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The 10 Step Hitting System Proven to Develop Complete Hitters

“The top 10 techniques and tricks I used every day that landed me a spot on the Rawlings 1st Team All-America in 2008, because I learned to dominate the 3 keys to becoming an elite hitter.”

I know how hard coaching ballplayers can be, especially on the coach personally. There are so many things to worry about; players to motivate; parents to make happy; and the list goes on.

The crazy thing is, the toughest part, is making sure you have the knowledge and know-how to take your players game to the next level. That’s what gets the other coaches respect. It’s what gets you the “thank you” that you became a coach for in the first place.

It’s this struggle that I noticed in my own coaches, at the high school, college, and semi-pro level, that inspired me to create a solution. Something that can offer coaches an instant solution, tons of baseball knowledge, and the tools they need to take their players game to the next level, and gets the wins they want on the field.

The First Hitting Instruction System to Produce Real Results

If you’re looking for the “next big thing” that everyone else claims they have when it comes to hitting, you might be in the wrong place. I am not going to sit here and promise you that your entire lineup, or your son or daughter is going to be the next Derek Jeter, because it’s just not all that likely. And I’m about actual results.

Baseball is not that easy. There are no Instant Fixes that completely change a hitter from a below average hitter into a power hitting phenom. Baseball takes work. It takes practice. It takes passion. So if you’re lacking any of those, leave now because you’re only going to end up returning this entire thing and wasting both of our time.

This is a complete, step-by-step, system that is 100% guaranteed to change your player’s swing, and overall baseball approach and mentality for the better. I will promise you that.

There are “truths” to this game that get overlooked and ignored, and those are what I’m going to bring to you. Those are the things that will give your players the best chance to succeed, and will give you the satisfaction you’ve been craving as a parent or coach, the satisfaction that you’ve finally helped out your younger ballplayers.

Here’s Why You Should Trust Us

Hi, my name is Brian Moran. I was a college scholarship ballplayer from 2004 to 2008, where I played Division 3 and Division 1 baseball as a center-fielder. I finished my career as the all-time leader in batting average, steals, hits, on-base percentage, and the list goes on. I was unamimously named to the Rawlings 1st Team All-America and awarded the Rawlings Gold Glove Award in 2008.

Since I graduated, I have been training high school and college ballplayers at every position. I have recently moved towards helping coaches across the country make a larger impact with their players. I have been blessed with amazing coaches over my playing years, and I would not be here today without them. This is my way of giving back just a little bit for what these coaches have done for me.

In 2010 alone, I have spoken with, trained, and advised over 800 baseball coaches and parents across the country, largely due to this system and other products my team and I have created.

Feel free to look me up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Google to learn more about what I accomplished during my career or what I’m up to now.

The 4 Most Important pieces of hitting advice I was given as a high school ballplayer that changed my approach forever so you can instill the same hitting truths with your players The 3 keys to lifting and strength training specifically for baseball so you and your team don’t make the most common mistakes that many ballplayers make in the weight-room or gym My personal 3 step mini-system that I used each day to make sure I was mentally ready for the next at bat, game, or practice so your team can have the mental edge over your opponent…which I promise will change everything Drills, Mechanics, and Techniques so you can have the “instructional” edge that puts up the statistics that you know your team should be You will make it crystal clear that you’re a coach or parent who knows what their doing when helping young player You will be able to give your players the confidence they’ve been lacking at the plate using the exact mental techniques I used during my All-American season The respect that you’ve been looking for as a coach or parent

Read for yourself from guys that have purchased this training and made it work on the field…

We’ve even had a ton of feedback from our Twitter followers…

[](http://10stepbaseballpower.com/wp-includes/images/h5-10stepsales.jpg)Here is exactly what you’ll get on the Instant Access Download Page. Each module includes video, audio, and images along with the written report that explains everything step by step so you’re not left behind.


Waaaayyy too many coaches that sell training online just assume you’ll LOVE their stuff…and so they don’t offer you any protection at all. Well, that ain’t me. I’m not out to screw anyone. I’m doing this because the feeling of helping younger ballplayers achieve the things I was able to, is honestly, an awesome feeling. So…If you’re not 100% happy with the 10 Step Hitting System after 60 Days just let me know and I Will Personally Buy Back Your Product – and on top of that, I’ll Let You Keep the Whole Thing – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you create an awesome approach at the plate.

We’re giving a full 60 days because some guys don’t work as fast, so we feel that you need enough time to know if it’s really working for you. You have nothing to lose. Just let us know that it’s not working out, and we’ll send every penny back and let you keep the ebook too. (that’s the 200% part)

Why You Should Act Right Now…

Because of how well this system has been selling, we are letting everyone know that after the first 500 systems sell, we’re raising the price to $47. And then again to $97 after the next 500. It would be a good idea to try your risk-free copy today before you check back and the price is almost doubled…

Ok, so I’ve given you my offer. I stand behind it, and I believe in everything inside 100%. This is everything I used on a daily basis that gave me the edge on the field, and it will absolutely take your coaching to another level. So…

Here’s What I Want You to Do Now

To get your hands on the 10 Step Hitting System right now, have your credit card ready and use our secure action form.

Just click the big orange button below to get started. Take 2 minutes to fill in our short action form, then you will be taken to your Instant Access Download Page.

If you have any questions, email our team at support@baseballtrainingproducts.com and our support staff will get right back to you.

Click the Big Orange Button Below…



By not acting now, you’re basically telling yourself that you’re ok with the way you’re team is performing. If that’s the case… I wish you the best this season. But if not, you really are making a mistake if you don’t try this out. You really have nothing to lose and every day you don’t act, there is another coach getting his hands on this system and taking a step in front of you. If nothing changes in the way you train and prepare, how can anything ever change on the field?


Remeber what this system is going to give you…

You will make it crystal clear that you’re a coach or parent who knows what their doing when helping young players. You will be able to give your players the confidence they’ve been lacking at the plate using the exact mental techniques I used during my All-American season. The respect that you’ve been looking for as a coach or parent

Remember the value of this system and all the added bonuses…

$556 in Total Value

Remember that it’s Risk FREE!

You have 60 days to TRY the entire system and return for a 100% money back refund if you’re unhappy for any reason at all! Plus keep everything!

Remember that these bonuses and the price aren’t staying around…

After we sell the first 500 system, the price is almost doubling and the bonuses will be going away, so I’d act right now.

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