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Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days??!!

(Like I said - I tried that…lost 10, and then gained Over 25 back!)

Magic Herbs?
(Tried that too, spent over $300.00, and still, I gained back everything
I lost after I couldn’t afford to keep buying the so called ‘magic’)

The Lemonade Diet


(It does clean you out, but it’s not a long term weight loss plan,
in fact I actually gained more weight when I stopped the cleanse)



Berries Don't Work

Jenny Don't Know Jack

They Can 'WeightWatch" All They Want

Army Bootcamp Diets? WTF? No.

TV Miracle Products? STAY AWAY!!!! HEALTH HAZARDS~!


If the above work, do you really think over 60% of the

population would still be (VERY) overweight???



Are YOU sick and tired of being fat?


Have you tried every diet on the market but still can't keep the weight off?


Are you always tired & find you never have energy to do the things you love?

Do you isolate yourself, and avoid going out because you're embarressed about how you look?


Have you gotten to the point where you're so depressed, that the only thing you look forward to - is eating and sleeping???


Are you eating to live??.......... or living to eat?


Time Is Running Out & Your Life Is At Risk!!

Believe me; I know exactly how you feel…and it’s a sad life for anyone to live.


I was lost, sad, and extremely loney.


All I ever wanted to do was escape from reality, and food allowed me to do that.


I jumped directly on the fast train to obesity, and I couldn't find a way to stop it...
(nevermind, I never even knew how the hell it happened - but it did).


I know how it feels to not be validated, not to have self affirmation - and to be seen as a lower class citizen - because of your weight....


.....that used to be my life...



 I would spend an insane amount of money every night on junk food, and then stuff my face.....


...... just so I could feel 'better'.


I would plunk myself on the couch, in front of the TV - - - - - and - - - EAT. 


I would eat and eat until I felt better..... ..no matter how much food it took....


.. . .. and as time went by, the amount of junk foods i consumend seemed to increase …


I was basically putting myself into a food coma every night.


Yet - each morning I would wake up feeling disgusted at how much I ate, and convinced myself that I was going to stop and "Holly, you're never going to do that again".. . . Probably like many of you do all the time.


I thought to myself: "today will be the day that I break this horrible cycle I am in".




I would painfully make it through my workday, but the moment I got home, the addiction would once again take over, and within a few minutes, I was off to the store to stock up for another evening of indulging.


The food now seemed to have this power over me, what the hell?! it was - just - FOOD.


I was so addicted that I didn’t even realize what I was doing to myself physically or mentally.  


I was so depressed because of my weight.........


............ but somehow when I stuffed my face with food....


...... I always felt better……??




So, the cycle continued.



This is a picture of me - hitting rock bottom.


80+ lbs overweight.


I look quite happy in this picture right?


But I can assure you I was completely embarrased.  It was my friends wedding, and of course I was happy for her, but deep down I was extremely miserable (can you relate yet?)....


But it was this exact picture (look again) that forced me to recognize how big I actually got, and reflecting on how people were looking at me that night was the last straw. 


I had no idea how big I really got, until I saw it there in front of me. I was shocked, and embarrassed, and resented myself, and of course... ... . .without thinking, I went to the kitchen and grabbed chips, and took in some Oprah for some soul food, and Ellen for some laughs to make it through my nite...  


I felt so ashamed of myself...........


.............how could I have let myself lose control like that?


I knew that something had to change, not just a daily fake promise to myself, but something REALLY had to change this time.  I was not about to spend the rest of my life like this.


And that’s when I started my journey, to lose weight, to get healthy, and to get my damn life back! 


This time.......... I WAS NOT - going to let myself fail, I was going to find a way to lose all the fat, and live unrestricted, and free, for the rest - of - my - life!


When you diet, you restrict yourself, and I didn’t want to live that way, so I figured out a way that I can enjoy life, and all it has to offer, including the foods I love without sacrificing... .well - my life!


And guess what??? 

This is me now!

I lost over 80lbs in less than 8 months, but more importantly - I have kept it ALL off now for the last seven years & counting strong!

Is It possible??? 

Of course it is!   

I’m living proof!

This journey has been amazing for me. 
I have never felt better in my life than I do today!


It saddens me seeing overweight people now, knowing how hard their lives are and how difficult society makes it for them.


Might sound cheesy but it actually breaks my heart sometimes when I see someone overweight having an embarrassing moment trying to find a seat on a bus, or getting through a crowd, or being teased like I used to be.


I remember feeling helpless all the time too - But now I feel almost obligated to tell every single overweight person I can find - that you CAN change youf life, and become the happy successful person you know you are inside, and deserve to live as.





Once you start actually seeing it, that 'accomplishment' feeling you first get, will be more addicting than any junk food you can think of - I promise YOU - the moment you 'notice' a difference in your body, you're hooked for life! And no corporation or logo or sneaky ad will ever fool you again. EVER!


Below is a pic of me recently on a trip to the Dominican Republic. It has now been SEVEN years since I started my journey, & I've kept every single pound off!



This has become a very serious issue.  The government has now taken severe steps to try to control the rise in obesity rates…. 

Does Over Nutrition Equal Child Abuse?

A recent Time magazine article asks, "Should Morbidly Obese Kids Be Taken From Their Parents?", at first glance it might seem that this is a rhetorical question, however, this very thing has happened to children in the United States and in other countries.  As America’s obesity epidemic continues unabated, with rises in childhood obesity being the most recent startling development. This is this the only way to save some very obese children from a lifetime of obesity related diseases.



Being overweight today denies you the quality of life you deserve, and you might eventually end up without any rights at all if you don't start taking control.


I know this is not the life you’ve dreamt of, but you have the power to change the path you’re on, and I am proof that you can make the change and not look back. 





I want to share with you what I have learned, so you too can lose the weight and get control of your life again. I think everyone who is overweight needs to know the truth and find the strength to get back on a healthy and positive track. 



You really CAN - AND WILL - do this!

And I’m going to show you how!


Imagine yourself 50…80… 100lbs thinner.  (come on, I know you can!)

How great will you feel when you see those pepole you haven’t seen in a while?  Trust me, there’s nothing quite like how you feel when you’re getting praised on how great you look, by the same people that used to smirk and snide at your very presence.. . .. The walk of pride!

It’s been 7 years since I’ve lost the weight, and I still get those compliments when I see someone I I haven’t seen for a while. It's a healthy reminder, to keep doing what I've been doing too.

In addition to how great you look, you’ll be astounded with how much energy you’ll have, and how truly amazing you will feel, inside and out!

If you are ready to take control of your weight, and be that sexy, attractive person you know you are on the inside, then you have finally hit the jackpot today.

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