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Book reveals the easiest

and cheapest way to do your own SNAG REPORT.

This book will make a 100%
difference to how you view snag reports                                               

(But don't take my
word for it, read the feedback from previous customers)*

The snag report is,
next to your title deeds, the single most important document you can
ever have when completing on a new build.

consequences of a poorly done snag report, or worse still no snag
report at all, are dire.

Without a
detailed snag report prior to, or within 15 days of, completion and
the right negotiating skills you could wait months or even years for the original builder to provide you with the
finished property you paid for. (this refers to property purchased in


The first thing you
normally know about a 'Snag Report' is
when your solicitor tells you completion is near and you need to make
arrangements to come over and have a look, but he can't be sure exactly
when that will be!

Do you
feel qualified to carry out such a big task?

Do you
know what you are looking for?

Many Developers or
Promoters are now
not allowing professional 'snaggers' on site, as it is costing them a
fortune. They are relying on the fact that you won't have a
clue what  you're doing. If you miss a single detail it will be
with you for ever, and over the course of one development they will have
saved thousands of euros.

This book will make
the difference between enjoying your holiday home from the word go
.............. versus
years of waiting and worrying to see if you will ever get what you paid for.


Reserve your copy now CLICK HERE


Don't be fooled
or fobbed-off with lame excuses.

Once you have read this book you will
be fully armed to take on the builder and complete the purchase of your
property - the one you wanted and deserve. You won't find
this much detail anywhere else.


A report prepared by an independent
company can cost you hundreds,

and then you still don't know what it
really means unless you know what snagging is in the first place.

(I have even had a professional buy this book, and then
try to stop me promoting it on a well known site,
as the
secrets revealed could put him out of business!)


Using my system you can do your own snag report for


*Read what others are saying about this brilliant


'As a first time
purchaser abroad buying this book was money well spent, having
helped me to undertake what is a very daunting task with a lot
more confidence.  Snagging is definitely not something you
should take lightly, no matter how much confidence you have in
the developer.'

S Lacey

book is uncomplicated, practical and an excellent means of assisting
the first time off plan buyer to confidently approach the snagging
process.' A Beveridge
'Just bought your
snagging .pdf book - made me put off the completion of my apartments
- was going to let the solicitors sign for me and I have never seen
them before. Also read the Polaris World forum and people
complaining about snags and no utilities! I must have been mad.' D

'Straight-forward, easy to use guide, which points out potential
problem areas that the inexperienced observer may easily miss. The
section on what to take with you when undertaking a snagging
exercise I found especially useful. The snagging sheets are also
very helpful, as they help both to make a systematic assessment and
also to provide the information in an organised way.' P Rendall


'That's a great e-book
you have there!  We'd be more than happy to promote it. We NEVER
promote anything that we don't totally back ourselves' J Aldridge



"Do not
complete your off-plan purchase in Spain

without having read
this book!"....

Hi, my name is Fiona Catchpowle.
I know the above
statement sounds incredibly big headed but I honestly
believe you need to know what is in this book. I cannot
emphasise enough, how important this information is.
I have written this book
based on my own experience of having bought off-plan in
Spain and the UK.
I hate to see
hard-working people like you and me being ripped-off. But
that is exactly what will happen if you are not fully
prepared to do your snag report. I was a complete amateur
when I bought my first off-plan project and didn't know what
I was doing. I tried to find something on the internet, but
it was all very cloak and dagger! Since then I have learnt a
tremendous amount and also began snagging for other people.
Even now, you cannot find anywhere that tells you step by
step what to do and how to do it...... I DO.
Let me show you how
easy it is to carry-out your own report, using the same
system as the professionals, that works every time.
This book will ......

Save you money, time and

Give you
ready to go templates to use on-site

Make it
easy for the builder to give you what you want, at
his expense

Show you
step by step how to snag for best results

Prevent you from looking
like an amateur!


I guarantee you need help with
this part of the purchase. Don't struggle by

The book comes in a
downloadable format called a .pdf file, so it will be with
you in seconds and by tomorrow you will have printed out the
templates and be ready to roll.

The detail I have included is
extensive. You
really do have it all in the palm of your hand!  


Best of luck with your new


Fiona Catchpowle


protect your investment and reserve your copy of

The Beginner's
Guide to Snagging



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