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Children and Divorce

Children and Divorce
With the
Children and Divorce eBook you find out how to help your kids before, during and after your divorce.

Smart Divorce How to Raise Happy Healthy Kids

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Children And Divorce What are your children saying when you are not present?
"I feel like I'm an outsider. I hear my Mom cry at night. My Dad is angry. What about me?"

You love your children and want to protect them from pain. But divorce is
inherently painful. Even parents whose divorce happened a long time ago may
still observe sadness and turmoil in their children.

But children are resilient. With the love, understanding and guidance of both
parents, they can survive any family crisis without permanent damage and
grow as human beings in the process.
No matter where you are in the process, you must be prepared to create a
Smart Divorce for their sake.


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