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 Guitar Notes Master - Software For Learning Notes and Scales
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Youre not alone! Ive been playing the guitar for over 20 years, but a
few years ago I decided that I wasnt playing as well as I wanted to.
After all, when youve been doing something for over 20 years, you
should have become pretty good at it, right?

So, I decided to sit down and really analyze my playing and try to
discover what was holding me back, and you know what I discovered?


Thats right - despite over 20 years of playing, I could only quickly
find notes on the E and A strings. And as for scale knowledge - sure,
I could play the usual major, minor and pentatonic patterns in the
most common forms, but my scale knowledge didnt stretch any further
than that. Even those scales I did know, I could only play in one or
two positions which seriously limited my soloing ability. My chord
knowledge was not much better either, only stretching to the common
open chords and barre chord forms and with little ability to find my
own voicings.


When you think about it, this is really quite amazing. Imagine a
piano player whod been playing for 20 years admitting they dont know
all of the notes on the piano keyboard. Unthinkable! Yet, due to the
way guitarists often learn their instrument this is the case for a
vast number of guitarists. All of their flash technique and cool
sounding effects are often covering up a dirty little secret - that
they dont really know their instrument as well as they should!


So, whats the problem? Well, whether they teach themselves or are
taught by a teacher, most guitarists go about learning the fretboard
through a repetitive process of mindlessly repeating a few scale
patterns until they are committed to memory. Similarly, chord shapes
are often learned purely by rote as and when required to play a
particular song, without any consideration or understanding of why the
chord is the shape it is.

This method of learning is usually enough to get the guitarist to the
point where they can sound "cool", so many dont bother taking the
extra steps to really understand what it is theyre playing and as a
result theyre limited to the same old tired patterns and chord shapes,
and they get totally lost if ever challenged to play outside the
confines of their normal patterns.


I realised that my lack of knowledge of the guitar fretboard was the
main thing holding me back from achieving my dreams of being a really
great guitarist. So, I resolved to do something about it. But, my
attempts at learning fretboard theory from books was short lived - the
books were just so boring, and I really couldnt keep motivated to work
through them all.

So, I tried looking for some software to help me. But the only
software I could find seemed content just to teach the names of the
notes on the fretboard by repetitive questions, and I realized _
good is being able to find the G# on the fourth string if you dont
know how to find the major sixth interval from it? Or how to use it as
a root for a blues scale? Or a Phrygian mode? Or how to build a
diminished chord from it?

So, I decided to write my own software so that I could learn the
fretboard effectively, and GUITAR NOTES MASTER was born!

And, now Im ready to share it with you, so that you can also
understand the guitar fretboard...


GUITAR NOTES MASTER is an interactive teaching tool dedicated to
enabling guitarists to gain a thorough understanding of guitar
fretboard theory - notes, scales, arpeggios and chords - as quickly
and effortlessly as possible. It achieves this through three modules:


While most "fretboard trainer" software programmes simply encourage
you to learn through repetition, GUITAR NOTES MASTER features a wealth
of interactive lessons covering all topics related to guitar fretboard
theory, from the very basic level of learning the open strings right
up to advanced topics such as Whole-Tone scales, modes and complex
chord types. The lessons are interactive, so as you progress through
them GUITAR NOTES MASTER will give you a few examples and then ask you
to complete further patterns yourself on the virtual fretboard, thus
ensuring that you really understand what you are reading. You can
navigate back and forward through the lessons, and listen to the
examples through MIDI playback functionality.

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered by GUITAR NOTES

* Open Strings
* Root Shapes
* Note Names and Finding Notes on the Fretboard
* Diatonic Scales (Major and Minor Scales)
* Pentatonic Scales
* Pentatonic Lead Patterns
* Intervals
* Triads - Arpeggios and Chords
* Seventh Arpeggios and Chords
* Other Chord Types - Extended (e.g. 9th, 11th), Suspended Chords,
6, 6/9, Add9, Slash Chords and Power Chords
* Modes - Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian
* Other Scales - Blues Scales, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, Phrygian
Dominant Mode, Whole Tone and Diminished Scales

No previous knowledge is assumed, so it is suitable for beginners to
the guitar as well as more experienced guitarists.


As well as "understanding", I realised that the other key to learning
the fretboard patterns is repetition. But not just repetition of
patterns on the guitar as you might be used to - this encourages
mindless "practice" that might get a few shapes under your fingers but
wont lead to the understanding of the fretboard that is really
required to become a great guitarist.

Rather than mindlessly repeating scale patterns, GUITAR NOTES MASTER
encourages you to get the patterns into your head first before you
transfer them to the guitar. It does this through a Practice module
that randomly asks you to answer questions based on the lessons that
you have completed. The questions require you to think through your
answer so you gain real understanding of how the fretboard patterns
are built - understanding which you can use to create further patterns
and really unlock the fretboard.

I also realised that its important to be repeating these exercises as
often as possible. This is where GUITAR NOTES MASTER can really be
beneficial since the questions are always answered using a virtual
fretboard, so you dont need to be anywhere near a guitar in order to
practice. Theres no minimum time you have to spend answering questions
either, so its really easy to fire up GUITAR NOTES MASTER at any time,
answer a few questions and then get back to whatever else you were
doing. Imagine how fast your fretboard knowledge could grow if you
install GUITAR NOTES MASTER on a work laptop and use it to practice
fretboard patterns in otherwise wasted time on trains, planes or just
in five minute breaks!


Finally, you do want to transfer the patterns youve learned onto the
guitar, so GUITAR NOTES MASTER will help you here as well. The Guitar
module enables you to select a scale pattern or chord type from those
covered in the lessons, choose a root note, and generate your own
printable guitar tablature practice sheet that you can refer to as you
practice the patterns on your guitar.

For scale patterns, GUITAR NOTES MASTER will generate a full set of
practice exercises - not only straightforward ascending and descending
patterns, but also exercises playing the scales in groups of notes, or
jumping notes, so you can really learn them musically, not just as
boring scale exercises. For chords, GUITAR NOTES MASTER generates a
practice sheet of the chords of a similar type.


As well as this, GUITAR NOTES MASTER has a wealth of features to
tailor the learning experience to your own liking, such as:

* Support for Left-Handed Fretboard Display
* A choice of 11 fretboard color schemes
* Choose to position the notes on the fret, behind the fret or
centrally between two frets
* Playback displayed notes through any General MIDI compatible
synthesizer/sound card (including built-in Microsoft Wavetable Synth)
* Switch the fretboard display to show the notes or intervals in the
current pattern
* Guitar Notes Master can correct your answers for each note you
enter, or for more of a challenge set it only to tell you when youve
got the whole pattern correct


I personally have spent the equivalent of hundreds of dollars on
books that have failed to teach me the valuable fretboard knowledge
contained in GUITAR NOTES MASTER, so how much are you prepared to
invest in a software application that gets rid of all of the boredom
and repetition of traditional book learning methods and practically
forces you to understand the guitar fretboard?

I considered selling it for $99, as this seemed a fair price for all
of the information contained in it. After all, how many guitar lessons
could you get for $99? Not many! And you could be sure that those
lessons would only cover a tiny fraction of the content included in

But, I decided that I wanted GUITAR NOTES MASTER to be accessible to
everyone, and I realise $99 is a lot of money for many people to spend
on a piece of software, so I thought about charging $79 for it
instead, but I realised this would still put it out of reach for some

So, I did some research on the internet to see what my so-called
"competitors" were charging. And I found one of the most popular
fretboard learning software products around were charging $49.95 for
their software. But their software does little more than teach you the
notes of the fretboard by means of continuous drills - little theory,
no understanding of intervals, scales, modes, chord shapes or any of
these important concepts, so far far less content than GUITAR NOTES

So, I thought I could charge more than $49.95 for GUITAR NOTES MASTER
as I believe it is a vastly superior product. But I realised that some
people comparing products might decide on another one simply because
it is the cheaper option. And I dont want that to happen, because I
want as many people as possible to take advantage of the unique
learning experience offered by GUITAR NOTES MASTER to develop their
fretboard understanding and become much better guitarists.

So, for a limited launch period, Im prepared to offer the GUITAR
NOTES MASTER software at a very special price of:




ONLY $39

Yes, thats right! For a very limited time, you can buy GUITAR NOTES
MASTER at the special price of only $39. But hurry - Im setting this
special offer launch price to undercut my competitors, despite the
fact that I believe GUITAR NOTES MASTER is a vastly superior product,
so the price could increase at any time. Act now to make sure that you
lock in this special low price while it is still available and buy

Click the button above to purchase GUITAR NOTES MASTER securely and
lock in this low price. The product will be delivered to you
immediately by download once your purchase is complete.

Im sure that you will be more than satisfied with GUITAR NOTES
MASTER, but if you are not then it is covered by our no-quibble 100%
money back guarantee for a very generous 60-days from purchase. Whats
more, purchasers of GUITAR NOTES MASTER are entitled to free e-mail
support and lifetime free upgrades, but please ensure that you
register your e-mail address after purchase so we can let you know
when updates are released!


GUITAR NOTES MASTER runs on PCs running Windows XP Service Pack 2,
Windows Vista or Windows 7. It requires .NET Framework 3.5, which you
probably already have, but the installer will download and install it
for you if required. MIDI playback requires a General MIDI compatible
synthesizer (the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth shipped with Windows is
just fine).


Copyright © 2010 Pett Software. All Rights Reserved

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