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The Essential Weight Loss Handbook is the first book on the market to offer a COMPLETE and EASY to follow guide for successful weight loss.  Achieving the body of your dreams and feeling SEXIER, HAPPIER, and HEALTHIER, is a lot easier than most diet gurus pretend.  With CLEAR and SIMPLE solutions and the most up to date and SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN information, you’ll be on your way to a better you in no time at all.

"I Lost 43 pounds in 1 month...my life has changed!"

The True Secret to Successful Weight Loss Revealed

The fact of the matter is that most people struggle with their weight, but there is really no reason that losing fat should be so hard!  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook is the first of its kind.  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will give you all of the information you need to successfully shed those unwanted pounds and to KEEP THEM OFF for good.  Not only will following the guidelines set out in this book GUARANTEE that you lose weight, but doing so will also ensure that you CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better.

A Clear and Simple Guide that Will Work for You

Unlike most diet books, the Essential Weight Loss Handbook has everything you need to help you LOSE WEIGHT.  The book contains clear and simple guidelines that can be followed with ease.  Delicious recipes and straightforward solutions will make it easy to lose weight without feeling like you are depriving yourself. 

Most importantly, the guidelines offered in this book are easy to understand.  No more complicated calculations or difficult food combining techniques.  Everything is laid out CLEARLY in a manner that doesn’t take a degree in science and nutrition to understand.  A concise table of contents helps get you to the INFORMATION you need without trouble.   Learn how to eat and exercise in ways that are both EASY and SUSTAINABLE.

But, you may be saying, why should I care?  Why should I try one more time to lose this weight when so many other diets have failed? 

Well the answer to this one is simple.  Not taking action and continuing in unhealthy and destructive pattern can KILL YOU!  This is not to scare you, but only to help you realize just how important starting to CHANGE YOUR LIFE today really is.  Putting this off and PROCRASTINATING about weight loss can land you in the hospital or worse!  Acting now will save you a lifetime of sorrow and save you from premature aging and death.
  "Buy the book and lose weight.  It's that simple.  Unless you are getting up every day and exercising properly and eating all the right foods, then maybe you can do without.  But the Essential Weight Loss Book is essential for everyone else."

- Bill G., 51

Acting Now Will Save Your Life!

Letting your weight get out of control not only damages your self esteem and your relationships, but it also can have LIFE THREATENING consequences.  The OBESITY EPIDEMIC has given rise to a rising tide of PREMATURE DEATHS and CHRONIC ILLNESES like DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, and STROKE.  Learning how to lose weight, stabilize your BLOOD SUGAR, and IMPROVE IMMUNE FUNCTION can quite simply, SAVE YOUR LIFE. 

Although this might sound like a big claim, you need only look at any medical publication or ask any physician to known that being overweight has life threatening consequences. 

But the good news is that you can REVERSE THE DAMAGE to your body just by making a few simple changes.  Weight loss doesn’t have to be excruciating or painful.  Slimming down can be done easily when you have the RIGHT INFORMATION.   The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will give you just this information, making weight loss for the first time, simple and straightforward!
  "The book is awesome! It helped me get motivated to make significant changes in my life. I lost 25 pounds so far. Thanks Astronutrition!"

- Heather K., 32
No More Starving Yourself

Instead of starving yourself into a metabolic disaster, this book will set out a clear path towards weight loss that won’t have you back on the yo—yo diet train.  Although many diets can help you lose weight initially, they are most often unsustainable in the longer term.  Most diets have you gaining back all the weight you lost and much, much more. The Essential Weight Loss Handbook is different.  Sensible SOLUTIONS to common weight loss stalling points and helpful advice will keep you loosing and stop you from sliding back towards unhealthy habits.

Why Other Diets Fail

THE ANSWER is simply because no program will work unless you are armed with the best and latest information available.  If you aren’t being given the RIGHT INFORMATION than no matter what you try, you will be destined to fail.

Most books try to offer only quick fix solutions or make you starve yourself until you can barely stand.  Alongside this, complicated regimes that require a PhD to decipher keep you confused and unable to really make progress.  With the Essential Weight Loss Handbook, you will be FREE from this kind of up and down havoc.  This book offers a totally SIMPLE, NATURAL and HEALTHY way to get the body you’ve always wanted. 
  "This book will change your outlook on life.  I have been much more energetic and enthusiastic about life ever since I read this book.  It has helped me focus on the importants things in life."

- Sarah C. 46

Why we Care?

We want you not only to learn about weight loss, but more importantly to learn more about yourself.  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook provides you with a library of information to help you TRANSFORM from the old you, to the new healthier, slimmer you!  Because we have seen how obesity, Diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses rob people of their freedom and their lives, we are committed to helping people move towards a healthier lifestyle.  WE WANT YOU TO LIVE.  We have found out what works and we want to share it with you.  It is therefore ESSENTIAL that you TAKE ACTION TODAY!  We want to help, but we need you to take one small step.  This small step will be first towards a radically new body and life.
  "I recommend anyone struggling with weight loss to buy this book now. If nothing else, you get some great recipes for healthy, low calorie meals." 

- Lisa J., 28
How It Works

In this book you’ll finally find out why regular diets don’t work and learn simple solutions to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.  Learn how to turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE with information on what foods to eat and which ones to avoid. The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will also lay out everything you need to start loosing weight TODAY. 

Losing weight takes place when our body learns how to LET GO OF FAT and when our metabolism is functioning at an optimum level.  This is why REGULAR DIETS DON’T WORK! Starving yourself will only lead to rebound weight gain once you stop.  Simple solutions and healthy meal planning will instead help you MELT AWAY THE POUNDS with ease.

What You Will Learn

Weight Loss Basics

A thorough and straightforward introduction to weight loss essentials and a helpful step by step guide to analyzing your own BMI, weight and BLOOD PRESSURE readings.  With this book you will be able to finally TAKE CONTROL of your own WEIGHT.  Having this information at your fingertips can make all the difference in your weight loss strategy.  INFORMATION IS POWER, and the Essential Weight Loss Handbook, provides you with just that.

  "I have lost 32 pounds with the help of this book. I refer to it daily. Thank you!"

- Steve B., 39

Best Exercise Techniques

The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will give you a complete breakdown of which exercises will help you lose weight faster.  The most effective EXERCISE techniques for weight loss will be revealed in a simple and straightforward way.  How to pack in WORKOUTS AT THE OFFICE and keep your body toned and tight even with a BUSY SCHEDULE will also be included in this amazing offer. 

Carbs vs. Protein

In this simple and clearly worded guidebook you’ll finally understand the difference between eating PROTEIN and CARBS and how each affects your energy, immune system and weight loss. 

Increase Energy Levels Naturally

Learn how to eat for increasing your ENERGY levels.  Eating for health and vitality can be easy so long as we know what our bodies truly need to survive.  When you are eating right you will not only LOOK BETTER than you thought possible, but you will also have the ENERGY you had when you were a teenager.  Being TIRED AND SLUGGISH is a result of unhealthy eating and bad information about how the body works.  It is not a natural state!  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook is not only designed to help you slim down, but also to make sure that you feel look and better than you have in years.

  "The smoothie recipes, meal recipes and general information on food is worht cost alone."

- Graham S. 35
Metabolism Boosting

Finally you’ll have all the answers you need to understand and TRAIN YOUR METABOLISM.  Your body will finally get what it needs to let go of unwanted pounds.  When you feed your body the nutrients it needs, no longer does it feel the need to hold on to fat stores.  The body does this on ly when it fears starvation or a lack of vital nutrients.  By learning some basic facts about your metabolism and the kinds of foods you need to pump it up, you will finally SEE RESULTS.  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will teach you how to boost your metabolism naturally!

Superfoods and Supersupplements:

Learn everything you need to know about the most essential foods for keeping your body healthy.  Here a list of must eat superfoods is readily accessible.  Protecting your health through an understanding of the foods your body needs to save itself from dangerous TOXINS is the best thing you could give yourself.  PREVENT DISEASE and SAVE MONEY by learning which supplements are the most effective and by avoiding others that are merely scams.  Learn how to decipher false promises from TRUE WEIGHT LOSS SECRETS that work. 

Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body

Not only will you learn how to rid your body of unwanted pounds, but you will also learn how to rid yourself of unwanted TOXINS and PARASITES.  The Essential Weight Loss Handbook will provide you with everything you need to get rid of DANGEROUS substances and parasitic insects from your system.  In order to lose weight and GAIN HEALTH you need to FREE YOUR BODY from build-up.  Find out what the best CLEANSES and DETOXES are for weight loss and DISEASE PREVENTION.

  "My husband and I have been following the recipes, exercises and even tried a cleanse. We have both lost over 10 pounds."

- Lana M. 41

Simple Recipes that Work

Unlike other diet books, the Essential Weight Loss Handbook doesn’t just pile you with complicated information and then expect you to do the rest.  This book offers over THIRTY SIMPLE RECIPES alongside all of the other information.  These recipes will help you lose weight without making you starve.  All of the recipes are both DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS.  Loosing weight doesn’t have to leave you miserable.  In fact, feeding your body what it needs will keep it FULL LONGER and make it BURN CALORIES more easily.  Find out now how to make award winning lunches that will have your friends begging you for more.  Not only this, but they will be begging you for your WEIGHT LOSS SECRET when they see you serving up that hot meal in your hot new body.



Healthy Habits = A Healthy Body

Not only will following these guidelines ensure that you look better, have more energy and get the body you’ve been longing for, but the Essential Weight Loss Handbook will also help PREVENT DISEASE.  Losing weight can make all the difference between a lifetime of CHRONIC DISEASE or worse, and a HEALTHY, HAPPY and FIT you.  Changing your life doesn’t have to require excessive sacrifice, starvation and hours upon hours at the gym.  Making SIMPLE, SMALL CHANGES that have been proven effective by years of research and study will get you to where you want to be without pain and suffering.

Our Guarantee to You

The Essential Weight Loss Handbook comes with a money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with the product.  We not only guarantee that following these simple guidelines will help you shed those unwanted pounds, but we also guarantee that you will:

Look and feel better Gain strength and flexibility Boost immunity Look and feel younger  Gain self-esteem and confidence Boost metabolism Be healthier   Live longer    Get rid of toxins

Was $29.99

Now only $19.99



Ask Yourself Why You Still Don’t Have the Body You Want

Many people complain that they can’t lose weight despite a series of FAD DIETS and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS spent on fitness clubs, supplements and new diet guru books.  When failure meets failure, discouragement is the necessary consequence.  Giving up will leave you feeling even worse and serve only to send you back to your usual unhealthy habits.  When you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works than it is no wonder that you can begin to feel like there’s no point left in even trying.

BUT FAILURE is Not Your Fault!

Instead of blaming yourself for the fact that that new diet didn’t get you the body you wanted, you should be blaming those people who claim to be experts, but who are really only interested in removing more money from your wallet! 

The Essential Weight Loss Handbook is entirely different.  We only use the latest information and rather than seeking to make a name for ourselves, or just to take your money, we actually want to help you get fitter, happier and healthier.  Instead of just another diet, this is a LIFESTYLE HANDBOOK.  You will learn how to live, exercise and eat in a sustainable way without making yourself miserable.  You don’t need to make huge sacrifices or to spend loads of money to get fit.  You do however need the RIGHT INFORMATION in order to help you make the RIGHT CHOICES.  
  "We have been eating wrong all our lives. I grew up with the idea that the four main food groups need to be present in every meal, and then you will be healthy. If they meant healthy, as in fat, then they were right. But now I know that is not the way to eat. We all need to learn better habits and this book is a great source of information and motivation to change. Thank you. "

- Heather H. 29

See for Yourself!

Proof that this program works is available simply by checking out the emails and responses from our many, many SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.  Finally, a simple program has been designed that can get you the RESULTS you have always wanted! This is a tried and true healthy approach to permanent weight loss. 

Are you Ready?

By asking yourself a few simple questions you can discover whether or not you are truly ready to begin a fresh start in a new body.  Some people haven’t yet become fed up enough to make a change.  But if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are tired of being sick, tired and overweight then you can make a life changing decision today.

Ask yourself the following:
Do you find yourself complaining about feeling ill, sick, or un-energized? Have you tried other diets, but been disappointed for a lack of results? Do you feel uncomfortable with your body or feel you have to hide certain problem areas? Are you prone to colds, flues, or infections? Have you tried to lose weight and failed? Have you lost weight only to gain it back plus more? Are you tired of starving yourself? Are you tired of killing yourself at the gym without the desired results? Do you wish you had a different body? Do you wish you looked and felt better overall?
If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions then chances are you are ready to begin this program.  The final and MOST IMPORTANT question though is whether or not you are finally ready to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

If you want to change your life and to get the body of your dreams without pain and agony then the Essential Weight Loss Handbook is for you.  Again this is not a typical diet book, but a guide to a whole new life.  Following these simple and clearly laid out guidelines will have you on your way to radical health.

  "I lost 43 pounds in one month! I used the exercises recommended, the recipes for all meals and went on one of the cleanses Jan recommends. It really works. Thank you so much!"

Derek H., 41
  "This is a great book! Lots of useful information on eating, fitness and simply how to be healthy. Love it!"

- Sheena K., 28

The Time To Act Is NOW!

Hesitating only prolongs the inevitable, which could be many more years of living an unhealthy lifestyle.  Take the first step today to a healthier, sexier you!  We are currently selling the Essential Weight Loss Handbook $10 cheaper then when we started.  We may increase the price at any time.  This is a limited time offer.
Buy the Essential Weight Loss Handbook today and we will include Easy Weight Loss - AstroNutrition's best weight loss ideas absolutely FREE!


Was $29.99

Now only $19.99

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