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Working With and Healing Your Inner Child & Inner Adolescent

When you were about 5 or 6 years old, a part of your consciousness branched off from the rest of you. And the more intensity, the more pain, the more shame you were going through at the time, then the more of your consciousness stayed behind.

This part of you is called the inner child.

While the tree continued to grow upward, a branch was formed that 'stayed behind' - so-to-speak. That branch is still part of your tree. Whether you acknowledge it or not. It's attached to you. It's a living, breathing, part of YOU. Just as a lower branch is still part of the tree it's attached to, no matter how big the tree gets.

Actually, in some cases, where the childhood was too traumatic, that branch can become the main trunk. Then you've got some real problems.

Look to your own childhood. Think back. How healthy was it? The happier your childhood, the less of a problem you'll now have with your inner child. Because he or she will be happy and content to stay in their own world.

Conversely, the more pain you went through then, the more problems you're likely to have now.

Also, when you were a teenager - maybe age 13, 14, 15 or so - another branch was formed. And thus your inner adolescent also stayed behind. Another living, breathing, part of your consciousness.

Many, many people are still stuck in adolescence. You see it all around you every day.

Childhood was a time of fear, but adolescence was a time of sheer panic.

So many people get stuck in these parts of themselves, because they keep trying to 'get it right'. They want to right the wrong that was done to them, in one way or another. At the very least, it creates a miserable existence in the grown-up years.

You can change all that. You can go back and heal that childhood, and that adolescence.

These meditations can be the first step.

I've got one exercise designed to help you meet your inner child, and begin the healing process. And I've got another one designed to help you work with your inner adolescent.

If you're not living the life you want, then there's a good chance you'll benefit greatly from these two meditations. And remember, these are the starting points. This is not a one-shot deal, where you do the meditation one time, then forget it.

For best results, you'll want to establish an on-going relationship with both of them.

They're waiting for you right now. You're the only one who can help them.

Here's what I offer:

You get two complete visualization meditations. The first one guides you to meet and interact with your inner child. The second one guides you to similarly work with your inner adolescent.

You get instant access to both meditations after you place your order. This is NOT a physical product.

You can either download the mp3 files to your desktop (and onto a blank CD or mp3 player) or you may simply listen to them on the download page.

EXTRA BONUS - I've added a third audio file that reveals the latest information on working with your inner child and adolescent. A powerful secret you won't find anywhere else. 

Playing time:

Inner Child - 19:24

Inner Adolescent - 19:31

File sizes:

Inner Child - 8.9MB

Inner Adolescent - 8.9MB

Download time: About one minute for each audio on high-speed Internet connection

Cost: $17 for both ALL THREE meditations (sold as a set only)

[CLICK HERE TO ORDER "WORKING WITH YOUR INNER CHILD AND ADOLESCENT"](http://1.crvzchild.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Working With Your Inner Child)

8 Week Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


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