And well, in a word... YES! That's exactly what I'm saying.

 I don't mean you need to be training everyone else's dog, but as a dog owner you, me, all dog owners really, are by default dog trainers, dog groomers, canine health experts and so on. It's O.K. to get help from professionals - in fact it's practically a necessity! But ultimately your dog's happiness is a direct result of how much you know.

"Ultimately, Your Dog's Happiness Is A
 Direct Result Of What You Know!"

 It's all about how much information and the quality of information you are able to find. Even when it comes to choosing which professional to take your dog to, or to listen to, whether it's a dog trainer, dog groomer veterinarian or what ever. Your knowledge will make all the difference in the world and help to determine the results you get!

 That's what this serious dog lovers membership web site is all about - top quality information that'll change you and your dog's life for the better - and lot's of it! The informational foundation of this membership web site is Behavioral Dog Training. That's what I'm good at so I want to share with you everything I've learned over the years. But that's just the tip of the ice berg.

 As a fellow dog owner I know you also want and need top quality information from other dog professionals who specialize in areas like...
Everything And Anything To Do With Raising A New Puppy. Dog Grooming - The Basics AND Advanced Specialty Clips! Canine Holistic Health Care And Diet. How To Do Fun Stuff With Your Dog Like Agility!   Essential First Aid Training For Every Dog Owner. Canine Injury Prevention And Much, Much More!

 Like I said, Behavioral Dog Training is only the beginning. I'll be searching for the best dog professionals out there and when I find them I'll capture their secrets and convince them to share everything they know.

 These solutions will only be available to our members. As a member of this web site you'll have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of world class 'How To..." solutions every dog owner dreams about at a very reasonable price. But it all starts here with your new FREE Membership to Dog-e-Talk.com

 So, now that you're getting an idea of what I'm all about and where this membership web site is headed, you must be wondering just what you'll get out of a FREE Membership. Well besides a subscription to the Serious Dog Lovers Ezine, access to our Affiliate Resource Center and your automatic registration with A Dog's Blog so you can post your comments and opinions, you'll also get...

"Here's A Look At The Incredible Resources
  Included In Your FREE Membership..."
Free Report: Six Reasons Why Dogs Behave Badly And Two Things You Can Do About It, Right Away!
Learn what makes a training method effective, why knowing what the 3 R's of dog training is so important plus you'll also discover...
Why dogs behave badly. How to prevent problems before they happen. How to guarantee your dog's success when learning
anything new. How to effectively and compassionately stop bad
behavior before it gets out of hand.
And much, much more! Enjoy. 
    The Story Of How I Met My Dog Indigo.
A story about love, patience and persistence.
This is the story of how I met my dog Indigo and all of the challenges I faced  trying to cope with and change his horrendous behavior. Each page relates to one of the lessons in the report above. It all began when I was doing some volunteer dog walking and training for our local SPCA...
    The Serious Dog Lovers Ezine Archive!
Wondering what you might have missed? Want to refer back to a previous issue? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's instant access to the most recent back issues of The Serious Dog Lovers Ezine.
    A Dog's Blog: The Interactive Experience
Make comments on articles posted in our ezine by registering with our blog. Every ezine issue now has a hyperlink to A Dog's Blog so you can post comments about articles and advice written by our resident dog experts. Simply use your member's Username and Password to login to the Blog before posting your comments. Wow!
    Video Sneak Peak Reviews.
By Shane Morgan
Don't worry about getting ripped off buying digital products created by so called dog professionals. I've taken all the risk by...
    Make Money As An Affiliate!
We make it easy for you... earn money by giving away free articles, tell others about this free membership or use our tell a friend script to send out some emails. What could be easier?

 As you can see, you get an incredible amount of valuable information for the minute it will take you to register for your new FREE Membership. Still not convinced? [Click here](ezine.htm) to see an actual Issue of the Serious Dog Lovers Ezine. As a member you'll be getting valuable dog training tips sent right to your inbox several times per month all absolutely free!

"The Mission Of This Website Is To Deliver
Top Quality, Essential Information For Today's Dog Owners From As Many Reliable And Qualified
Sources As Possible!"

 Modern life can be hectic and confusing. Raising a dog doesn't have to be. Give yourself an edge by grabbing hold of your new FREE Membership and gain immediate access to some of the best "How To..." information available online today for  serious dog lovers. Signing up is super quick, usually taking less than 1 minute and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Check it out...   
STEP 1 Click on the link below and fill out the sign up form. STEP 2 Read and agree to our purchase agreement. (Legal Stuff) STEP 3 Enjoy your new FREE Membership!

 Yes, it really is that quick and that easy. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity while it's still free! Take action right now and you could be cruising through the members only area in as little as 1 minute. Simply click on the link below to begin...

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New FREE Membership...](http://www.dog-e-talk.com/members/signup.php)

P.S. You'll notice we ask for a mailing address on the sign up form. (P.O. Boxes are O.K.) That's because we are a REAL company offering REAL solutions with a commitment to customer service that is second to none. Should you buy a digital solution from us we'll mail you a back up copy on disk provided you live in Canada or the Continental U.S. Hopefully we'll be able to do the same for residents of other countries in the near future. Enjoy!

P.P.S.   If you have read this entire page and have decided NOT to take advantage
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"The Best Solutions, The Best Service
And A Whole Lot Of Fun... Guaranteed!".

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