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Hot New Blogging Software Saves You Dozens Of Hours And Puts Your Blogging Efforts On Autopilot!

You Can Now Set Up All Of Your Posts At Once But Have ULTIMATE Flexibility In How And When They Are Posted!

From: Kevin Cotter

Dear Blogger,

The facts are in and it's official:

Whether you use your blogs for income, or just as a hobby, you are losing BIG and falling behind if you don't have the latest and greatest blogging tools!

Like many of you I would spend hours upon hours with the tedious work of logging into my blogs, posting to them, changing things around, and just all around keeping up with them! All the while thinking to myself "there has GOT to be a better way".

So I researched and researched. Tried all the tools I could find, some free, some were expensive, but they were all so difficult to use, and learning to work WITH them was sucking up just as much time as if I just did everything myself.

Well one day I went on one of the forums (message boards if you will), and saw a "programmer for hire" ad. So just to see what he said I told him I would pay him a great price if he could just make a simple to use blogger tool. So after I told him what I wanted it to do he said "I think I can manage that" and went to work"

So a week or two later when he sent me the program he had made I was blown away!

It Was Great!!!

So after using this new program for a week I decided that it was just too good to keep secret. I just HAD to share it with people!

So now is your chance to grab the ultimate blogging assistant! I usually would just put a couple ads on my blogs to pay for what it costs to host them, but since I can do everything so easily with the Blog Feeder tool, I'm seeing almost triple my money just because of all the new things I can do easily!

So what can Blog Feeder do for you?

Schedule 1 post or 100 posts all at once. A truly set it        and forget it Plugin.

You pick the time and day you want your post to show up.
     (This will make your blog look like natural post)

Post added to categories even if they don't already exist.

 Complete pages can be created with incredible ease! New         Update creates CSV files automatically.

Add Tags to your posts to help your page rank higher in       search engines, that's FREE exposure!

Blog Feeder supports the All In One SEO/AIOSP automatically   reads the WP standard tags field and uses them. No extra       work  for you.

Blog Feeder now has Zip Upload feature. You can Zip up all     of your articles and with one click of a button load up your   blog. Plus you can even create Categories while your at it! 

Let The power of Wordpress work for you. Take 30 minutes to set up one blog that will continue to post for a whole year. 30 minutes of work can net me thousands a year, and you won't believe how easy it really is! New Update makes this take less than half the time to set up! Don't miss out on this! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the advantages to this system over the built in time     release in WordPress?
A. If you use the timestamp feature inside WordPress you can only do one post at a time. With this Plug-in you set up all of your post in one file and then upload it to WordPress and your done.

Q. Can I attach pictures to the the articles in your application?
A. You can actually include anything you want in the posts as long as you use HTML code.

Q. Is it ok if I use this tool to make great money all while just blogging?

A. Yes! Because I definitely do!

I am so confident in the Blog Feeder that I am giving it my 100% satisfaction guarantee! So why are you still reading this letter, you can be out there blogging easier then ever before with this special introductory price of only:


Now this price will absolutely NOT stay this low! I simply need how great this tool is to get out! Once everyone realizes how easy this makes everything demand will go up and I will have no choice but to greatly increase the price!

For Best Results Use PHP 5 or Greater

Life Time Upgrades Included!


  I just want to chime in here that this application works exactly as advertised. It has worked flawlessly for me.
Just create all your posts with any html in the posts you need (for pictures, hyperlinks, embedded videos, etc.) and then paste them into the CSV document and then upload. It works flawlessly.
Travis V.

"I have tried about a half dozen auto-posters and have run into snags with most of them.  Kevin's is different.  It works like a charm. What I especially like is you can include tags, which the other programs don't allow.  It's also great because the security on the blog's server doesn't interfere at all.  You can use this plugin with any hosting.  Those two features rank Blog Feeder way above the rest."
Deb Vadnais


Oh I forgot one more thing, the Incredible bonuses I am going to throw in for absolutely free!

900 PLR Articles To Get You Started
That's right, if the tool didn't make it easy enough I am even giving you the content to use in your blogs!

10 Wordpress Themes

Forget those crummy standard wordpress themes, start your blogs off in style with these great, unique wordpress themes, their free to you for this limited time!

So there you have it! Not only the Blog Feeder tool but the content AND the graphics to go with it! The only thing left to do is click the order button and get INSTANT ACCESS to your new favorite tool!




UPDATE: Every customer of Blog Feeder gets the new add-ons coming out soon, plus every add-on created from here on out! So what are you waiting for!? Get your copy before the price increase!

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