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Dear Friend,

I’ve been exposed to home-based businesses since 1979. I’ve known
Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife, the top people in Mary Kay, the
top distributor in Shaklee Corporation, the top guys back in the 70s
with Cambridge Diet, the top Herbalife guys, the top Amway
distributors in the world. I’ve studied marketing more so than
probably any person the planet. I’m about to tell you a story that
can change your life, finances, and income forever! You need to read
this entire letter.

In 1996 I joined a home-based business as a distributor like anyone
else. I had never built the connections to make that business grow

I had zero contacts in home businesses at that time.

So I called four of my friends, and said “meet me at Max’s
delicatessen, I want to show you this business opportunity …it’s
something you may have an interest in”. We had lunch and they all
got in with me.

Over the next 18 months, over 200,000 people joined my business.

We did close to $300 Million dollars in sales and the stock (we were
a publicly traded company) went through the roof! So I know a little
bit about home businesses. Some might say I know more than anyone in
the industry.

People ask me all the time about which company they should pick.
“How do I know which home-based business is right for me?” How do
you make money with this type of opportunity? Let me just give you one
key element that will blow out 99% of the home-based companies you
might consider.

The chances of you making money are ZERO or close to zero if the
company you choose doesn’t have one key factor. You need to know if
the company has a system in place to support YOU.

Without the right recipe for success, your home business is doomed.

Let me explain this. When you join a home-based business, most people
who sponsor you are just trying to sponsor hundreds of people. They
sign you up, and you never hear from them again. You’re on your own.
You’re the lone ranger.

And the chance of you being successful are like next to zero.
You’re completely on your own. So what you do is, you then take your
wonderful product and you call up your friends, relatives and
neighbors and you tell them about this wonderful product, hopefully,
they’ll buy it so you can make some commission. And then you’ll
say, “You should become a distributor too.” And you hope that
that’s going to multiply. You know, you sign up a few people,
they’ll in turn sign up a few people. They’ll in turn sell some
product and sign up a few people and on and on. And you hope after a
few months or a few years, you have thousands of people in your
business, all buying and selling a little product and all recruiting
some new people.

The lone ranger plan doesn’t work. You need the tools to succeed!

Back in the 80s, I met some of the top people, Dexter Yager, Bob
Holgrid, the top guys in Amway and so forth. And I investigated and
talked to all of the top people and found out what they did, week
after week after week and what they did when they got started. I
worked on this for years.

I tried to figure out what you really need to do to make money with a
home-based business. I interviewed people that were in business for
four, five, six, 10 years, not making any money but they were going to
all the meetings. They were listening to all the tapes. They were
reading all the books. They were showing the plan. They were doing
this and that. Trying to sell the product, but they weren’t making
any money. And I interviewed them.

In 1996, I codified, if you will, what I believed to be the actual
things you do each and every week that can generate a large company
with HUGE revenue potential.

I personally implemented it and it worked!

It worked better than anybody had ever imagined. And I put together
the system that was better than anybody else, cause I researched it
from all the people, not just one guy.
Now I haven’t done anything with home-based businesses since. I
sold my interest in the company after two years, made a fortune, quite
frankly, was an incredibly lucrative business and most of my friends
involved, who had gotten involved in the beginning have made fortunes
in residual incomes. And I put it to the side, but now, because of the
economy, it's going to get worse and worse and worse over the next two

I’m going to give you the recipe. You can do this!

If you are involved with a home-based business, I know what you’re
doing wrong and I can tell you exactly what to do. I’m going to give
you the recipe and if I can just grab you, I know you can do this, but
you just are doing the wrong thing. I know you’re doing the wrong
thing. I’ve seen tens of thousands of people work hard with a
home-based business and fail because they don’t know what they’re
doing. They think they’re doing the right thing, but you’re doing
the wrong thing. This plan that I’m going to outline, in great
detail and I’ll answer all the questions you have. You will
understand it and it is simple to learn. You’ll be able to do this.
You follow the plan for 12 months and I can virtually guarantee you,
that you’ll have the knowledge to make a minimum of $10,000 a month
for the rest of your life. Provided the company you choose stays in
business of course.

So if you are looking to develop financial freedom. financial
independence, the reason why I’m doing this now is because I know
things that you don’t know. I know what’s happening to the U.S.
dollar. I know what’s going to happen with the economy in the United
States and around the world. The next few years are going to be
tougher than you can imagine. The governments are propping it up. And
they may succeed in keeping it propped up, but it’s on false
promises and it’s being propped up on false hope. At some point, it
will crash. I predict within the next 6 to 36 months, you’re going
to see all hell break loose in the economy.

The time to build your business is now.

The good news is, today is your lucky day. I’ve assembled some of
the greatest materials on building your home-based business ever
created. Never before has there been such a wealth of material.

We have limited availability on this bundle. This is a super series
of 6 powerful courses designed to make you the master of home
businesses. This is over 30 hours of audio guaranteed to give you the
tools to propel your income into the stratosphere.

Attending these LIVE seminars would cost you over $97,000!

Never before has there been such a complete package available to
teach you how to be a home-based business superstar.

This package deal is only available to the next 500 people.

Trudeau blows the lid off home-based business!  Find out why a home
business opportunity is YOUR ticket to wealth and freedom.  Anyone
who says this type of business doesn’t work, doesn’t know the
inside information on how to make millions in home-based
businesses.  Kevin tells you everything “they” don’t want you
to know about, so YOU can make the money you desire. Learn how to
choose your home-based company, the top 3 mistakes people make and how
YOU can quit your day job within a year 3.5 HOUR COURSE FEE $1799.97

This might very well be Trudeau’s most valuable course EVER! The
hidden secrets in this system developed by Kevin Trudeau is essential
to building a HUGE company. The information in this 6-part audio
series will lead to endless revenue potential and help you grow YOUR
home-based business beyond belief.
4 HOUR COURSE FEE $1999.97

Learn the magic formula to make virtually $10k per month – forever.
There are secrets the uber-successful multi-million dollar producing
marketers learn & master after decades of experience.  Kevin has
distilled those down and for the first time EVER is sharing his recipe
for creating a perpetual money making machine using your home-based
business and a new opportunity for explosive revenue growth outlined
ONLY in this 7-part audio series.
6.5 HOUR LECTURE FEE $2499.97

You’ve got the tools.   You’ve got the information.  Now how
do you put it all together and get out of the rat race as soon as
possible?  You need to get started FAST.  Kevin shows you what to
eliminate and what to focus on so you can become the most efficient
business person on the planet!1 HOUR SEMINAR FEE $999.97


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You'll Also Get...

If you don’t know the score at all times, you can’t win.  Kevin
has developed a masterful method for keeping track of YOUR SCORE in
business and in life.  This is a MUST-HAVE for any business
person.  Why are companies going bankrupt left and right?  Why
does the government have to bail Fortune 500 businesses out of
debt?  They didn’t know the score.  4 HOUR LECTURE FEE $1999.97

Over the years, Kevin’s spoken to THOUSANDS of business people all
over the world.  We’ve remastered these audios, and compiled these
priceless talks.  This might be the greatest BONUS ever!  This
6-hour series has more pearls of wisdom on business and life than any
audio series ever put together.  Listen in on training, think and
grow RICH!
6 HOUR COURSE FEE $2299.97

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Your Friend,

Kevin Trudeau
NY Times #1 Best Selling Author


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