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From the desk of: Jonathan Volk


So you've bought my Facebook Ads Guide. You've read through it from start to finish and now you've got questions. (I know you've got questions because my support inbox is overflowing with them!) So what can we do about this? The answer is simple. We have added on a Private Forum to my Guide that you can join for a very low monthly price.




Success and Wealth. We all dream of it, and wonder what things would be like if we didn't have to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay our mortgage and other bills.


Well, I'm not dreaming about it anymore. I'm living it.


While most everyone in the world is worrying about the gloomy economy and it could very well end up making them lose everything, I'm just sitting back and relaxing. Why? Because I know that there is nothing at all for me to worry about.


Really, I don't mean to gloat, but I've been on easy street for quite some time now, and do you want to know why?


Simple: I dared to be different, and was willing to take small risks for the sake of incalculable profits. Most people would never dream of doing this, and end up living their lives stuck in a dull 9 to 5 job that is getting them no where, just looking forward to their next bonus, or small pay increment.


Commonly, people come up and tell me how they want to make a change and really, really dream of achieving the success I did, but they just don't want to risk taking that one first step.


Know what the real kicker is? In actuality, there is almost no risk at all.


Of course, losing your steady income on a long shot would be a huge risk, and it is no surprise that anyone would be unwilling to do that.




So, here and now, I am going to tell you the real trick of striking it rich: Find something that is not a long shot, and is practically a sure thing. Then find someone to help you perfect it!


The Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums Takes a Time Tested and Proven Marketing Strategy to the Next Level


Reading about something is one thing, taking action on it is another and asking questions and getting support is a whole new layer to get you successful! That's what my private Facebook Ads Guide Forums is all about.


By giving you the edge in affiliate marketing, Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums puts you ahead of all the competition.


What this means is:
No more being left behind because others have access to 'secrets' that you don't No more wasting money on other products that do not deliver what they promise No more wishing that you could make it big No more trying to make one or two sales, when you could be making hundreds and thousands

As soon as this Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums is in your hands, you will be right up there next to the other experts and be able to cash in, just like they have.


Best thing about the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums that literally sets it apart from the crowd of imitators and wannabes is that it is run by me and my team. While others teach but don't do, I do and I teach.


Solve One of the Biggest Problems in Affiliate Marketing


Now, I know that this may be a pretty bold claim, and you may think that the idea of solving the problems that you encounter in affiliate marketing is pretty far fetched.


In my experience, it isn't. Almost all the problems people face with affiliate marketing can be solved, and all that is really needed is a good and solid support system at your back to help you do it.


If you take the right approach, and the tackle affiliate marketing from the right avenues, just like I did, then you'll find that the problems you have had previously will disappear.


In short, I'm not just confident that the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums can help you kick your problems out the door, and I'm even more confident that you can do so yourself, if you just know how.


This much I have learnt in my years of experience in the field: With proper guidance, tools, and knowledge, anyone can be a 'Guru', even you.




How to Work Smart in Building Up a Business


Don't work hard, work smart. Instead of spending hours mulling around clueless as to what to do, you could be making every second that you spend count to the fullest.


Instead of wasting your time, the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums will:

Reduce your workload by maximizing the use of any time that you spend Boost your profits tremendously with remarkable techniques that you can master Swiftly be implemented to allow you to observe results in a short amount of time Cut down the money that you waste on ineffective and non-profitable avenues Give you access to a REAL super affiliate & his team to help you. Finally have the "mentor" you need to ask the tough questions of. Hasten you towards financial freedom in the most efficient manner possible

Others Have Been In Your Shoes Before


Just so you know, I am not a believer in get-rich-quick schemes, especially after seeing so many of my friends try and fail. The most attractive feature of the forums is the ability to ask and get answers to your questions quickly and correctly. THIS is the key you've been missing.


Does it work? Is it worth the money? Should I buy it or am I going to regret it? Everyone asks these questions. You should too. Being slightly apprehensive is ok, you'll quickly recognize that in truth, you have just gotten a real steal. What the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums has, I would personally pay about ten times the price for. No joke.


Take the First Step into a New Future Now!


Here it is, everything you've ever wanted, and all within your grasp now for a limited time at the ridiculously low price of ONLY $49.99 per month.


Take advantage of and order right now before it's too late.


WARNING: If you can't afford the $49.99 per month, then please don't join. We do not want you spending your last dime on this. You may want to try some free marketing techniques first to build a little budget, then join. We're not going anywhere anytime soon.




You Stand to Lose Absolutely Nothing!


If you're even the slightest bit uncertain about this offer, then you should know that I am guaranteeing the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums 100%!


What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you can purchase it at no risk whatsoever, because if within 60 days you find that you think you made a mistake, then you can get a refund.


Am I nuts? No. I am just 100% sure that you stand to gain from the Facebook Ads Guide Private Forums.


Here's a Toast to Your Dreams of Financial Freedom...


...because this could be the very last time you ever need to call it a 'dream'. Soon, you could be living it, breathing it, and enjoying the luminous glow of success and wealth.


There is no better time than the present to change your life.


Wishing you the best,


Jonathan Volk



P.S. The forums are designed to answer all your questions quickly and correctly.

P.P.S. We are also going to be showing some things that we didn't in the guide, and have some tools that no one else does too. (You get them as part of your membership, not as any upsell after you join).

Copyright [Jonathan Volk](http://www.jonathanvolk.com), Surge Marketing Inc.

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