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Tao of Divorce Book: A Woman's Tactical Guide to Winning - (based on Sun Tzu's the Art of War)

charge of your divorce!

you fully trust your spouse?

you know where all the money is?

and overwhelmed by the legal process?

you face this difficult time without help?

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The Tao
of Divorce eBook provides a unique strategy to protect
your financial security and emotional well being. Written
by two
nationally known divorce lawyers, it can help you…
for future difficulties in the early stages
Protect both assets and income
Avoid filing prematurely
Protect your right to a fair share
Empower yourself
Establish the best time to tell your spouse
diplomacy with your spouse’s allies
Select the best attorney for you
Gain confidence through

Pronunciation: 'dow; Function: noun; Etymology:
Chinese (Beijing) dào, literally, way
1a The art or skill of doing something in
harmony with nature.
1b The “way” of balance and inner peace.

now and also receive ABSOLUTELY
divorce law dictionary
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I want to send my grateful thanks to you for authoring that
wonderful "Tao of Divorce.
I did my "homework" prior to filing. And brother,
are you ever right: it will make all the difference. I found
things I had not the faintest idea were going on…. Had
he caught on, he certainly would have destroyed much of this
stuff. - L. Topo, California
I believe that it is an extremely empowering strategy
you have written!
Your battle plan for women (or men) wanting to get out
of an abusive relationship is amazing!
I love your site, and for the first time since my husband
began divorce proceedings, I feel empowered. For those who
call this deceit or underhandedness - sometimes you have
to fight fire with fire! - Ms. “T” USA
My snakey husband is adept at the 3 D's--deny, deflect,
and defend I will need these strategies… - Belle, N.,
Thank you! Though the gender bias in your work is overwhelming
at times, it was the single most useful resource during my
recent 2 year divorce. - Andrew from Virginia
Hey you guys... (men) I have used this very tactic to
my benefit... - Rick, Omaha, Neb.
I was completely captivated by your collection of information
and strategy. - Denise P., Champaign, IL
Wish I would've visited this site before I filed for divorce.
I was so naive! I'll recommend this site to all women who
mildly suspect their partners of deceptive behavior. This
site is very thorough - I learned a lot. Thanks! - Nanci
T., Milwaukee, WI
All of the Chinese sayings helped me a lot in terms of
meditation. - Kim, Dolton, IL
How I wish this had been available when I was going through
my [divorce] - M Nettles, New York, NY
This is great! and I wish the site was better publicized.
Especially for people considering
divorces, and the planning stages is a necessity. - Marian
R., San Diego, CA
Wanted a copy of the book, not to just download it --
but i am learning a lot --- especially pertinent info for
me—I have a war-loving partner and I am very anti adversarial-
Your writings and the excerpts from the Chinese give me a
lot of encouragement and feelings of empowerment in a time
of complete exhaustion. - Tilly M., Carriere, MS

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Succeed without Conflict is Best
--Sun Tzu
of Divorce: A Woman's Tactical Guide to Winning
(based on Sun Tzu's the Art of War)
by Sun Yee & Lee Fong
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