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Teach English Abroad - The Complete Guide
* Teach English Abroad The Complete Guide A World of
For anyone wanting to teach English abroad there is quite literally a
world of possibilities out there. Few professions offer such a wide
range of job opportunities and the freedom to work where you want.

Whether you plan to teach for a year or twenty, starting a new career
Teaching English as a Foreign Language is not as straightforward as
can first seem. Many factors make up an incredible experience but the
3 basic questions any newcomer must ask are:

How to find work?
Where to go?
How to teach? Knowing fully the answers to these before you start
planning your new career will ensure your success and help launch your
new life overseas.

Failing to know all the possiblities, options and answers to these
vital questions puts your chances of success in serious jeopardy.
Quitting your job, selling the car, giving the cat to the neighbour to
move to a far-off land to begin a brand new career is not to be taken
lightly. But there are ways you can minimise the risks.

Teach English Abroad - The Complete Guide gives you all your need to
start a new successful teaching career overseas. This 4-part instant
download package consists of 3 ebook guides that fully answer the 3
questions above plus access to a members-only website. Written by a
highly experienced teacher with 14 years experience you will be given
all the information, facts, options and advice you'll need to start
teaching English abroad. No other resource, online or off, offers such
a comprehensive guide for prosective English teachers.

How to Find Work
Finding the right teaching job is of course essential to your whole
experience. Once you start work your options are limited as a typical
ESL (English as a Second Language) job contract lasts 10-12 months,
plus the fact that you will be in a place where everything is likely
to be new and strange with little available help from friends or

Only a small percentage of ESL vacancies throughout the world are
actually advertised. The simple fact is that most employers don't need
to advertise. Many can rely on a steady stream of resumes/CVs that
arive or or enquiries about possible work.

A visit to any ESL discussion forum will bring up an array of common
problems and typical complaints from teachers about their jobs. Poor
working conditions, low pay, not even getting paid, and long hours are
just a few. ESL employers see staff come and go and unfortunately many
are unscrupulous. English instruction is a multi-billion dollar
worldwide business so inevitably profit can come before education
standards, staff and everything else. Not knowing a good employer from
bad can have disastrous results.

Guide to Jobs The Teach English Abroad Guide to Jobs shows exactly
how to find and get a teaching job you will love.

This extensive book explains qualifications and experience, complete
job options and takes you through the entire process of finding,
applying for and getting work.

More than just a job guide, the book tells you what you need to know
on all aspects of the subject of finding and getting ESL work.

The guide's nine chapters cover: The secrets to finding the best ESL
jobs advertised or not, online and off.

How to secure teaching work before and after you arrive in your new

All work and job options explained in detail including private
language academies, university positions, international schools,
placements, freelance company work and more....

The truth about TEFL. When, where and if you need it. TEFL, TESOL,
CELTA, DELTA and all leading ESL qualifications explained in full.

How to get teaching experience quickly and easily.

Step-by-step guide to the application process including how to create
a successful ESL resume/CV, job interviews, online applications,

Example resumes/CV, cover letters and your own advertisements.

The essentials on teaching job contracts, pay and conditions.

All leading ESL job websites reviewed.

What you need to know about work visas and bureaucracy.

Chapter on how to get private classes.

Insider tips and advice on how to maximise your income with telephone
classes, freelance work, and optimised timetable.....

In the final chapter 10 experienced teachers from around the world
explain how they got started teaching and offer tips and advice.

The Guide to Jobs will take you straight from novice to expert ESL
job seeker, saving you a huge amount of time and effort. Get a
teaching job you'll love - guaranteed!!!
Get the Guide to Jobs and the rest of the Complete Guide instantly
One-time 100% secure payment
Instant Download With a world of choices, where are the best places
to teach in 2010/2011?

Is the English language (or rather are English classes) actually in

Will I be able to find work there easily?

What are the restrictions for foreign workers? Will I be able to work

How much can I expect to earn? Will it be enough to live on?

What is life in the country really like?

The economic downturn of the last couple of years has affected
countries and regions in different ways. Countries like Taiwan which
had plenty of opportunities just a few years ago are now seeing
experienced English teachers leave in droves.

Most people seriously consider only a handful of places to live and
teach, if that. Many amazing possibilities go missed. Finding the
right location is surely as important as getting a great job.

For most people the chief motivation to teach English overses is to
experence life in another country. So where do you go? The choice is
almost limitless. Too many people simply don't know the facts,
assuming if others are teaching there, they can. You need to know:
The Teach English Abroad Guide to Countries answers all these
important questions on all the leading ESL destinations around the
world. 62 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
are individually reviewed. Up-to-date country-specific information and
advice is provided on all the leading factors that influence any
decision to go and teach there.

Each country review has a quick reference table with an evaluation of
work availability, cost of living, salary and bureaucracy. The Guide
to Countries goes one step further than the Guide to Jobs and shows
how to find work in each specific country. Reviews of 62 ESL
locations from the popular like Japan, Korea, Czech Republic, Spain,
Peru to the lesser known such as Yeman, Laos, Paraguay.

The viability of teaching and availability of jobs in the area as well
as job options.

Tips on finding and applying for jobs locally.

The facts about visa, red tape and regulations in each country.

What to expect regarding pay and conditions.

Local employment requirements - TEFL, experience. The Guide to
Countries, in conjuction with the Members Website, gives you all you
need to find that perfect place to live and teach. Don't leave
anything to chance. Despite the recession and problems in a few
notable countries there has never been a better time to move overseas
to teach English. The internet has made finding ESL jobs far quicker
than it used to be. However getting all the info you need can still
take weeks or months of online searches. As well as finding work,
moving and setting up a new life abroad takes a great deal of

The good news is that the hard part is done for you! The Members
Website The Members Website has thousands of the most important and
useful internet links carefully organised so you can find what you
need without having to conduct online searches.

Each country webpage laid out simply into categories.

All the links to the latest and best job sites and vacancies specific
to that country.

Important contacts like recruitment agencies, placement sites, key
employers or TEFL courses in the area.

Embassies for visa and legal info as well as government teaching

Access to discussion forums on your chosen country. Find out what
teachers already working there say and post any queries you have.

Business directories give you instant lists of schools, language
academies and other local employers.

Find out what living in the country is really like from websites and
articles by teachers and expats.

With new links added regularly, whatever you need the Members Website
will direct you to it immediately. The Members Website gives you the
precise info you want in seconds not months Many who start out on the
teaching adventure don't fully know what they are getting into. Just
because you can speak the language perfectly doesn't mean you can
teach it. Standing in front of 60 noisy 8-year-olds in Shanghai or
trying to instruct a board room full of executives in downtown Tokyo
can be a pretty daunting prospect even for the experienced.

How To Teach English as a Foreign Language The final part of the
package is How to Teach English as a Foreign Language. While teaching
is not something you can ever fully learn from one book, this guide
will give you a firm grounding in the theory and practice of the

The 12 chapters are organised into lessons and cover a full range of

In it you'll learn: The theory behind teaching English as a Foreign

How to plan courses, individual classes, lesson sequences with sample
lesson plans.

Classroom management, maintain classroom control and discipline.

How to teach the 4 basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and

Assessing student levels of English from elementary to proficiency.

Guide to teacher resources and material on the net with links.

This in-depth guide will help not just those new to ESL but also
those teachers with experience wanting to improve their teaching
knowledge and skills. Guide to Countries Part 1 All of the 62
countries reviewed in the Guide to Countries have their own dedicated
webpage packed with the best links on the net. One click will take you
directly to the website you need. If you need current vacancies in
Thailand, a business directory to find language schools in Bulgaria or
English newspapers in Argentina, the Members Website has it.

No more searching! All these questions are answered in detail in the
Guide to Countries. No other ESL resource provides nearly as much
information and covers teaching English abroad so fully.

Get the 3 PDF ebooks instantly and immediate access to the Members
Website. Don't delay and start your new career and life today!

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Get Instant Access - 24 hrs a day - 365 days a year © 2010 Teach
English Abroad - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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