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You've Found It: A Feature Rich And Affordable Solution For Providing Refund-Beating Customer Service Which Could Save You A Ton Of Time AND Cause A Spontaneous Avalanche Of Repeat Sales From Satisified Customers!

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers, affiliate marketers, eBayers, infopreneurs, Internet Marketers, eBook writers and everyone else.. I proudly present to you:

A Powerful New
Customer Support System

That Saves You Time...

Brands Your Business...

Improves Customer Satisfaction...

Reduces Spam...

And Even Turns A Profit...!

Spend less time on your business, but make more money by providing the high quality service and professionality which creates long-term repeat customers!

From: The laptop of Will Barden
RE: How to save time and boost profits in one little step...

Dear Entrepeneur,

Hi, my name's Will Barden, and I'm a self-confessed geek. I know you've probably got a lot to do today, so I'll get straight to the point:

As an Internet/eZine/Affiliate/Info-Product marketer, there are three key things you need, regardless of what niche you're in, what products you sell or how you sell them:

To be seen as Professional by your customers

Trust is a huge factor in selling online. If your visitors don't trust you, they'll NEVER buy from you. If you look like a reputable, professional company who cares about them as a customer, they'll happily whip out their wallets and buy whatever you've got.

To be able to Manage your time effectively

Business is hard, isn't it? It takes a lot of time and effort, and working on the web it's so easy to get distracted by any number of things. You need to be able to manage your time effectively, cut out as much fluff as you can and make every second count.

To turn a Profit on almost every action you take

Lastly, you need to be sure that everything you're doing will pay off in the long run. It's no good spending a week working tirelessly on something that won't pay the bills at the end of the month. Everything you do must lead to income in one way or another.

That's it - the basics of presenting a unified, branded, professional and profitable client facing front for your virtual company.

If you can do all that, you have all the foundations of being ultimately successful in place, and can get on with planning the big picture of how you're going to take your business forward in the future, without any hassle.

» FACT #1: A happy customer is more likely to become a repeat customer.
» FACT #2: Finding new customers is harder than serving your existing ones.

So the #1 rule for more sales is...
Keep Your Customers HAPPY!

To help you further achieve these three foundational pillars of Internet Marketing success, and to keep your customers happy, I bring you..

The 'Three Pillars' Support Desk

In a nutshell:

'Three Pillars' is a web based application that will enable you to run your own web based Support Desk, helping you to automate and centralise all your customer support duties, while getting the most out of every minute that you spend interacting with customers.

Visitors can either find the answer to their question in your knowledgebase of Frequently Asked Questions, or they can create a new specific support request and receive a ticket to track it's progress.


Now before you go clicking off this page out of sheer boredom, let me just say this:

Look around you. How many of the sites you visit on a daily basis employ some form of centralised customer service system? How many "gurus" have their own help desk?

The answer: they ALL do!

Why? Because it's the best solution to a common problem. Customers will always need help and support with your products, and the best way to minimize the time you spend on this aspect of your business, and to maximise the effect that your dedicated personal support has, is to centralise it with a help desk package like the 'Three Pillars'.

If you don't have a help desk already you're wasting valuable time. Plus, you're not taking the chance to simply and easily deliver high quality personal service to your customers, which will improve their satisfaction and make them more likely to buy from you again!

"... I'm very impressed ..."


I'm very impressed with your "Three Pillars Support Desk." Installation was quick and easy, and I had it up and running in no time. This will save me a lot of time and effort for sure!

Steven Schwartzman

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes.. how the 'Three Pillars' came about.

I created the 'Three Pillars' after a long and fruitless search for a cheap and effective web based help desk solution. They were either too expensive, badly put together, buggy, lacked important features I needed, were discontinued, created using arcane or obsolete technologies or just plain rubbish!

I needed something simple, lightweight and easy to install but with all the features you'd expect from a professional solution. With that in mind, I chained myself to my laptop, and here is what the resulting Three Pillars Support Desk can do:

The Help Desk Features

- Create ticket
Allows the user to enter their full name, email address, a subject for the ticket, their message and forces them to enter a CAPTCHA (all they have to do is read a few characters and numbers from a small image to prove they're a human - this stops SPAM bots in their tracks!).

The ticket is created in the database and a Ticket ID is returned to the user, so they can come back to the site at any time in the future to check the status of their support request.

- Check ticket status
Once the user enters their email address and Ticket ID, they can view the entire ticket history - their messages along with all replies from the administrator (you).

Of course, they have the option to add a new reply to the ticket on this page.

- Email notifications
The Three Pillars Support Desk offers 3 different automatic email notifications:
To admin on ticket open To customer on ticket open To customer on ticket reply
All are optional and can be switched on or off from within the administration panel (see below). You can also define a signature file to be added to both ticket messages and emails (hint: this is a great place for a cheeky affiliate link!).

- FAQ / Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is designed to save you time answering the same questions over and over. When you see a common theme appearing in the questions you're being asked, you can create a "Frequently Asked Question", or FAQ, that users will be able to view from the homepage. They can either view the mostly popular questions, or search to find the answers they need.

Having this in place, and editable from within the admin panel, will save you a ton of time when launching new sites or new products, or even just with day to day support emails.

** Pro Edition Bonus Features

- Multiple rotating signatures
So you can automatically promote multiple campaigns in your signatures without any extra effort.

- Ticket priorities
To help you allocate your time more effectively and deal with urgent or emergency support requests first.

- Ticket categories / departments
If you have several websites, products or services and you want to be able to separate each one's support requests (for example, if you have one member of support staff for each site), users can choose a department or category for their tickets.

The Admin Panel Features

- Installer
No more difficult file editing or messing around with crazy SQL commands. Just browse to the install script, fill in a few details and you're done.

- Web based settings config
The Help Desk is entirely configurable from the web based settings panel. Database settings, admin password, automatic email notifications and general configurations.

You can also edit your sitewide signature from within this section. Your signature appears in emails and ticket replies.

- Personalisable email notification templates
To add that extra professional touch, you can customize all email templates (including subject and message), plus you can use tokens to personalize messages to customers by dynamically including the recipient's name and Ticket ID.

- Comprehensive search/filtering
When logging into the admin panel, you are presented with a list of tickets. You can search through these for specific terms, or filter them by status - including viewing archived closed tickets.

- FAQ / Knowledge Base admin
From within this section of the admin panel, you can add and delete FAQ entries, as well as being able to see how many times each entry has been viewed.

This allows you to accurately assess the difficulties that your customers are having with your sites and products, since those FAQ entries will likely be viewed the most. It's also a great indicator of potential new products to solve those common problems!

** Pro Edition Bonus Features

- Canned responses
No more re-typing the same response over and over again. Simply enter it once into 'Three Pillars', and next time you answer a ticket your 'canned' response is only a few clicks away.

- "One touch" add question to Knowledgebase
A single click will add any support ticket to the knowledgebase as a Frequently Asked Question. As soon as you notice a question is coming in a lot over a short period of time, a single click will make it instantly available for all your customers.

- Desktop "New Ticket" alert application
If you want to cut down on the amount of email you receive, switch off the "on-open" notifications in the settings panel and simply leave the desktop notifier running on your desktop. Every time a new ticket is opened, you will be quietly notified so you can deal with it at your earliest convinience.

Sounds good doesn't it? Imagine being notified the instant a new ticket is opened, and then being able to answer customer queries in as little as FOUR clicks! If I were a customer, I'd be pretty darn happy with that sort of service, wouldn't you?

"... a quality support front-end ..."

I've used several helpdesk scripts in the past but found them clunky and bloated. I wanted something easy to use, easy to configure and most importantly, easy for my customers.

Three Pillars provides all that in one easy to install package that enables me to run an efficient Helpdesk and provide a quality support front-end for my customers.

Jeff Usher

So Er... Why Is It So Important?

I'll tell you exactly why.

Because it's not just a support desk.. it's the public face of your business, and it's your chance to deliver strong and consistent branding and professionality, while saving yourself some serious time!

Remember the Three Pillars?

i) To be seen as professional by your customers.
Having an automated, centralised, well designed and reliable customer support system projects the attitude that you're serious about your business, and just as serious about your customers.

It shows that you're making an effort to be available to help them in their hour of need, and that you're not just a conman after their hard earned wages.

ii) To be able to manage your time effectively.
No more rummaging through countless emails from different email addresses. No more accidentally deleted or mysterious lost support requests. And now you won't have to constantly check your email or get distracted by customers taking up your time with the same question over and over.

Just log into the support desk once a day, then quickly and easily answer all the questions that are still open.

iii) To turn a profit on almost every action you take.
A happy customer is more likely to spend their money with you again - I don't think any of us would argue would that. You need to focus on helping your existing customers and keeping them as happy as possible, without taking up too much of your valuable time.

There's also the signature files that you can include in all your messages - a fantastic place to slip a quiet affiliate link or two to maximise every possible income stream!

'Three Pillars' Demo

Now before I go any further, I'd like to thank you for reading this far. I know I have had a lot to say, but you've stuck with me, and I appreciate that.

Before you check out the special deal I've got for you, I want you to check out the demo site showing 'Three Pillars' in action.

Click here to [view the demo site](demo/), and click here to [login to the admin panel](demo/admin/login.php) - the admin password is "demo".


Plus of course, 'Three Pillars' is incredibly versatile.

Your new Help Desk doesn't have to be only used for support requests. You could use it to track your JV partnerships and promotions, personal communications, scheduling with outsourcing partners... the list is endless.

"... cut support time by 50%! ..."

As soon as I saw 3 Pillars, Oli and I knew that it was going to be a better way of supporting our users than either email or forum.

We've been using 3 Pillars on www.wpsmart.com for a few weeks and are very happy to say that all of our users seem to love the simple yet extensive Ticketing and FAQ interface.

The FAQ has cut support time by at least 50% which allows us to concentrate on making more sales - always a good thing!

Gary Burton

And on top of it all, you get the 3 major benefits of centralising this aspect of your business:
You get far less email in your inbox since it all goes through the Help Desk. It cuts out the huge spam problem that the Web has (thanks to the CAPTCHA technology on the "Open ticket" form). It's a heck of a lot easier to manage a dozen things at once if they're all going through the same system!
Now you don't have to set up a new email account each time you launch a new site. Nor do you have to check 15 or more different inboxes every day to make sure you stay on top of incoming support requests or pre-sales questions.

Just log in to the helpdesk, and everything is a few clicks away!

A Couple Of Free Gifts For You...

» Bonus #1:

I want to make this package really special for you, and I want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase (remember the three pillars? :)).

So, when you purchase today I will throw in a bonus package of 5 unique, custom designed templates that you can use with 'Three Pillars' to knock the socks off your clients!

These 5 templates are all original and come with complete XHTML templates, all graphics and all Photoshop PSD files so you can edit the text in the headers.

If you don't want to keep the default template provided with Three Pillars, just upload all the template files to your helpdesk, and it's done!

» Bonus #2:

For Pro Edition Customers Only: I will also throw in a free copy of my short report entitled "Don't Over-Promise, Over-DELIVER!".

This is one sales and marketing tactic you don't hear about very often from the "gurus", but believe me they're all working hard to do it!

This report covers what not to do when planning your product offers, and also exactly what you SHOULD do to make sure your customers are as happy as they can be.

Over delivery is something all salesmen should strive to do - a customer who has received more than they expected is a) more likely to buy again, and b) highly likely to rush off and tell their friends about the fantastic offer they just got.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own army of salesmen, working for free? Everything you need to train your own is right here in this short report.

My Industry Leading Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase 'Three Pillars' through our authorized merchant ClickBank, you are protected as a consumer by our 8 week money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me and I will do everything I can to make you happy. If it turns out Three Pillars doesn't suit your business, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked within those 8 weeks.

Grab your copy of 'Three Pillars', install it, try it out and see how much time and effort you save. If you don't save a ton of time or feel that the extra professionality you now exude was worth the money, I'll refund your purchase, simple as that.

The Bottom Line: Order 'Three Pillars' Now!

Having a customer support system is one of the ground rules of Internet Marketing that almost no-one talks about, but what's the famous rule of thumb when we're talking about "gurus"?

"Do as they DO, not as they say..."

Look around - how many successful marketers have centralised their support systems? Most of them! And why is that? Because it works... It saves time and makes answering customer support requests a breeze, and could even turn into a nice little earner for you!

When you've got a dozen or more websites in the near future, or if you've got that many (or more!) now, wouldn't it be nice to only have a single virtual "inbox" to check for all your customer support queries?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to answer support requests in as little as FOUR clicks? Think how much time you'd have to spend on more productive areas of your business, and think how happy your existing customers are going to be. Remember - a happy customer is a repeat customer!

Download your copy of the 'Three Pillars' now (this is the cheapest it's EVER going to be!), and be up and running in a matter of minutes. You can access the product via a secret download page after your purchase.

Order Now And Get $20 Off The Full Price! *
* Available For A Limited Time Only
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'Three Pillars' software
Installation Manual (PDF)
BONUS #1: 5 HTML Templates

Advanced Power Features
Desktop Ticket Alert software
Installation Video
BONUS #2: Over-Delivery Report

This is a REAL trial offer, and I don't know how long I'm going to keep it open. Get your $20 off by clicking the link below to order your Pro Edition.
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Or, If You Don't Want The Special Offer...

** Standard Edition **
[ ](pay.php?basic) 'Three Pillars' software Installation Manual (PDF) BONUS #1: 5 HTML Templates
If you've ever wanted to set up a special website just so people can contact you, now is your chance. Go and get yourself a new domain name, something like "ChatToBob.com", "JVWithMike.com", "AskSamNow.com" or "JoesHelpDesk.com", then download and install your copy of 'Three Pillars'. You'll be a "guru" in no time :)

Have a great day,

P.S. - Having a help desk isn't just the latest fad, or the hottest viral thing-ummy-jig, or even the latest "groundbreaking guru report". It's real.

The 'Three Pillars' are here to stay. They're a fundamental part of doing successful business, and a support desk is an invaluable tool for realising those pillars. If you want to be successful in the long term, [order your copy now](#order), and invest in your business future.

Installation takes a few minutes, so you can have your brand new helpdesk up and running in less than 10 minutes from now. Use it for a few weeks, and if you're not happy claim your refund. [Order now](#order), you won't be disappointed!

>> Click Here To Order Your 'Three Pillars' Now <<


Technical Requirements and Rights
'Three Pillars' requires a PHP 4 (or above) enabled web server with access to a MySQl 5 (or above) database.
This software is for personal use only. You may not resell, rebrand, redistribute or republish any of the material provided in the package. The license you are purchasing entitles you to unlimited installations of the software.
No warrantees or guarantees of income or fitness for purpose are made, and the author accepts no responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damages of any kind resulting from use or abuse of the product.

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