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Bestvaluetips.com, making you horse racing betting profits backing
outsiders only.
* Dear Follow Punters, How are we ever expected to make
long term profits, from horse racing, backing short priced
favourites? Even when chasing losses, the stakes get so ridiculously
high, that it becomes impossible to ever get your loss back, never
mind making a profit in the first place. The fact is, we just
cannot, even though we are all advised to look at the favourites,
there`s just no chance we can make long term profits backing them, we
only need to see the wealth of the bookmakers to see the truth in
this. The only way to profit, is backing, the best higher priced
selections. We learned this years ago, and we have not backed any
favourites for over five years, we have had months with many 100`s of
points profit, and that's just at level stake`s, in fact if you`re
using Betfair with BVT`s tipping service, its virtually impossible to
fail at making long term profits. With best value tips, we never
back favourites, we only ever back the better, large priced
selections. All subscribed to BVT, can expect an email each day
(normally sent one hour before the start of the first race of the
day), with all our selections, there is no limit to the amount of
horses we back each day, but you can be sure we will only be tipping
one higher priced selection from each race we enter in. We have been
making money from both, the win market, and the place market, at level
stakes, and we would advise all who join to do the same. Our best
days profit to-date was winning 426.66 pt`s profit after betfairs
commission, this profit was made in the win market plus the place
market. You can play in both the win market and place market and win
profits from our service. Our worst days betting to-date, we had 16
selections for the day, none won there race, and none was placed. For
a limited time only, you can join BVT for just

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