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Even though Facebook has over 400 million users, it still remains the most untapped advertising platform across ALL marketing mediums. The opportunity is bigger than Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing COMBINED!

The marketers that take advantage NOW are the ones who will be positioned to rake in residual dough for years to come.

I’m sure you are saying, “Since 1 out of every 14 people has a Facebook account, I should be able to make SOME money!”

You should be able to able to make some money… not only SOME money, but A LOT of money.  I’m talking about enough money to give your job the pink slip!

You’ve probably purchased eBooks that told you to spam Mafia Wars and Farmville app users with your newest widget.  After all, almost everyone on Facebook has used these Facebook apps. But, there’s one BIG PROBLEM with that marketing strategy.  Facebook users are just like you; they HATE to be on the receiving end of spam. So, they not only ignore your request, but they also report your butt to Facebook.

I know that wherever there are 400 million people, there is a lot of money to be made.  That’s why I sought to get every book on marketing to Facebook users.  Little did I know, I would be extremely disappointed.
Everything I read was spam-ish, tedious, played-out, and, at best, incomplete!

But, I knew that there had to be a better way to capitalize on all of these people frequenting the #2 site in the entire world.

It hit me. One day, I was in my living room doing a webinar with my partner. While we were discussing a model for another one of our business models, I suggested we take a business model that amassed me $128,715 in only 37 days and plug it into our Facebook marketing.

Take a look at my Google Adsense account. Everyone says Adsense is dead. My bank account doesn't agree!

This is not even my preferred way of monetizing my traffic. Nevertheless, I pulled in over $12,000 in only 22 days! That's the power of the techniques you'll learn in Facebook Traffic Ninja.

It was an instant success.  You see, out of sheer desperation, in October 2008, I sat down and put together a business model that would change my life forever.  I was broke and I needed a break.  Up until that point, I had tried every marketing strategy I could get my hands on.  But, I made no money.

I knew that marketing on the net was where it was.  I just had no clue how to make it happen for me.  So, I scoured the web for 17 straight days picking up bits and pieces of viable information that would work for the layman – me. Then, I took all of those parts and built a recipe for a system that would produce six-figure months for me on a continual basis.

When, I initially put together the system, I promised myself not to tell others my discoveries… at least not on a grand scale such as this. So, besides some close friends, this successful business model has only been viewed by me.

I remember like it was yesterday – looking for an easy-to-follow system that could help me earn a full-time income online.  I was tired of living that boring 9 to 5 job.  I knew that if I could only get it going on the internet, I could tell my boss to shove that job up his [insert your favorite anatomy here].

So, just a couple of years ago, I was just like you. Ultimately, I am giving out my system because I want to give back.  I was asked, “But, if too many people get a hold of your system, won’t your business suffer?”

Thankfully, Facebook is so vast and grows at such a lightning speed, it would be virtually impossible to affect my business.  Our dear friends at Facebook are bringing in over 720,000 NEW USERS each day!

Not since YouTube has there been a website that drives so much targeted traffic to websites. Marketers have literally brought in millions almost overnight. But, let me tell you…

If you think you will just be able to push a button after you purchase my system and be a millionaire tomorrow, you are totally wrong.  Facebook Traffic Ninja will take a little work. Any REAL targeted traffic generating system has to make you work at least a little because the tire kickers must be weeded out.

I designed Facebook Traffic Ninja the way I did because I don’t like to work.  However, I know that in order to bring in six or seven figures every month,  I had to do some upfront work.

Now, I work only when I choose.  That’s the perfect life of a lazy man. LOL!

The best way fo you to learn my system is not for me to shove the entire thing down your throat at once. You'll never learn anything that way. How many times has a college professor told you to complete the entire semester's worth of assignments all at once? It doesn't happen. He'll give you a syllabus that you will follow throughout the course. That's exactly how Facebook Traffic Ninja is set up.

I've set it up so you can build a bohemoth of a business over a 4-week period.

When you initally log into the Facebook Traffic Ninja back office, you will have immediate acces to your first week videos, manuals, assignments, and the whole enchilada!

Then, over the course of the following 4 weeks, you will be groomed deliberately to build a bullet-proof traffic generating business, using Facebook as a nucleus.

When you [purchase Facebook Traffic Ninja](http://facebooktrafficninja.com/members/signup.php), you will receive our proprietary Facebook App that is designed to go viral FAST!

So, there’s no need to waste years learning computer programming languages.  And, no need to pay a computer programmer $500 to customize a Facebook app for you.

Look, I have put blood, sweat, and tears into this system.  I want to make sure that Facebook Traffic Ninja will earn you at least 10 TIMES the amount you invest in it.

I believe that you will love it so much so that I am offering My 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Now, you wouldn’t even believe how much time, effort and money it cost me to put a system like this out to you. Some of my colleagues are charging double the price for only half of the content what Facebook Traffic Ninja has to offer.  I could easily charge $1997 for a program with everything I have included.

If you take advantage of our system before we close the launch, you will be growing your business for only $97!

I gotta tell you.  My partner thinks that I am giving away too much for too little money.  But, I want to make sure I deliver to you what you expect PLUS 1000% more.

That’s the reason I can’t let the launch price stay up for much longer.   If we get an overwhelming response like we have with our previous products, we may just have to close the entire launch.

I made a deal that I will place the price back at $497 in a few days.  I just want to make sure that the people who are serious get to take advantage of the special launch price.

So, [order Facebook Traffic Ninja NOW](http://facebooktrafficninja.com/members/signup.php) and start driving INSANE AMOUNTS of traffic to your website on a daily basis!


I’m so glad you asked.  Here’s what you’ll get when you [purchase Facebook Traffic Ninja](http://facebooktrafficninja.com/members/signup.php):

Setting Up Your System
This module is the foundation for everything you will learn in Facebook Traffic Ninja.  With this proprietary system, you will separate yourself from your competitors by light years.
You will discover... The #1 mistake 96% of marketers make when setting up Facebook marketing. How to build and implement a bullet-proof marketing system in your lunch hour. How to duplicate your system to match any niche with the click of a few buttons. …and much more!
Knowing Your Customer: The Perfect Marriage
This module will open your mind to my philosophy on prospect and customer relations. Master this module and you will inherit skills that can boost your conversions by over 627%
You will discover…
Why demographics only tell 10% of the story. Know this asset about your prospect to know what they will buy even before they do! A resource that will tell you exactly how profitable your prospect is based on their search behaviors. How to target ONLY the prospects that are looking for you. NO MORE HASSLING!
The Viral Core – TheFacebook News Feed
This module gives you an in-depth understanding of how to use Facebook’s #1 feature to help your marketing effortless.  You’ll learn tactics that will blow any other form of advertising.  Yes... ANY!

You will discover…
How to get an average of 12 targeted prospects for every one that you market to personally. How to use the news feed to increase the profitability of any of your campaigns. Why using this one secret will undoubtedly open your prospect’s ears to WHATEVER you have to say. …and much more!
Can’t We All Just Get Along: Pages & Groups
Wanna know how to make Facebook pages and groups work for you. Understand the most important parts of pages and groups that will help you grow them at lightning speed!

You will discover…
The 3 missing links that keep your pages from going viral. How to amass over 20,000 Facebook fans in just a few days. How to use your personal profile to mimic the virality of Facebook fan pages. …and much more!
You’re Invited To The Big Show – Facebook Events
Not using Facebook events? You're missing one of the easiest ways to grab customers.  Learn how to use the power of Facebook events to have the Facebook community yearning for what you have to offer. You will discover…
How to use Facebook servers to send an unlimited amount of emails. The easiest way to create buzz in your marketplace. How to “force” your invites to invite their 130 friends to your event.
Facebook’s Unsung Hero: The Marketplace
99% of the people who use the Marketplace are using it totally wrong.  The module will show you how to join the elite 1% and get 100’s of visitors to your site per day.
You will discover…
How to get viewers to visit your site without even seeing your listing. The 3 silly mistakes Facebook Marketplace posters make when placing their advertisements. How to easily convert your local ad into one that is seen by millions of people across the world. …and much more!
Facebook Advertising: Traffic Unleashed
There are only a few spots on the entire net that can offer you qualified, targeted traffic that converts like crazy.  There is only one where you can get it almost as cheap as government cheese. You will discover… How to ensure that Facebook charges you the ABSOLUTE lowest for your advertising. How to use Facebook to send you 12 FREE leads for every one you pay for. How to brand yourself for as low as $4. …and much more!
Scaling Your Profits
What fun would it be if you worked so hard every day on the system, but never had time to enjoy it?  This module will ensure you are able to build a business that can not only be sustained, but will grow with little or no input on your part.

You will discover…
How to build an army of employees that, on average, cost you less than $2/ hour to employ. How to make 10 times more, working 10 times less. The #1 reason marketers never make $1 million and how you can avoid that trap. …and much more!
Virality at Its Best: Facebook Apps
Not using Facebook Apps to grow your business? You are NOT in the game. There are millions of dollars being made per day from Facebook Apps correctly.  When you use Facebook Traffic Ninja, you will be next!
You will discover…
Why Facebook Apps gives you the best ROI compared to ANY advertising medium. How to make a Facebook application without knowing a bit of programming language. Why Facebook Applications is more effective than Google Adwords. How to set up a Facebook App that pulls in 1,000’s of active users each day.
(Valued at $497)
You haven’t experienced the true marketing power of Facebook unless you are an application developer.  But, how many people know computer programming?  Not the overwhelming majority.
But what about paying someone to develop your Facebook Application?  Forget about it! An app that is put together well will run you about $400-500 (just to start).

This proprietary Facebook Application (nicknamed: The Beast!) is sure to help you extract all of the viral nature from Facebook's platform. No one else has it. You can only get as a member of Facebook Traffic Ninja!

Because we know you are busy, and you need to multitask, we’ve included Facebook Traffic Ninja Mobile Edition - a set of each module in mobile format. 

This means you can sync the entire course to your mobile phone, iPod, or iPhone and be free from viewing the videos just at home or at the office.
Also, included in Facebook Traffic Ninja Mobile Edition is every module in MP3 format.  So, if you wish to just listen to a particular module as a refresher or burn them to a CD, you can do it in just a snap!

Facebook is an evolving medium.  We have researchers that do nothing but research new and faster ways to take advantage of Facebook’s platform.  They even know what Facebook is planning to do months before they implement it.

By [becoming an owner of Facebook Traffic Ninja](http://facebooktrafficninja.com/members/signup.php), you will receive a 30-day FREE trial to Facebook Traffic Ninja: EXPOSED, a $39 per month subscription dedicated to giving you all of the latest Facebook marketing tactics and techniques that will keep your business light years ahead of your competitors. If you would like to cancel, simply contact me before your 30 day expiration, and you will OWE ME NOTHING!

Worried that Facebook will change its platform and algorithm? That’s no problem when you are a member of Facebook Traffic Ninja: EXPOSED.  We can give you the inside track on what direction the guys and gals and Facebook are doing.

A different scalable, customizable Facebook application (valued at $497) that you can use to grow your business exponentially on Facebook’s most viral segment. A monthly proprietary video that outlines the latest sets of tips to help you expand your business model not only on Facebook, but using ANY advertising medium. Our exclusive monthly newsletter which will give you the inside scoop on what Facebook is changing in the upcoming months…and why.  The newsletter also suggests tips to help you take advantage of these changes before your competitors even find out! PRIVATE invitations to our webinars where you can look over our shoulder to see EXACTLY how we design our business model (spots are extremely limited).

Yes, Clifton

I want IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the entire Facebook Traffic Ninja System.

I understand that:
Receiving exclusive rights to never-before seen tactics. Getting the entire system at a special launch price of $97. If I am unsatisfied for ANY REASON, I can exercise my right to your 60 Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED Guarantee.


Answer this question:

Let's assume you only do 10% of that - just 300 targeted visitors per day. And, out of that 300, you only convert 2%, or 6 people, to buy your widget. Let's make it a cheap widget... $50.

That's $300 per day or $9000 per month!

Those were pretty conservative numbers.

You see, when you begin to use the step-by-step techniques in Facebook Traffic Ninja, you'll be glad you took that no-risk offer.

So, what are you waiting for? [Claim your copy of Facebook Traffic Ninja NOW](http://facebooktrafficninja.com/members/signup.php) to begin experiencing that INSANE AMOUNT of targeted traffic!

Much Success,



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