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Don't believe it?  Well, here’s PROOF! Click on the play button and you will see exactly how to create the 3D look that you see on so many farms these days!


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Haven't you always been curious how some players got those awesome 3D looks on their FarmVille farms?  You see them everywhere - when you log in to FarmVille, all over different spots on the web, as posts on your friend's walls on Facebook...  They just look so damn cool and you wonder how they did it!


It seems like they have something or know something that you don't - and you can’t figure out what it is. So, you've sat and asked yourself over and over,


"Am I just not spending enough on FarmVille cash or coins?"


"Do I need to get to those top levels to get these things?"


"Is there some special hack or cheat that they are using - and if so, where do I get it?"



Trust me, I feel your pain.  I was there.  I had a flat, boring farm that I hated.  It seemed that no matter what I did, nothing worked.  I simply could not figure out how to create those awesome 3D looks. 


So, I spent all my time spying on those players with awesome farms, scouring the web for information and ways to create these looks, and spent even more real cash on FarmVille cash and coins than I'd like to admit...


My Search for the Secret of 3D FarmVille


I would go through FarmVille (the game, the fans, and the forums), and find players that had any type of FarmVille 3D look on their farm at all.  It didn’t matter if they had a massive farm packed full of 3D looks, or if they only had one thing. I added them as friends.  Then, I would start up a conversation with them, trying to pick their brains to see what it was that they were doing that I wasn't.


It took me months of spying on other players farms, visiting them daily to see what (if anything) had changed.  I scoured the forums, jotting down secrets that I found. Finally, a few of them cracked and told me how to create some of the looks that they had on their FarmVille farms.


"Wait . . . Before We Continue!"


Thanks for checking out my site! I'd like to thank you by giving you this FREE absolutely-no -strings-attached mini "Rivers & Lake Guide", which teaches you how to build rivers and lakes for your farm and put you a step ahead in making your farm one of the coolest and most happening farms around!

Grab it while its still available!


(By the way, I hate spam as much as you. I receive more than 300 spam mails a day! So, don't worry... I will NEVER EVER share, rent, sell or in any way expose your personal details.)




I Found The 3D Secret!


What I found out totally blew my mind away - how super easy it was to create any type of 3D look on your FarmVille farm without much effort at all! When you know the secrets... Once I realized that there were only a couple of small secrets to creating all of these awesome 3D looks in FarmVille - no matter how large or small the end look was - it literally blew me away.  It was one of those "smack yourself in the forehead" moments that made me realize that you can build almost anything in FarmVille if you know some of the simple basics.


Some FarmVille players that I talked to had "special" techniques they used, special templates they went by, I made sure to jot them all down.  I compared them side by side, tweaked them, simplified them, and even created some of my own.


And, you will be blown away once you learn these basics as well...



I Had Reached The "Secret" Status!


Like I said, I spent months spying, searching, talking, and gathering up all of these secrets of creating 3D looks in Farmville.  I played way too many hours of FarmVille, going through these secrets - creating and recreating templates and simple looks until I had mastered them.  I moved on to the extremely hard 3D FarmVille looks and mastered them as well - tweaking my strategies and templates until I had it down to an art form.


It only took me a couple of months to really refine everything I had learned into an awesome bunch of different 3D looks that could be combined to create one of the best looking farms around.


Suddenly, I had other FarmVille players "stalking" me!


Every time I logged on, I had people popping up on my chat, wanting to know how I did this, how I built that, and so on...  My neighbors list exploded and I constantly had people beating down my FarmVille door, wanting to know what I knew. 


I had finally reached that "secret" status that I had so coveted before!  It was insane, it was awesome, and it was just out of control. I loved it!



I Decided NOT To Keep This All A Secret!


It was at that time that I knew that I simply couldn't keep these secrets to myself any longer. There is just so much that FarmVille players can gain from these secrets. So much fun they can have, so many great things they can build on their farms, so many great ways to spice up that boring farm experience into something truly awesome.


I began to compile everything I had learned and tweaked over the past few months into one easy-to-use guide filled with secrets and templates that anyone can use.


I wanted to create a guide that would be easy enough to follow and go through some specialty templates step-by-step.


I wanted the ultimate 3D FarmVille guide that would really show everyone just how simple these looks can be if you know the basics.


I also wanted to create a guide that would show FarmVille players how to create some of the wonders of the world on their own farm!



Complete Step-By-Step Instructions


So, I spent a couple of weeks and compiled everything that a FarmVille player would need to know to create any 3D look that they wanted on their farm.


I know that there are literally millions of players out there on FarmVille that are frustrated with their boring daily duties of plowing, planting, and harvesting. 


They want something different.


They want that awesome farm that everyone else wants to have.


They need these secrets to help them become those master farmers that they want to be.


And I can help!  This is why I have created FVTemplates.com – THE ONLY 3D FARMVILLE GUIDE on the net.


Now you too can have an absolutely awesome farm that your friends and neighbors will absolutely die for!  In my guide, you will learn step-by-step the following...


Why 99% of FarmVille players out there will never realize just how easy it is to create those awesome 3D looks with minimal effort.

Why you don't need millions of FarmVille cash or coins to create unique looks that others will be jealous of.

Essential tips that will help you build up the most awesome FarmVille farm around and get bonus perks such as leveling while you do.


How to replicate the looks of some of the wonders of the world right on your FarmVille farm without spending tons of real cash to buy items from the Market.


The basics of 3D looks in FarmVille that will allow you to create anything you can dream up.


Special leveling tips as you go along creating 3D FarmVille looks on your own farm.


Special organization and decorating tips that you can use to your advantage while creating 3D looks.


Glitches that you can use to your advantage without using cheats or hacks.


A step-by-step guide that will teach you to master the art of creating 3D looks on your FarmVille farm.






3D FarmVille Secrets for Mastering 3D Looks!


Don't settle for knock off versions of 3D FarmVille templates.  This is the original guide, with completely original templates and secrets that you can find nowhere else online.


This exclusive guide is so detailed - I have included every template, every secret, every look and more in a simple, step-by-step format, complete with screen shots.  Everything in this guide is set up so that you can easily go from a flat, boring farm to a multi-level farm complete with rolling hills of crops, waterfalls, islands, and so much more with minimal effort and minimal spending of your FarmVille coins.



So what do you Really get from FVTemplates?


(Partial Screenshot of Table of Contents)




The only 3D FarmVille Guide available on the net!

Original FarmVille 3D templates and techniques that you can use to create some of the most awesome looks you never thought possible!

100% legal techniques!  There are no hacks, no cheats involved and you cannot get banned in any way by using these proven techniques.

No buying FarmVille cash or coins with your hard-earned dollars!

You can be any level to use these templates!

Free updates to this super guide!

No membership needed!


Screenshots from my guide

Learn The Basics!

Then Intermediate!

Then Expert!

Then Combine Them!









Nothing is held back in my guide!  These are all the secrets that I spent months scouring and spying for, the same secrets that have allowed me to create one of the most unique farms over and over again - the same secrets that will allow you to swiftly become the envy of all your friends and neighbors in FarmVille.



No Cheats, No Hacks, No Fluff, No Filler!


Now I have seen FarmVille guides out there with all these secrets to make you rich that are bombarding the web. In fact, I made the mistake of buying a few and I have to admit that they were a complete waste of money.  Those guides contained stuff that I already knew, were on the forums, or were just the basics of the game that you learn in the first level.  What I didn't know was how much filler and fluff that was packed in it that meant absolutely nothing to me, nor did it provide me anything new about the game at all and some of it didn't even refer to FarmVille!


So, when I set out to create my FarmVille 3D guide, I vowed that there wouldn't be any of the crap filler or fluff that I found in other guides out there. In my 3D FarmVille guide, I have made sure that there is no fluff, no added filler, nothing that will waste your time.  Instead, I spent extra time going through my guide over and over again to ensure that everything you will find is absolutely necessary for building up these 3D looks and templates.


I wasn't going to treat players like they were stupid, nor was I going to insist that they become members or that they purchase other things to get the "real" secrets. Plus, I don't want my guide or secrets labeled as "hacks" or "cheats" coz they’re not!  I don't want anyone getting their Facebook account banned for something stupid like that, especially when you’ve worked so hard to get your FarmVille farm looking so good and running smoothly, making tons of money for you.


This is why in my guide there are:









Don't fall for any of the FarmVille scams out there (like I did)!


Everything you will learn in my 3D FarmVille guide is 100% legal.  Nothing in my guide will ever put your Facebook account in jeopardy of getting banned or locked.  It won't require you to download any type of software, cheats, hacks or anything else - just the guide itself!


I'll also never ask for any personal information about your Facebook account or your FarmVille farm.  Why would I need that information from you if I am just offering a guide to help you play the game better?


So don't fall for imitations of my guide, and don't get caught up in any of the following scams:


Hacks or strategies that will get your account banned from Facebook.


Buying software that could jeopardize your whole computer system.


Buying guides that don't offer a guarantee, free bonus guides, or free updates for life.


Buying guides or software that requires you to give up any of your account information.


But hey, you don't have to take my word for it!  There are hundreds of FarmVille players out there that have used the methods in my guide that gush about how great they are and how they have used them to create some of the most unique looks around.



Here’s What Other Farmville Players Are Saying About This 3D Secret Guide:


"Neighbors knocking down my door wanting to know how I did this or that"


Dear Nadia

I have been playing FarmVille for over a year now and I was convinced that I needed to hit that top level and buy FarmVille cash to get these 3D looks that I saw all over the place on Facebook.  I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to level fast, I have bought several of the FarmVille guides out there that promise to help you level.


A friend turned me toward your guide and I have to admit that I was skeptical at first.  But, once I started reading your 3D guide and following the templates, I was amazed at how easy these looks can really be!  Now, I have neighbors knocking down my door wanting to know how I did this or that.  I can't thank you enough for putting all of this information together for everyone to share!



Yain Reynolds







"amazing how fast I learned how to create these 3D looks on my farm"


Hey there,

You know, I was extremely skeptical about your guide (sorry) before I bought it.  I looked at your site several times before I finally took the plunge and ordered.  Once I did however, I was kicking myself forever because I hadn't gotten it earlier.  I cannot thank you enough for creating a guide that is this simple to use.  It’ amazing how fast I learned how to create these 3D looks on my farm.  It didn't take me long and I had built several of the buildings and looks that you show in your guide and started delving into my own creations.  It's really awesome how many of my friends swear that I am buying something they don't know about!  All I can do is laugh...








"instantly amazed at the sweet secrets that you had compiled"


Believe it or not, I was one of those players that bought all different types of guides for FarmVille when I started playing and found that none of them really helped much.  I finally got a system down and had been leveling away when I realized that I wanted to create some of those 3D looks that other players had.  I really was convinced that you had to be like level 80 or something to be able to get whatever templates they had on their farm.  So I just worked and worked to get as high as I possibly could.  But when I did get to those higher levels, there wasn't anything different in the Market that I could buy to get different levels on my farm.  I was so mad, I felt like I had worked all that time for nothing.


In fact, I quit playing for a couple of weeks because I was so mad.  Then, I was surfing the web one day and I came across your guide.  I thought "what the heck" and bought it.  OMG!  I was instantly amazed at the sweet secrets that you had compiled here!  I really cannot thank you enough.  I enjoy playing FarmVille again.








"one of the sweetest FarmVille guides I've ever seen!"


Dude, this is one of the coolest FarmVille guides I've ever seen!  Not because it will make you tons of FarmVille cash, not because it offers FarmVille cheats - but because it can help you pimp out any farm, at any level!  I am totally in your debt and you need to know that I tell everyone about this guide.  It's so obvious that you put in a ton of work to get these templates and I wanna send you as many customers as I can! I'm definitely recommending your website to my neighbors!








"This is what I had been craving for way too long"


Hi Nadia,


I am one of the first people to admit that I am on Facebook WAY too much.  And, equally, I play FarmVille way too much too.  While I'm a really high level, I never understood how some people had those really kick butt looks on their farm that look like they had different levels.  I wanted that but couldn't figure it out.  I even asked some of the people that I saw that had those looks and they were jerks and wouldn't tell me anything.  So I pretty much just concentrated on getting all of the different specialty items that they offered for each holiday or special event and just decorating the crap out of my farm.  Then, one day, I came across your guide and I was floored!  This is what I had been craving for way too long.  You're my hero!  Thanks for putting this all out there for everyone to see!





[Yes, Take Me to the Members Area Now!](http://1.fvtemp.pay.clickbank.net/)

Put The Magic of 3D Into Your FarmVille Farm!

You too can be just like these players and hundreds more out there that know these super secrets to creating really awesome 3D looks on your FarmVille farm.  If you're still skeptical - hey, I understand!  I mean, I'm trying to sell you something so why would you be 100% trusting right?



“Love My Guide or I’ll Give You Every Penny Back”


 Your order is fully protected by an unconditional

60 day money-back guarantee.


Here’s my promise to you:


After you’ve downloaded and tested this super guide and you don’t see mind blowing results or if for ANY REASON whatsoever in the next 60 days you want a full refund then just email me and I’ll have your money back within 48 hours, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


That's how certain I am that you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this proven guide that will totally rock your FarmVille world!



Of course, there will always be FarmVille players that SHOULD NOT use my guide. Really you ask - yes, I'm serious!

Don't Use My 3D FarmVille Guide If You...

Prefer to have a boring, plain-jane farm forever

Want to risk getting your account banned by hack software

Want to just waste money on other guides that are nowhere as good as my guide

Want to just waste money on other guides that just offer fluff 

Want to keep on spending tons of time and FarmVille coins trying to get the look you want 


Keep in mind that once you open up this guide, you will have all of the weapons in your new arsenal that will help you create the farm of your dreams.  Because once you order my guide you will possess the secrets to create the most fantastic farm possible and make you the FarmVille Super Star of all your friends and neighbors.  Quit farming that boring old FarmVille farm and move on to the fabulous artistic farm you've always wanted to have! But, it can also make your friends and neighbors envy you or start “stalking” you!  So be careful what you wish for my friends.

Don't Let This Pass You By

Don't just sit there and worry about purchasing this guide because you're afraid that it won't live up to your expectations.  After all, I have offered you my personal guarantee!  Don't waste any more time, effort, and FarmVille coins and cash trying to build up your farm in vain.  Don't keep investing yourself trying to scour the web like I did - take advantage of my work and all of the secrets that I have compiled right here in one guide!


 See for yourself that there is a Farmville world beyond that you are used to - That your plain ordinary farm doesn’t have to be the only way for you to exist.

 There is no other guide that will teach you to create your FarmVille farm in 3D.

 Upon instant access to the Farmville 3D Guide, put it to the test. Give my secret methods a single run - follow my step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and watch your Farm transform.

 Finally understand why you have failed up to level up fast and how you can explode your income and crush the competition in days. See how friends and family respect you, while others envy you.

 ...And if for ANY reason you're unhappy, just let me know within 60 days for a FULL and courteous refund. Because you deserve ample time to take your shot at creating the Farmville you want and to experience the incredible benefits that thousands of your peers are probably already experiencing. It is only fair that I give you full piece of mind before you embark on your journey.


And, you won't be paying $100 bucks for this great guide either - I mean, come on, you really don't want to spend that on a guide do you?

Of course not!  That is why my guide is only $57, $47, $27 if you order today.  So don't let this sweet offer pass you!  Take advantage of my knowledge, hard work and my secrets and put them all to work for you today!


Sign Up for FVTemplates Now!

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Sign up today and you'll get the one and only 3D and Templates Guide for FarmVille - Packed with secrets that you will find no where else on the internet.

If you choose this offer, you'll also receive:

Free Updates for Life - Every time I get more ideas & templates, you will get them right in your inbox

Payment is done processed instantly, with Clickbank - a highly trusted online retailer.
Pay, Download, and Use My guide, in a matter of minutes.

My guide is backed up with my 100% money back guarantee. Try it for 60 days RISK FREE.

[Yes! I want Instant Access To these
Top Secret Techniques Right Now!](http://1.fvtemp.pay.clickbank.net/)




Nadia Kerrigan

Nadia Kerrigan


P.S.: Some of those higher level farmers might not be happy that you have my guide, especially since they don't want to share these secrets with everyone.  So, I may have to stop selling this guide at a moment's notice.  You want to make sure you get your copy right now before anything causes me to pull it for good.

 P.S.S.: There are so many people out there that have already bought my 3D FarmVille guide and are already benefiting from creating some of the most unique farms out there.  Of course, with millions of players in FarmVille, you'll want to be one of the first that learn all of these secrets to creating any 3D look you want on your farm before everyone knows.

 P.S.S.S.: And, hey, don't forget that I'm giving you so much free information when you order my guide that you just cannot afford to miss out on it!  Get your 3D guide and your free mini-guide today!

[Yes, Take Me to the Members Area Now!](http://1.fvtemp.pay.clickbank.net/)

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